A Wakened Dream

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It had been so long that I had been dreaming about my Swede being in my bed that when I woke to find him in my bed next to me, I thought I was still dreaming. Feeling his bare skin next to mine however brought home the realization that I was not dreaming. My Swede really way naked in my bed.

The feeling of his skin against mine brought a flush of heat to my nether region. The possibilities of what I could do to him was limited only by my imagination now that I was able to bring my dreams to reality. My own desires caused my hand to reach back behind me to touch him. His breathing was steady and I was torn between letting him sleep and waking him so that I might take my liberties with him. A smile crossed my lips as I knew that my mind was made up before a moment had passed.

My hand touched his half hard cock that was fitted snuggly against my ass. I slowly turned around in his arms until I was facing him. As I moved, he turned so that he was now lying on his back and I was lying sideways against him. I drew my hand up against his hip and slid it over to his warm cock. I felt it twitch slightly in my hand.

My moves were deliberate and very controlled. I slowly began stroking his fat cock to life and it hardened quickly in my hand. Even in his sleep he was quick to respond to my touch. I slowly sat up and proceeded to do what I had told him I would do if he was ever asleep in my bed.

I leaned over him and brought his now rock hard cock to my soft lips. I licked around the head and felt it twitch again. Before him I had never been with a man who was fully intact, but there was nothing about him I would change and that included his foreskin. My tongue traced where it fit snuggly around his cockhead and gently slipped ever so slightly between the two. My hand slowly continued stroking his shaft as my tongue explored every inch of his beautiful cock.

I took the head into my mouth and inched my way down this shaft and then back up to the head. The saliva in my mouth made his cock slick and my hand slide easily up and down his shaft. My mouth became filled with his engorged prick and I moved my hand to gently squeeze his balls.

I moved deliberately almanbahis up and down his cock with my lips wrapped around it. Down and then up before going back down. Each downward move brought his cock a little further into my mouth until I could feel his cockhead at the back of my throat. There was still some of his cock that was outside my lips and I wanted all of him. I relaxed my throat and pressed down on him and felt him going down my throat until my lips were at the base of his cock.

The rest of his body was relatively still but I could hear that his breathing was speeding up. I could feel the wetness emerging from my pussy and reached with my other hand to feel my swollen clit. I wanted this man inside me more than I’ve ever wanted another.

As the moments progressed with my mouth still enveloping his fat cock, I knew that I wanted more from him. I sat up and pulled the sheets back to expose him down to his thighs. Since we had both slept naked after having fucked each other silly the night before there was nothing in my way now.

I carefully moved to position myself over him, my legs straddling him as I lowered my throbbing pussy over his cock. I moaned softly as I felt his hardened prick against my clit. I moved against him and felt the fire burning brighter within my dripping pussy. My juices flowed so much that I could feel the stickiness between my legs as I ground my clit against his cock.

I couldn’t take it anymore and reached down to place his thickness between my pussy lips. I moved it back and forth along my slit before I eased his dick inside my wet, hot cunt. I lowered myself onto him and felt his cock fill me so much I didn’t think I could take it anymore. I moaned out loud as I moved up and down on him. I leaned forward and moved my hips as my nipples brushed against his.

I moved faster on him as I no longer cared whether he was asleep or not. I closed my eyes and simply felt him inside me as I rode him. It was a moment before I realized that I was not the only one moaning. I opened my eyes to see him staring into my face, his mouth open. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled in return as he moved his hands to my hips. I leaned almanbahis yeni giriş forward to offer my nipple to his lips. An offer that he accepted without a moments hesitation.

His teeth grazed my nipple before his tongue swirled around it. The sweet pain shot straight through my chest and found it’s way to my throbbing clit. I began riding him harder and harder. His hips rose to meet mine and we found our rhythm quickly. He sat up and wrapped his arms around my waist as we rocked back and forth.

Suddenly he flipped me around and our positions were swapped. I raised my legs and turned my leg so that they were both on the same side. Without breaking contact, we moved so that I was on my knees with him behind me. I rose to lean on my elbows as he took me from behind. He slammed into me so hard that I lost my position and fell forward a moment. I cried out in ecstasy as I felt him fill my pussy more than it had ever been filled before.

I bucked back against him with such fierce longing that I thought I would split in two. Pleasure tinged with pain so sweet that I never wanted it to end. His hands firmly grasped my hips and held me in place as he pounded away at me.

He leaned forward and grabbed my tits, pinching my nipples with his fingers. I could feel his hot breath against the back of my neck, his breathing becoming ragged. His teeth nibbling the skin where my neck meets my shoulder. He whispered in my ear, “Your pussy is so hot, baby, but I want your tight ass now.”

I rose up from my elbows and turned my head back towards him to say “Honey, you can fuck me where ever you want. You know how much I love having your cock buried in my ass.”

He gave a deep throated chuckle as he slowly pulled out of my pussy. I felt his hand cupping my throbbing, swollen cunt and his fingers moving my pussy juice to coat my asshole. He easily slipped a finger inside my ass which held onto his finger tightly. He pulled his finger out, took more of my pussy juices and coated the tip of his cock with them. Then he placed his still hard cock at the puckered opening of my asshole, with firm pressure he slowly slipped his fat cock inside my waiting asshole. almanbahis giriş

This was my favorite part of anal sex. That moment at the very beginning where there is a bit of pressure and then a whoosh of movement. He knew how much I loved it and was teasing me by not moving. He moved slower than a glacier knowing how much it tortured me, having his cock in my ass but not far enough in for my liking. He spat on his cock where it entered my ass and slide it in a bit further. He was moving so slowly that I wanted to reach back and pull him closer but each time I tried he averted my hand.

The last time I tried to reach him, he took my hand and redirected it to the slippery folds of my pussy. He moved my fingers around my clit for a moment before dipping them into my pussy to wet them and then circle my clit again. He circled around and around until I was about to cum. When my pussy started to clench tightly around his finger he suddenly and quickly thrust himself as deeply into my ass as he could go.

I felt pain that was quickly replaced by pleasure as he pulled back almost popping out before slamming deeply again. His thrusts came quicker and faster, driving me back over the edge of ecstasy. The corner of the fitted sheet popped off my mattress because I was pulling them so tightly. I bucked back against him with all the energy I had.

“Oh, god, TOM!! Fuck MY ASS!!!!”

He began pounding my ass harder and faster making me cum again. I felt his weight on my back as he continued thrusting inside me, one hand wrapped around my waist and the other clutching my shoulder. His pace quickened and he stopped talking in full words, only managing to get out half a word here and there.

“Oh, fu-.”

He rode me at a gallop until I could tell he was about to pop. His grip tightened around my waist and his face was pressed against my neck. His hips thrust into me and stayed pressed deep inside my ass for a very long moment before he repeated the action. I felt exhausted from the fury of activity and collapsed onto the bed. He followed along. I felt his weight on top of me and his cock still inside me. He pulled out after having filled my ass with cum and rolled to the side. I shifted around and leaned against him, trying to catch my breath. I lifted my head enough to reach his lips and gave him a kiss.

“Morning, Tom.”

He chuckled as he kissed me back.

“Morning to you too, Sexy.”

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