A Thong on the End of the World

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(This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author’s consent. Thanks to my biggest fan for the idea for this story. For fans of my stories, they know what kinds of things to expect. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal, namely cheating, betrayal, and heartbreak. I would like to thank my biggest fan for this story idea. If stuff like that isn’t your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn’t bother reading it. I do not condone any of these actions in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.)

Tina stood crying, watching as her world ended.


(3 Hours Earlier)

The scientists had spoken, as had the government and other world leaders. The world was ending, more than likely. After all the stories and theories, after all the people laughing it off and some people fervently believing it, the stupid Mayan prophecy was about to become a reality. Most logical people had laughed off this prophecy, knowing it was one in a long line of crazy, world ending prophecies that turned out to be, of course, wrong.

So when word came out that something was indeed going to happen, most initially ruled it off as an elaborate joke. But when world leaders came out and confirmed these reports, everyone realized that shit was real.

Scientists projected that the largest solar flare ever recorded was set to hit the planet Earth. Not only would this flare bathe the planet in electromagnetic radiation, knocking out the electric infrastructure on the planet, the flare would be so intense that it would irradiate the planet, likely killing everyone on Earth nearly instantly, and the radiation entering the atmosphere would bounce around like a greenhouse, temporarily turning the planet into a microwave, killing the rest of people who survived the first wave of radiation. So, it sounded like a pretty grisly end. The scientists ran countless simulations, and the outcome was almost always the same. They said there was a 99.6% chance of the world ending.

The world was given a one month notice, although it’s unclear how much the people in the know knew that information before that. The people of the world had one month to get their lives in order, get their affairs in order, say their goodbyes to loved ones, and power through their bucket lists.

Society had kinda broken down. Businesses crumbled, as no people felt any desire to go to work now that they knew the world was ending. People looted and ran wild, knowing there was little that anyone would do about it. Only the most dedicated tried to enforce the law, but their numbers were too little to matter. People ran wild, and the bigger cities had crumbled due to this lawlessness. The smart kept their heads down and kept to themselves. Like Tina and Kevin Quentin.

The young couple lived a pretty quiet life typically. Both were more the creative, artistic type. They met in College and were now very happily married at the age of 24. Kevin worked for a website, writing news and reviews and other stuff, while Tina worked at one of those organic grocery stores. Both had very humble interests, enjoying experiencing new things rather than owning more stuff. So, when word came down that the world was ending, both of them packed what little stuff they cared about into a car, left the rest in their apartment, locked the door, and went on their way.

Everyone on the planet had worked through the seven stages of grief. Shock, pain, anger, depression, all the way to acceptance. The young couple were no different, but both of them were so unflinchingly positive that they reached acceptance quicker than most. They accepted whatever would happen to them, and they vowed to truly live this last month of life, together.

They had spent the last month disconnected from the world. No cell phones, no technology. Just each other, a few bags of clothing, and their humble little car.

They had hiked through the country’s best trails, swam in oceans, lakes, seen the greenest of plains and bluest of skies. Just really take in the wonders of the planet, in each other’s arms. Despite the grim circumstances, both would say it was the best month of their lives.

As they got closer to the end, they both had to decide what to do in their final days. Finally, it was decided to go to Tina’s parents’ lake house, a vacation spot in her younger days, but little used since her parents had passed a few years prior.

The dreaded day had arrived too quickly. The happy couple had just eaten their last meal, all the guilty pleasures they normally limited themselves on. And now they relaxed on the back porch, looking over the shining lake, as the sun began to set in the orange colored sky. They sat in a large rocking chair, covered in a blanket as the cool air blew past them. They were wrapped up in each other not saying much as the time ticked away. It was true love when the silences could say more than any words could. They were happy to osmaniye escort be together, and that’s all that needed to be said.

This silence went on, the only sounds heard were the light splashings of the lake and the whining of the bugs. The sun made the sky very colorful as it shown over the lustrous green trees.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better night.” Tina said in her husband’s ear.

“I know. It’s just… perfect.” Kevin sighed, as happy as he had ever been.

Tina and Kevin were a cute couple. Both could be considered hipsters, judging by the clothing they wore. Both of them were also very attractive. She was a thin, petite brunette, with pale skin and a smattering of cute freckles. She wore thick, chunky black glasses, confirming her hipster fashion style. She was relatively short, with a nice, cute, petite butt, and a small set of B-cups. She wasn’t a glamour girl or anything like that. And although she was very cute, she was one of those girls that got more and more attractive the more you got to know her. Her personality and humor was infectious, and after being around a guy for a while, it was inevitable they would develop a bit of a crush on the young cutie.

At first appearance, Kevin might seem an odd match for her. He was a good deal taller than her, and upon meeting him, he might be thought to be a bit intimidating. He was a formidable guy, fit but not a muscle head. He had a full, blondish-brown beard that added a layer of character to his handsome face. His hair was unkempt and scruffy, but this look worked for him. He might come across a bit gruff at first, but he was in fact a big teddy bear. Kevin had a big personality and was a lot of fun to be around, but his harder edges were softened by his sweet, friendly wife. They were perfectly matched, but opposite enough in other ways to keep things interesting.

The happy couple just sat there for a long time, letting the time pass in silence, taking the beauty of the world in, letting it wash all over them. This went on for a while before Tina broke the silence.

“So, what time is the uh… is it supposed to happen?” Tina asked.

“About sundown, so… in about two and a half hours… or so. They say when the end comes, we’ll see nothing but light. The only way we’ll know we survived is if we get 15 or 30 minutes past uh, you know, zero hour.” Kevin replied, clutching her close. Even though both had accepted their fate, that didn’t mean they were ready for the fun to end. Tina began to tear up.

“Hon… Thank you.” she began, choked up. “Thank you for making me so happy, making me the happiest girl in the world, and thank you for making our last month something… incredible. I love you!” she said, kissing his cheek.

“Tina…” Kevin began, choking up at his wife’s emotion, “You were the best thing that ever happened to me. If we have to go like this, there is not a person I would rather be with than you.”

The happy couple moved together and pressed their lips together. In the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature, not another person around for miles, neither of them could have asked for a more perfect moment.


(2 Hours Later)

Tina watched as her husband lied naked on the bed, his hands squeezing the massive pair of breasts on the woman on top of him as she rode his cock.

From this angle, she couldn’t see her husband’s face. All Tina could see was the perfect body of the woman on top of him. Her perfect, heart-shaped ass flexed as she rode Kevin, and her firm, fit back showed off her lusciously soft skin. And her breasts were so big Tina could see the firm, rounded flesh from behind. The only interruption of their perfection was her husband’s hands pawing at them.

Neither of the illicit lovers on the bed acknowledged her. They just ignored Tina and kept fucking.


(2 Hours Earlier)

“I bet he’s freaking out, though.” Kevin said with a laugh as they sipped a bottle of wine, talking about what their friends were up to at the end of the world. They had kind of disconnected from things after a bit, only saying goodbye to a few select close friends.

“Did you ever hear from Bridget?” Kevin asked.

“No.” Tina said simply. “Nor did I expect to.”

Bridget was Tina’s older sister. She was 28 and as different as could be from her younger sister. While Tina was carefree and very warm and caring, Bridget was very high-powered and cold, a girl who saw herself as a future CEO, a true corporate, ruthless businesswoman if there ever was one. She lived a jet-setting life, traveling the world for work, more worried about money than personal connection or growth. When Bridget saw the style of life Tina lived in, a very easy-going, carefree existence, Bridget wrote her off. She yelled at her younger sister to grow up and be an adult and quit acting like a child. After their parents’ funeral, Bridget made no effort to reconnect with Tina, choosing her life-style over her sister.

“How escort osmaniye do you think she’s reacting?” Kevin asked.

“I’m sure she’s freaking out.” Tina said with a laugh, she’s such a control freak that having no control of her fate must be rocking her world.”

“I’m sorry, Tina. I know she’s your sister, but she is one straight up bitch.” Kevin said.

“Oh, I know. I never liked this phrase, but ‘who cares?’ It’s the end of the world. My older sister’s a straight-up cunt.” Tina said, causing her husband to laugh.

“Do we have another bottle?” Kevin asked, finishing off their first bottle of wine with a healthy swig.

“Uh, yeah, one more I think.” Tina replied.

“I’ll go grab it.” Kevin offered.

“I’ll come in too. I have to pee.” Tina replied. After a few minutes, Kevin grabbed the last bottle of wine and made to open it as Tina went to the bathroom. It was as she returned to the kitchen and he finally got the bottle open that their world changed.

There was a knock at the door.

Kevin and Tina looked at each other, confused. Who could that be?

Kevin set down the wine and both of them moved towards the door. Kevin grabbed the doorknob and pulled it open. Standing on the stoop was someone they did not believe they were seeing.

“Bridget?” Tina called out.

Kevin’s sister-in-law was standing on the front porch. Needless to say, the married couple were shocked to see her.

Kevin stood back and took her in. He had not seen Bridget in a few years, so being confronted with her standing right in front of him made him again take in the fact that she was an extremely beautiful woman. Hers was the beauty you would see in magazines or adult websites. She was a tall, statuesque woman, clad in feminine business wear, highlighting her best features. She looked like she stepped out of a boardroom, a boardroom she was no doubt the star of. She wore high heels, making her stand taller than she would normally. Her tight, black business pants clung to her firm legs, highlighting how fit she was. Her pants hung low on her lips, and even though it was probably not up to dress code, a thin line of her fit belly was visible between her blouse and her pants. She wore a matching black jacket and a silky white blouse, clinging to her, highlighting her proudest features, namely, her gigantic breasts. Her breasts stood out like a shelf from her thin frame, testing the strength of her blouse, which was unbuttoned enough to show off a bit of her deep cleavage. Her exposed skin was tanned to perfection, her skin silky and smooth. Kevin glanced at her face.

Bridget’s hair was shiny and full, falling in deep crimson waves past her shoulders. It looked she went to the best salons money could buy. Her face was perfectly made up, her plump lips glossy, her striking eyes smoky and sexy. She wore a big pair of peach colored designer sunglasses, reflecting the evening sun but allowing her eyes to be visible through them. She looked like a girl used to the better things in life.

As soon as the door opened, Bridget looked up and smiled, an unusual expression on her typically disinterested face, smiling as if she knew she was supposed to do that to keep up social niceties.

“Hello, baby sis. How did I know you’d be here?” Bridget said.

“What are you doing here?” Tina asked.

“Well, I know it’s kinda last minute, but, I’ve been thinking that, in our last hours, maybe you and I should make our peace.” Bridget said.

“Really?” Tina asked skeptically.

“Of course. I wouldn’t have cashed in a favor and taken the company jet and flown in here if I wasn’t serious.” Bridget said. Both Kevin and Tina looked unsure. “C’mon guys, I’m serious. Can I come in so we can talk? Trust me, I mean no harm.”


(One Hour Later)

“Oh God, Bridget, your pussy’s so fucking tight!” Kevin called out, looking up at the voluptuous slut on top of him.

“FUCK! I always knew your cock would be big!” Bridget moaned out. “Squeeze my tits! Squeeze my huge fucking tits!”

Kevin slapped his hands back onto his sister-in-law’s huge fucking tits again. He couldn’t get enough. They were so big! He pinched her nipples, making the bitch moan on top of him.

“This was so fucking worth it!” Bridget screamed, reveling in betraying her little sis. It made their years of disagreements, years of fighting, sibling rivalry, and jealous spats, so totally worth it. She had conquered her little sister’s man. Stolen him at the last minute. The thought made her scream.

“FUCK YES!” Bridget screamed.

Her pussy tightened around Kevin’s thick bare cock as she came.


(One Hour Earlier)

Bridget set down her tiny designer handbag on the side-table as she sauntered in, showing off the way her pants clung to her heart-shaped ass as she walked.

“How are you doing, Bridget?” Kevin asked cordially.

“Well, considering the world’s about to end, I’d say I’m doing osmaniye escort bayan alright.” Bridget responded with a bright smile.

“You… uh… ready for the end?” Kevin asked.

“Never.” she responded with a sly smile. “There’s still so much left to do.”

“Have you, uh, made your peace with things?” Tina asked.

“Well, that’s what brings us here, isn’t it?” Bridget asked, facing the happy couple. “Now, I know time is short, so I hope I’m not intruding on anything?”

“No, uh… of course not.” Tina replied, too nice to admit that her sister probably was ruining their plans to be alone together at the end.

“Good.” Bridget said firmly, her manner of speaking very confident.

“Do you guys want me to leave you alone while you talk?” Kevin asked.

“No, that’s not…” Tina began.

“If you could.” Bridget interrupted.

“No. Uh, I want him to stay, if you don’t mind.” Tina said firmly, standing up to her confident older sister. Kevin stood in place, poised to go either direction, waiting for Bridget’s reaction.

“Fine.” Bridget said firmly. Kevin nodded and moved to the couch, sitting next to his wife.

“I always hated this place.” Bridget began, slipping off her coat and folding it over a chair as she studied the inside of the lake house. “There was just never anything here for me to do. Just all this nature bullshit.”

“You always liked your stuff.” Tina said.

“This place was always your thing more than mine.” Bridget replied, looking around as if disgusted by the plainness of this house.

“So… uh, what did you want to talk about?” Tina asked. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, we don’t have much time.”

Kevin was surprised to see his wife standing up to her big sister. She was usually so timid around her pushy sister. It filled Kevin with pride to see his wife standing up for herself. Kevin was curious though, about how Bridget would react to this. There was a tense few moments, and then Bridget smiled wide.

“Of course.” Bridget relented. She gathered her thoughts and began to speak, her heels clicking on the floor as she paced around. “I know there has always been this… tension between us. This rivalry. We’ve never exactly been the closest of sisters. I know that I can be a bit much. I know I said a lot of bad things to you. About your fashion sense. Your lame music. Your boyfriends. Your career.”

“You say it as if it was a two-way street. I never did anything to you. You were terrible to me for no reason!” Tina said. Again, Bridget paused, and Kevin couldn’t tell if she was impressed with her little sister or furious at her.

“Uh, yeah, of course. I will admit I have been a bit… immature. I just always felt this… I don’t know, this need… to really just give you shit at every opportunity. I can’t explain it. I just got this odd thrill over running you down and making you feel like crap. I know that sounds awful, and that probably makes me a terrible person. I just always felt this need to have to prove that I was better than you. I don’t know why. Maybe it was cause Mom and Dad always fawned over you. Maybe cause you were everyone’s favorite. I don’t know. Now that I know the end is coming and I think about everything I’ve done. I wanted to make sure you and I made our peace before the end. I want to tell you I’m sorry Tina.” Bridget said. Tina had been listening intently to every word, and at this apology, she began to tear up. This was the first time Bridget had ever apologized to Tina for her terrible attitude.

“I’m sorry for everything. For being a terrible older sister. For being a bully!” Bridget began. “I’m sorry for not talking to you or keeping in contact. I’m sorry for acting like we weren’t family!” Bridget said, impassioned. “You are my little sister, and I think I forgot about that. Now that we are near the end, we need to be with family, be around people who love and care about us! I was a terrible older sister, but if somehow, someway we survive all this, I vow to be the best older sister you could ever imagine.”


(One Hour Later)

“Fuck your wife’s sister, Kevin! FUCK ME!” Bridget screamed as her hunky brother-in-law fucked her doggy style.

“Holy fuck you’re incredible!” Kevin moaned out, driving into her.

“Do you hear me sis? Do you hear me fucking your husband, my sweet baby sister?” Bridget snarled out.

“Squeeze my tits, baby.” Bridget purred to Kevin. Kevin reached down and took two big handholds of her massive EE cups. His fingers dug into her soft, pliant flesh as her massive tits molded against his palms.

“I want you to get in here, sis. I want you to look at my tits, Tina! Look at my breasts, so much bigger than yours! Look at how roughly your hubby squeezes them. Look at how I got all the good genes, how I got all the blessings, and that your own husband loves me so much more than you because of it. Ha Ha!” Bridget cackled.


(One Hour Earlier)

Tina ran into her older sister’s arms with a big smile on her face. She ran into a long overdue hug as the two sisters clutched each other tightly.

“I’m sorry for crying.” Tina sobbed, her tears falling onto her sister’s designer blouse.

“Oh, it’s okay.” Bridget said, wiping away her own tear filled eyes.

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