A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 28

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[This story will make more sense if you take the time to read the earlier instalments. There’s a lot of severe discipline and a good deal of focus on all bodily functions, including menstruation, so if inclusion of those bothers you, please read no further. All characters are over 18.]


Eleanor tended to work in spurts. Since she was truly a creative person, Janet, the executive vice president and de facto head of the Goose Cookers clothing and accessory company who was her supervisor, was happy to let her set her own hours. Over the past two years, Eleanor had developed a bunch of new products, all of which, when taken to market, had brought sales and revenue into the firm’s coffers.

Janet also saw that Eleanor was duly rewarded for her endeavors. Eleanor thus liked to stay home now and then for what others might call a mental-health day, but which regarded as a day to be a normal person. Jackson, her husband, had a more normal job, which meant he was not around as he worked regular daily hours. Nor were the two correctional officers, Denise and Linda, who lived with Eleanor, as they both worked days at a re-education center nearby.

On hand much of the time was Eleanor’s sister, Meredith, who had been taken in by Eleanor and helped to put herself back together after a span of time in which she had been down and out and had been engaged in prostitution. Meredith was happy to be out of that and had no interest in returning to it; she did, however, still need to find a job and was looking for one with effort.

Eleanor had given her some tasks to perform at home, in part to encourage her to set up appointments about employment. One was to hand wash the women’s underwear. This was not something as to which Eleanor wanted Jackson, who did undertake many of the homely jobs that were involved in maintaining the large apartment, to have any part. She did not feel Jackson had any hang-ups about women’s lingerie, but she didn’t want him to have any problems with the two sergeants, who were lesbians and lovers and did not want to have anything to do with them. It was better, she felt, that he not be dealing with their bras and panties.

So, Eleanor told Meredith that this was something she wanted her to have responsibility for getting done. Everyone’s—well, all the women’s—underwear, in essence, their bras and panties, were to be hand washed and carefully dried. Eleanor told Meredith to hang them out in her room, mostly because there was no place else where they would not be on display to everyone.

Meredith had been diligent in doing this washing, as she still was grateful to Eleanor for taking her in and supporting her while she searched for a decent job. It was still amazing to Meredith that not only did she have a roof over her head, but Eleanor had purchased nice clothes for her, including underwear. In part because what she arrived with had been worn during her whoring, Eleanor had disposed of all of Meredith’s previous clothing.

One day when she was hand washing all the panties, she noticed that they all seemed to have stains in the crotch panels. The stains were similar, and Meredith recognized that they were period stains. She also knew they were in each of the four women’s undies since Eleanor had had each mark her bras and panties with her initials.

Meredith mentioned this to Eleanor and said that she assumed it meant that all the women in the apartment now had their periods at the same time. Eleanor had heard about this “period syncing” as it was called, as probably resulting from pheromones released by each of the four that led to their having their menstrual periods simultaneously. Being well-informed, Eleanor had also read that although people believed this to be true, it was not so regarded by scientists who studied women’s health and body behavior. Their view was that available evidence didn’t support the existence of this syncing.

Eleanor also thought that such a conclusion didn’t contradict what was happening before her eyes: the four were having their periods at the same time.

That evening after dinner, Eleanor asked Meredith, Denise, and Linda to join her in her bedroom. This was a comfortable, expansive place and Eleanor’s commodious bed had been the place where all of them had at times enjoyed physical enjoyment with each other. Eleanor told them what Meredith had noticed and both Denise and Linda smiled.

“We’ve heard of this happening,” Denise said, “that women who live together will have their periods at the same time, but I’ve also read that there’s no real evidence other than that it seems to happen. When Linda and I lived with plenty of other women at the re-education camp, for example, neither we nor the others menstruated simultaneously.”

“Maybe that’s because there were so many men around, being re-educated,” Linda interjected. Everyone smiled, but no one felt like responding to that.

“I guess I was thinking that whatever we wanted to call it,” Eleanor responded, “and when I was a girl, my friends always talked pendik escort about ‘shark week’, we might like to do something if we’re all bleeding at the same time. I’ll even volunteer to put a rubber sheet on my bed here and we might all strip down and enjoy each other up close and personal, if you get my drift.”

Denise looked at Linda who gave her an affirmative nod. “Miss Linda has allowed me to confess to you two,” she said, looking at Meredith and Eleanor, “that we have been having wonderful oral fun during our periods, which indeed have aligned themselves since we both moved in here and share the nice room you have provided us, Ellie. However, we are not superwomen, despite our behavior attempting to establish the contrary. We do get cramps and other period-related ills.”

“I do feel like I violated all of your sense of privacy a little,” Meredith said, “because it feels like I was checking out your panties.”

Denise laughed and responded to Meredith, “You deserve some slack for washing our smelly undies, Mer, so don’t get all hot and bothered by letting let your mind wander from soap powder.”

“I guess I forgot to ask about cramps,” Eleanor admitted. “As you know,” she added with a grin, “I’ve stocked all our bathrooms with plenty of Midol, tampons, and maxipads. Anything else, you’re on your own. But really, if anyone really is suffering from cramps or whatever, do let us know unless you don’t want any attention, because I do have hot water bottles and lots of chocolate!”

“I agree with Eleanor, who really has gone above and beyond, or maybe beneath the rag, that we ought to enjoy this, whatever it may be,” Linda piped up. “Let’s get comfortable and see where we want to go.”

With that as a clarion call, the shapely dark-haired Linda began unbuttoning her blouse and unbuttoning and unzipping her skirt. She stood in her plain white bra and panties, what she normally wore beneath her work uniform. The lithe blonde Denise followed suit, and her disrobing disclosed a stylish pale blue bra-and-panty set. Meredith had gotten used to wearing nice lingerie since Eleanor had upgraded her wardrobe, so when she took off her sweater and slacks, she had on a pretty beige bralette and similarly toned hicut panties.

Eleanor, the last to join them, slowly took off her snazzy colorful top and suede skirt. While she was doing that, the others removed hose or socks and shoes. Eleanor had on a cute pair of Goose Cookers panties, with a geometric design, and a sexy demicup bra.

As they became ready to take the last prep step, slipping their panties off, Denise looked at Eleanor warily and asked her if she had arranged for her husband to be away. Eleanor smiled and said she had indeed had him organize a boys’ night out. She added that he would be staying over with a friend.

Denise’s countenance improved immediately. She went over and gave Eleanor a soft kiss.

Linda and Meredith decided to applaud for both of them.

Each of them now pulled her panties down and slipped them off. They had all been intimate with each other at one time, at least, so it was no surprise to anyone that Denise and Linda were shaved, Meredith had a full dark bush, and Eleanor’s was neatly trimmed.

Three of the women—Linda, Denise, and Eleanor—exposed the strings hanging from their pussies, while Meredith set her white cotton undies next to her which displayed a large pad with a lot of brown and red period flow emanating from its center.

“You don’t have to explain, Mer,” Denise tried to soothe what might have seemed embarrassing. “I know a number of woman friends who have never felt comfortable wearing a tampon.”

“Not a problem,” Meredith replied calmly. “It’s just that I’m still sore in there from, shall we say, overuse.” Eleanor saw immediately that her sister was close to losing it. Clearly, she was embarrassed by what the rest knew was her background before coming to live with Eleanor.

“This is one place where you needn’t feel self-conscious, sweetie,” Denise volunteered. “Even if you weren’t Ellie’s sister, we’d still love you for who you are.”

Meredith managed to stammer that they had all made her feel very good and very welcome.

Linda then announced that they should now sit on the rubber-sheeted bed and it was time to go bare, meaning that tampons should be extracted. The four all moved to the bed—where there was plenty of room for them to lie back—and reached between their legs to pull their strings carefully.

“Wow,” Eleanor exclaimed, “I have to confess I’ve never seen another woman pull out her tampon before.” She did hold hers up and it looked relatively small but quite soaked. Linda’s was definitely larger—probably a super-plus—and it too was almost covered on the end and sides with her dark menstrual blood. Denise—she of the Wonder Woman physique—held out a regular plug, with some dark red stains making it look like she hadn’t had it inside for very long.

Denise decided to start things off by crawling between Eleanor’s spread legs to apply escort pendik her tongue to Eleanor’s quim. Eleanor immediately responded by moving her bottom in rhythm with Denise’s tongue movements. It didn’t take long for Denise’s talented tongue to bring Eleanor to orgasm and since she kept at it even then, Eleanor kept cummng.

Linda moved between Meredith’s legs and began licking her split beneath her hairy mons. She did all of this slowly, recognizing that Meredith was nervous—partly because it had been wrenching for her to expose her using a pad to all of them (not that anyone cared, but she couldn’t know that) and also because they knew she had been selling tricks not too long ago.

Linda focused on licking Meredith’s labia and inside them, going up and down from vaginal opening to clit. She also slipped a finger way down between Meredith’s legs and gently pressed into Meredith’s bottom-hole. The combination of vaginal and clitoral stimulation, combined with anal insertion, drove Meredith out of her fearfulness and into a major orgasm. Meredith had worried that she might be sexually insensate after her whoring.

In her reverie, she imagined herself in love with another woman. She was thrilled that someone as pretty as Linda was making love to her, and during her period no less, but she still now hoped to find someone for keeps. Her recent experiences had put her off men, although she at times sympathized with Jackson in that she still felt somewhat of a black sheep.

Denise also stimulated Eleanor with her finger in Eleanor’s bottom. Eleanor was definitely bi, and a switch, so this was heavenly for her. She had grown to admire Denise and felt they had established a rapport in which Denise’s apparent beauty was matched by Eleanor’s success and creativity.

“Omigod, Denise,” Eleanor found herself crying, “you are making me feel sooo good!”

Denise smiled as she watched Linda bring Meredith off repeatedly. Denise herself was tasting a period of a woman other than Linda for the first time, well, the first time in a long time, as Denise had hung with girls since high school days. She liked the way Eleanor’s menses tasted and even smelled—it was a nice strong femmy flavor.

Linda liked licking other women’s quims—during their periods or anytime. So, she was enjoying Meredith, if only because her strong taste was quite a change from what she was used to from Denise’s more subtly flavored menstrual flow.

No one was anxious for this lovemaking to stop, so Denise and Linda proceeded at a steady but definitely relaxed pace. There was no time bind or deadline. Jackson was gone until the next day, which was the weekend and thus a day off for everyone.

But eventually Eleanor suggested that it was time for Meredith and her to take the active role. She thanked Denise and Meredith hugged Linda as they shifted positions. They switched partners: Eleanor was now staring at Linda’s shaved quim and Meredith faced Denise’s neat slit.

While the sergeants were servicing the sisters, Denise and Linda were free flowing. So, Eleanor and Meredith found themselves licking up plenteous amounts of menstrual blood that was seeping out of the lovely labia of the two more than attractive correctional officers. Meredith vanquished any squeamishness she ever had in licking up menses as she lapped at Denise’s neat slit. Eleanor found herself pushing her mouth into Linda’s labia and her tongue into her vagina, both becoming rapidly covered with Linda’s dark-colored flow.

Eleanor and Meredith succeeded in bringing Linda and Denise to orgasm fairly quickly. They then decided that it might be time to re-plug. Eleanor realized that they were now all too mature to enjoy body- or face-painting with menses, like they read about in erotic zines.

She said that this had been something she’d always wanted to do, and it was what she had hoped it would be, which was good fun and arousing, too. Denise and Linda quickly agreed. Eleanor figured they could have gone on for a good while longer. Meredith seemed to be in a trance.

Eleanor was going to hand out tampons but then realized each had their own favorite size, or in Meredith’s case, her pad, in their purse. So, each dug into her purse and out popped three different-sized tampons and an Always pad with wings.

Eleanor chuckled to herself that with all her work on stuff like this at Goose Cookers, she had never seen another woman insert a tampon before. She felt privileged to see how adept both Denise and Linda were at it. They didn’t even have to squat or lift one leg or anything like that; each just calmly spread her legs held her labia apart, and slipped in the applicator, swiftly placing the tampon and pulling out the tube.

Meredith fortunately was no longer embarrassed to be seen as a pad-wearer. Everyone told her that she should stick with whatever she was comfortable with and that was comfortable to use. She got emotional when she kissed each of them, lastly coming to her sister Eleanor, and told them how good they had pendik escort bayan made her feel by including her. After saying that and kissing Denise, Linda, and Eleanor once more, she went off to bed.

After Meredith had gone, Eleanor thanked the two sergeants. “You really made her feel a part of it,” she said, “for which I’m really grateful. My sister still has some delayed development to complete, but this experience was a good one for her. It also made me realize that somehow, I acquired a veneer to protect me during my bad time that she never had the chance to get for herself. And she still feels a little guilty about not coming through for me when I needed help—as well she should!” Eleanor added with a giggle.

“But you two are just the best!” she went on, and then hugged them both and they all hugged together for a while. Then she went to her closet and came back with two gift packages and handed one to Linda and the other to Denise. “These are some of our latest product, guys,” she said. “These panties will hold anything that comes out of you into them,” she continued, “and I mean everything, although without getting too graphic, they won’t absorb everything, if you get my drift.”

She smiled a broad smile and welcomed the kisses and then hugs she received from the delighted sergeants. “You’ve been really good to us,” Linda said, thinking that she should be more active in thanking Eleanor, since Denise had been closer with Eleanor and sometimes Linda felt she hadn’t been able to get as close.

Eleanor acknowledged their thanks and then said to Linda, “I did speak to Annette, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if you notice some changes being made to your personnel folder.”

When she heard that, assuming correctly that it meant that Annette would be able to scrub her record of discipline, Linda broke into tears and hugged Eleanor not wanting to end her thanks. She had not believed that Eleanor could or would extend herself so far for her.

“You actually got her to do that for me,” Linda managed to stammer. “I didn’t really think this could happen!”

“Look,” Eleanor answered, trying to keep the conversation at a normal level, “it’s the least she could do for me after she moved away not long after we became engaged to be married.”

Linda looked like a car had smashed into her. She had never quite realized that Eleanor had actually been engaged to Annette.

“No one can say I’ve led a dull life these last couple of years,” Eleanor continued, aiming to keep things free and easy.


The doorbell rang and Eleanor answered. A large busty blond-haired woman in uniform was there, and standing next to her, looking very subdued, was Jackson.

“He’s your husband?” the woman asked. “I’m SSG Janice and I happened to be in the bar where he and his friends were drinking tonight. He got into it with a bartender and she complained, so security called us. When we checked in the system, we saw that he has been sent for re-education twice—by you, ma’am. [She pointed to Eleanor.] So, I’m afraid we had to issue him a red ticket.”

Denise and Linda came over and immediately recognized SSG Janice who was a colleague of theirs, a grade above them in the correctional service. They told her that they lived with Eleanor and that they would take care of this and make sure the required response was arranged.

“My thanks, ladies,” SSG Janice replied. “I know he’s in good hands. He seems to need some help.” With that, she saluted Denise and Linda, and they returned the salute even though they were not in uniform.

“What’s a red ticket?” Eleanor asked them after SSG Janice left and Jackson came inside with them, although they ignored his presence.

“It means that he has offended a woman in public, has a record of needing re-education, and will be punished,” Linda said with no emotion. “You’re lucky because Denise or I are qualified to do this with your assistance, and we will take him to the court session and put in the record that he has been punished appropriately and the ticket will be closed.”

“You’d better explain yourself,” Eleanor said coldly to her husband.

“I lost control,” Jackson said, “she was riding me, and I responded by being nasty.”

“Go to your room,” Eleanor said calmly but still coldly. “I will discuss this with them.”

After he had slunk away, she asked the two what kind of punishment was in order.

“The best way to satisfy the court is for you to contact the woman he offended and invite her over here to witness the punishment,” Linda advised. “Her name and address, etc., are on the ticket. When she comes here, we will be with you. You will cane him severely with your marital cane. I mean something like 20 strokes, hard on his bottom. Then you will offer the cane to her. She might accept and she can give him whatever she wants. She’s not likely to do too much if you give him a hard 20.”

Denise now chimed in. “We will arrange the court date and you will go with him,” she said. “We’ll go with you to attest that the punishment was duly given. She will have a chance to speak. It is unlikely she will ask for more because she will know that we have strong influence because of our positions. If she does, it will be up to the court.”

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