A Stripper’s Romance

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Disclaimer: The following account is a fictional story of sex between two adults. If you are not allowed to read such stories by law or by any reasons, do not do so. Otherwise, enjoy. Any comments and feedbacks are welcome

-John Antony

Till the day I had seen him, I was the most care-free person in the world. Everything was perfect. I had good looks with great body, highly paid job of male model cum dancer cum stripper, a lot of fans etc. etc. etc. The people who came to the night club were crazy over me. When I began to discard my dress one by one, the heat would begin to rise in the bodies of spectators. When I danced with very thin briefs the heat would be at maximum. (My boss was always said, “Don’t go further, David. Always keep something hidden. If everything is shown, people will loose interest. And don’t sleep with any of my customers. The craze will be over. Don’t ever let the things happen”. He saw to it that I followed his advice. )

He was the man of my fantasy and dream for many weeks. He was a tall man, 6’1, in his mid twenties, with wheatish complexion, beautiful penetrating beautiful eyes, full pink lips, a long Roman nose and jet black hair. His broad shoulders and thickly muscled body were evident even in his loose clothes.

He was my boss’s friend and he was recently transferred to that place. He was an executive in a highly reputed advertising company which had branches all over the world. On his first day to our club, before my dance/strip, my boss introduced him to me as Akash. His magnetic glance and sensuous firm hand shake sent ripples in my body. From then onwards I was not normal. When he walked into the dance hall, all eyes were directed to him, even though he had entered quietly. Through out my dance I couldn’t stop sneaking looks at him. When I danced with thin briefs he looked appreciatively at my body. He seemed to know his effect on me and his eyes mocked at me. While all others were looking at my crotch, he locked his eyes with mine. Until he turned his eyes I couldn’t break the lock. Helplessly I danced looking at him.

After that day he came again a few times. He didn’t talk to me. But his glance told about his fiery sensuousness and his perfect self-control. In my casual talk with boss, I came to know that he was a millionaire, highly intelligent, very reserved person and unmarried. Though the last fact was a consolation to me, I knew that he was at an unreachable height. But my foolish mind always dreamt of him unceasingly. Suddenly he stopped coming.

I asked about him. Boss simply said, “David, he is a moody person and highly unpredictable”. My agony continued. I couldn’t do anything attentively. I couldn’t sleep properly. I longed for a just a glimpse of him. I never thought I had a romantic side but I found myself dreaming about Akash, at first when agrı escort I was sleeping and then sometimes it carried over into waking moments.

One day boss called me. “David, Akash has just now called me. Today he is teaching some newly appointed photographers about taking erotic stills of male models. For that he needs a model. He asked me whether you would agree. If you hesitate, he said, he can understand. What shall I tell him? I think he will pay you a nice sum”

Who needs money? I asked him only two questions-where to go and when to go. He gave me his address. He asked me to go there next morning before 10 o’clock.

His house was built beautifully like him. He had good taste in architecture and in garden. He welcomed me cordially, “Welcome David. I really appreciate your coming here”.

He introduced me to a few youngsters of both genders sitting in his hall. All of them had cameras. They looked me appreciatively.

Akash smiled and said, “Yes friends. He is very handsome. But the question is how to bring the beauty in your camera? It is an art. . .” He was suddenly professional dealing exhaustively the technical side. I heard nothing. I saw the sensuous pink lips move. I saw the extraordinary beauty and rhythm in the movement of his powerful hands. He was explaining how eyes, nose, lips, teeth and expressions are important. He explained the angles from which photos must be taken. His finger tips touched me brows, nose and lips while explaining. When his finger tips touched me I trembled slightly.

“Next shoulders, pecs and chest” When he began unbuttoning my shirt in front of them I came to senses and became sensitive. He took off my shirt. He opened a bottle of baby oil, poured on his palms and began to rub it my body. “You are going to see how the oil highlights his beauty in your photos”

His touches in my body were like mixture of ice and fire. While rubbing it on my slightly haired chest, his eyes never left my eyes. His eyes smiled and teased. When his hands were on my nipples his pink lips parted slightly to show the upper row of perfect pearls. Something deep inside of me gave a sigh of excitement. I couldn’t really explain it. It felt like everything in me had been waiting for Akash to touch me.

My body began to glisten in the light. “See the well muscled chest and beautiful nips. You can make the photo an erotic one if another person’s hand or mouth on it” He placed his right hand on my left nipple. I was in heaven. I expected foolishly that he would place his mouth on it as the part of demonstration. He did nothing like that. He took away his hand. He went on lecturing. He talked about hands and wrists and their beauty. Nothing entered in my head.

Suddenly he slightly lowered the side of my briefs revealing right upper portion of escort ağrı my coal black pubic hair and rising of my right upper butt. “At certain situations, nothing is sexier than pubic hair and in all situations beautiful butts are highly erotic parts, because they show a greater promise about the lower treasure”. His fingers lightly touched my private hair and stayed a little longer on the naked part of the butt. He pressed a little, but the firm butt did not give in. I was very horny, thanks to his words and touches. And it showed on the briefs. Again he talked about angles and used many technical words.

The lecture continued and he rubbed my hairy thighs very sensuously. This time it lingered more than the necessity till he came to touch my foot.

“Thank you, friends, for your patient listening. Now I give you each one of you ten minutes to take three photos. Your work will be evaluated by three judges. So take photos remembering all the points I have said.” He left us without saying anything further.

I gave pose to them individually. Some people’s touch showed their interest in my body. I neither cared nor gave further thought. My mind re-winded again and again his touches on my body and the way he looked me. Others didn’t exist as far as my concern. I remembered how those hands had felt, pressing lightly into my skin. Then wondered what it would be like to have those hands caressing me, softly, gently. I remembered his lips, pink and full, sweetly curved and yet so masculine and I longed just for one taste. I was going a little crazy. I’d never fantasized about another guy before.

He came again and all of them said `good bye’ to us. After they left us he turned to me.

“Thank you, David, for your co-operation”. I was still in my briefs. I waited for him to make any move or tell me to dress. He did neither.

“I like your dance very much, David. Your movements are really graceful.”

I said slowly, “Shall I dance now just for you, Akash?” I really took a big chance. If I missed the chance then, I knew it won’t come again.

He seemed surprised and stared at me thoughtfully. “It will be an honor, David” at last he said.

I began to dance. It was an erotic dance full of love and lust I felt for him. I moved sensuously and rhythmically. He sat on the sofa and his eyes never left my body. At the end I discarded my briefs also and continued to dance. My 8 inch stiff dick danced for his eyes only. He was the only person who had ever seen its dance. I came very near to him and danced before him. My cock danced erotically within a feet of his face. He nervously moved with uneasiness. That was the first time he had lost his coolness and mockery.

And it seemed that I got them for time being. “Akash, my love pole seems to be mesmerized by your pink ağrı escort bayan lips. See, it doesn’t move away.” He smiled sensuously and suddenly brought his strong hands to my naked butts and squeezed and forcefully pulled me toward him. My horny cock reached its destination eagerly. Eagerly he licked the pre cum and kissed my cock lovingly. He flicked out his tongue and let it run in a circle around the tip. A gasp came from me. He did it again. Another gasp. Akash ran his tongue down the length of the underside, turning his head to the side to manage it. The sensations were sending ripples through me. My skin felt hyper sensitive and when his hair brushed my thigh. Finally he swallowed it fully. I felt like I had slipped my cock inside a burning velvet glove. His mouth worked wonders with my prick. I groaned with pleasure and deposited first batch of my cum in his mouth. He swallowed fully and said, “You taste good, David darling”

“Thank you, Akash. But I think it is not fair on your part to be fully dressed while I am fully naked”

“I thought you would undress me” he said sexily.

I slowly undressed him and found him having very sexy and beautiful body. We went to his bed room nakedly and he laid me on his bed. He kissed on my lips for the first time. Those full lips were just as soft as they looked. He kissed Those full lips were just as soft as they looked me like there was nothing more important in the world than his lips on mine. He’d slowly devour my lips, kissing, sucking and biting on them, until I was panting and crazy with wanting him.

As we kissed, I reached down and started to pinch his nipples. He seemed to love that, so I pulled away from his mouth and went to work on his left nipple. It wasn’t long before I switched from licking to chewing. He loved it, so I continued to chew harder. He moaned loudly and returned the favour. He chewed my left nipple as I chewed his. Very hot! My dick was extremely hard again. I ran my right hand through his chest hair as I continued to chew his nipple. I could tell he was getting really horny, as I was. Again our lips met lustily and explored each other with passion.

I broke the kiss and sank to my knees. The moment I had been waiting for, dreaming about, fantasizing over for many days. His magnificent, long and thick cock was saluting my face. Lustily I buried my face in his crotch and filled my nostrils with his intoxicating scent. He gasped as I started to take his cock into my mouth, my hand fondling his balls and the other squeezed his perfect globes of butts. His hands began to clasp my head as I took his pulsating tool halfway down my throat. He cried aloud in delight, while my heart raced. I sped up my action, deep throating him for a while. Then I sucked him like a vacuum. In no time he was moaning and groaning emptying the contents of his heaving balls in to my thirsty mouth.

Finally we both collapsed, spent and relieved. We lied on the bed embracing each other in silence. The happiness we felt was too great to put into powerless words. Really that day proved to be the first starting day of our life long romance.

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