A Soldier’s Tale

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The day was getting long. Kate sat and stared out the window. Richmond was not the city it had been four years ago. She remembered with a smile the days before the war. When gentlemen from both the north and the south came to seek her talents. Not just smelly soldiers with nothing more in their pockets than useless Confederate script. She remembered being paid in gold for her services on more than one occasion.

Her reverie broke, there were voices down the hall. “What’s the old bitch bringing me this time” she thought. Most of the girls working for Miss Emilia had little more than contempt for her. She was no different. Oh there was a time where she had been a bit more discriminating, that was before a Confederate battery had fired on Fort Sumter in 1861. Since then, everything had changed. She busied herself with a few things, straightening her corset, making sure the bed was turned down. She set to pumping water into the tub. Just because they were smelly, didn’t mean they had to stay that way. She sighed. Some, more often than not, were more interested in what they called “horizontal refreshments” than spending time with a lady. In a way she didn’t mind. They were in and out in less than an hour.

She listened at the door. They were haggling with Miss Emilia about the price. Strange, Emilia usually set the price and that was that! She sat on the settee, she would find out soon enough. She heard retreating voices shout encouragement. That was normal.

Just then, Emilia opened her door (without so much as a knock Kate noted) and led in a thin, young man in a bedraggled uniform. From his countenance she could tell he was nervous. That was norman too. Emilia spoke first “Kate” she started “this here young man is Nathan Bancroft.” she waited for a moment as if Kate were supposed to know who he was. As she got no reaction Emilia went on, “Nathan here is a hero of the Confederacy” she beamed at the boy who would not raise his eyes off the floor. She patted him on the shoulder as she praised him, “he personally captured a Yankee cannon at the battle of, uh, what was it again?” She looked at him. “Chickamauga ma’m” he kept his eyes on the floor. As soon as he’d spoken, Kate’s first estimate of his age dropped a year or two. He couldn’t have been more than seventeen. That had possibilities. Young men didn’t have what you would call staying power, but they had energy to spare. And from what she could see, he was sort of handsome.

“Well” continued Emilia “whatever battle it was I’m sure you were very brave. And,” she said in conspiratory tones “if President Davis didn’t put a medal on your chest, Kate here will do the next best thing” She beamed, obviously happy with her little joke. “Now, I’ll leave you two until tomorrow” She raised her eyebrows at Kate and held up a real gold coin. Now it was Kate’s turn to raise her eyebrows. Gold! she hadn’t seen the real stuff in almost four years! No wonder she said ‘until tomorrow’, that was more money than she had seen in months!

Emilia took her leave of them and closed the door behind her, leaving them alone.

Kate stood up and walked over to him. She put a bit more swing into her walk for him, to make it more of a treat. He still kept his eyes on the floor.

She pointed at the corner of the room. “You can put your musket over there if you care to” she suggested. He did so without comment and took off his haversack as well. “Don’t be nervous Nathan I’m not going to hurt you” she purred in her warmest voice.

“It, It’s not that ma’m” he stammered out “It’s, uh it’s just that…” he stopped for a moment, wringing his hands so hard Kate was afraid he’d break skin.

Understanding came to her then. “I think I know what this is all about” she said as she took his hands in hers. “If I’m not mistaken Nathan, this will be your first time with a woman” she placed his hands on the nape of her corset, just over her breast. Nathan pulled his hand back as if she had scalded him. “No!” he exclaimed and headed for the corner, reclaiming his things. “I’m very sorry to have troubled you miss, I’ll go now and rejoin my unit tomorrow” he spoke quickly “no one will know, I wont say a thing I promise!” he looked at her in the eye for the first time. Something was wrong, Kate could tell that. But it wasn’t fear. It was something else.

She walked over to the door, blocking his escape. “Don’t leave, please” she said ” if you walk out that door, Miss Emilia will see you go and then I won’t get paid! Do you want that to happen?” She said “Do you?”

Nathan stood looking at her for a moment. He put his musket down in the corner and removed his hat and set it on the floor next to his sack. He looks so tired Kate thought. How could someone so young be so tired. The notion of three years of combat and hardship didn’t cross her mind, she had been sheltered from most of it.

Nathan looked at her again, took a deep breath and said,” I guess I should tell you” He started “I’ve kept this a secret for almost three years now. The war’s almost over so If I get killed in the next battle, at least someone will know”

With that he began to remove his jacket. Kate stared. She had no bursa escort bayan idea what his secret could be. Was he wounded terribly? Perhaps it was something that left him unable to perform? She walked over to the settee and waited. He laid his jacked down and began to remove his shirt. Under the shirt she could see bandages across his chest. So it was a wound, she thought I hope it’s not too terrible.. her thought ended there. Visions of scars stopped as quickly as they had started. The last of the bandages fell to the floor, revealing a beautiful pair of breasts! Kate sat in open mouth amazement!

“Now you know” she said standing there. After a long, awkward moment she spoke again, breaking Kate from her astonishment. “Do you have anything I can wear?”

Kate shook herself into the here and now “Oh, um, sure honey, just a moment.” she rushed to her wardrobe to find something. Stopping she said “Wait just a moment. How in hell did you manage to join the Confederate army? Your a girl!” she exclaimed putting her hands on her hips. “Here, take this” she tossed a chemise to the girl. “and tell me your name, your real name mind you”.

“It’s Nellie” she said pulling the chemise over her head. “Nellie Bancroft. And I haven’t had a real bath in almost two years” she said eyeing the tub.

Kate looked at her and at the tub, half filled with water. She wrinkled her nose ” well, it’s true you could use one” she said “all right” Nellie looked delighted and started removing her shoes. Kate could’nt help but notice they had wooden soles instead of leather.

“Besides” Kate continued ” this is one story I have to hear!”

Nellie continued pumping water into the tub while Kate brought up a large kettle of boiling water. She looked Nellie over while they prepared the bath. Three years of fighting, marching and camping had honed Nellie’s muscles nicely. She would be shapely if she had had enough to eat, Kate thought.

An idea struck her. “you get on in honey” she said ” the water should be warm enough by now” Nellie grinned, clearly relishing the thought.

Kate took a few steps and turned to sneak a peek at Nellie as she removed the chemise. She had a boyish body, strong and sleek. It retained a full measure of beauty though. Kate had a fondness for the attention of women. Sometimes the girls would pair off on long, lonely nights. It wasn’t allowed of course, and no one spoke of it, but it happened. Kate left the room quickly.

She returned in a short time with a tray of food and a bottle of claret. She dragged a chair over to the tub and placed the tray on it. Then she started to disrobe.

Nellie was on her second mouthful of bread when she realized what Kate was doing. Her eyes grew wide “What are you doing?” she said around a mouthful. “I’m getting undressed” Kate said matter-of-factly “It’s what I do before taking a bath. Keeps my clothes dry that way” She lowered herself gingerly into the tub. It was warmer than she had anticipated. Nellie watched her and kept eating. It was difficult keeping one eye on the food and the other on Kate but she managed. Kate raised an eyebrow ” you know, that’s my supper too” she said with a pouty look.

Nellie looked embarrassed. “Oh, I’m sorry” she said and reached over to take a piece of cold raisin chicken and offer it to Kate. With an impish grin Kate leaned forward a little and just opened her mouth. Nellie hesitated a moment and put the chicken between her lips. Lips that closed on her fingers suddenly. She was surprised but didn’t pull them back. Kate rolled her tongue around the two fingers. She sucked them into her mouth as deep as they would go. Nellie’s eyes rolled upwards for a moment and began to close. A little ‘”O” escaped her lips. She then opened her eyes and pulled her fingers out as gently as she could. Kate didn’t resist she just smiled a little “sorry” she said, glancing at Nellie out of the corner of her eye. She reclined back. “you know” she purred “you still haven’t told me how you came to be a soldier of the Confederacy”

Nellie looked at her and poured herself a glass of claret. She began. Kate listened intently to her story. A story that began when Nellie was Fourteen. Her father had joined the army of northern Virginia under General Pope. He died at the battle of Pittsburgh Landing Tennessee. Her mother simply wasted away after that. Nellie had to bury both her parents that year. She vowed to do what she could to help the Confederacy. She packed what belongings she had and headed for the Confederate hospital in Timberasso Tennessee. They would not have her however, she was too young and poorly educated. So she cut off her hair and volunteered as a drummer boy using her father’s name. They took her without a second glance. Once issued with a uniform she trained with the rest of them. She was very careful not to let any of the other men see her disrobe. That wasn’t difficult, they rarely did. She adopted a shy countenance and kept to herself. The only fearful moment she ever had was when she was wounded during a small skirmish. She was petrified that the surgeon would discover her secret. He didn’t give her a second glance either. She got nilüfer escort no ether, there was none to be had. He didn’t even take the cigar out of his mouth when he pulled the bullet out of her shoulder.

During the story, Kate had kept herself busy by scrubbing the young soldier’s body and feeding her from the tray. Nellie didn’t even realize she was being fed or bathed, she had been so caught up in telling her tale.

Finally it was over. She felt a great weight lifted from her shoulders.

Nellie looked over at Kate for a moment and, putting her hands over her face, began to cry. Kate slid forward and hugged her gently while she let it out. Soon the tears stopped and Nellie snaked her arms around her back. “I’m sorry” she said quietly “I’ve kept it a secret for so long” She looked up for a moment, realizing how close and naked they both were. Kate bent down a little and placed a kiss on her cheek. Then another. The next one was on her mouth, just for a moment. Nellie kissed her back gently too, testing the waters. “I did once” she whispered nervously, “with Lydia Davis back home, It was nice but afterwards she said terrible things to me, even though she started it”

Kate smiled “well, don’t worry sweetheart” she kissed her again, full on the mouth, “I won’t say anything, and besides, we both started it”.

They kissed and touched each other for a few more minutes. Kate marveled at how strong Nellie was. And how fiercely she seemed to need this, need her. That’s what was wonderful about this, the men just wanted one thing. Nellie seemed to need all of her. She felt a shiver, the water was getting cool and twilight had settled. She broke the embrace slowly. “Come on out dear” she whispered, “before we freeze”. She got up and took out towels for each of them. After they toweled each other off Kate lit several lanterns and candles. She looked at Nellie for a moment. “You know” she started with a sidelong glance “If you’re going to spend the night” Nellie blushed a little ” you had better be dressed for it”

Nellie looked over at the dirty pile of clothes she had brought with her and looked back at Kate with a confused look on her face. Kate laughed “no not those” she took Nellie by the hand and led her to the wardrobe ” I have something more ladylike in mind”. She opened the door. Nellie just stood and stared for a moment, nothing but a towel around her. “Here” she started handing soft frilly underthings to her “these are a little small for me, but they should fit you fine” Nellie quickly brushed off what few drops of water remained on her legs and quickly pulled on a pair of pantalets. First one leg, then the other. She fumbled with the drawstrings a little, Kate helped her with them smiling. Just the sensation of something other than wool made Nellie shudder with pleasure. She then handed her a chemise. While Nellie slipped it on, Kate dressed herself quickly. She reached into the wardrobe and withdrew a lovely satin corset and held it up. Nellie’s eyes went wide! “For me?” she whispered. Kate nodded and smiled “come here and let me lace you up” Nellie stood with her arms on Kate’s shoulders “Seems to me you haven’t forgotten this completely” she said as she laced the ribbon from one eyelet to the next. The operation took no time at all. Kate’s fingers were strong and skilled from many hours of doing just this. ” Now, will you help me?” Kate said as she handed her her favorite corset. Nellie took it and wrapped it around her in a sort of awkward hug. Kate stole a quick kiss on Nellie’s forehead. Nellie laughed “now stop that or we’ll never get this thing on” she turned around and did up all the laces in the back. During this Kate adjusted the laces in the front. She was used to a tight fit.

When this was done Kate stood and looked at her for a moment. “Well now, that’s a little better” she said ” but something is still missing” she pointed to a chair in front of a mirror. “sit here and we’ll see about the rest” she stood behind her and ran her fingers through her hair. “nothing we can do about this” she started ” if I had a wig maybe, but I don’t” she shrugged ” nothing I can do about that”. She realized how foolish that sounded. Her deprivations did’nt compare with what Nellie had been throuhg.

“It’s just as well” Nellie said “I’d just forget it was on and report back to my regiment tomorrow still wearing it!” They both laughed. Kate walked around and kneeled down, facing her. She reached behind and chose a small brush. “lean forward” she said. Nellie did so and found that she was looking directly down the front of Kate’s ample cleavage. Kate glanced down and smiled. Nellie looked mildly embarrassed at being caught but let her gaze rest on the sight anyway. Kate pulled at her knee “come closer, I can’t reach”, Nellie pulled herself closer and separated her legs as she did so. The pantalets, not joined in the middle revealed and framed her crotch nicely. She started to close her legs when she realized this. Kate stopped her, “no, don’t” she said “This way I get something to look at too!” Nellie blushed hotly, her hands flew to her cheeks.

“Move your hands honey, I need to do your face” türbanlı escort Nellies hands fell to her lap and then to the chair as if they didn’t know where to rest. They finally settled on Kate’s hair, brushing it with her fingers. Kate spent the next few minutes putting makeup on Nellie’s boyish face. It was easy to see how she could pass for a handsome young man. She worked her brush expertly, to bring out the beautiful young woman she knew was there. Nellie’s hands meanwhile, got bolder. Brushing and tracing Kate’s cheeks and neck. When they were at the base of her neck Kate moved back suddenly so that her fingertips brushed the top of her breasts. Nellie gasped a little but her hands didn’t stray. In fact they explored new territory, tracing across the top of Kate’s breasts, along the sides and under her arms. Stronger with each passing moment. Kate broke the spell by standing up. “Look what I found” she said as she moved from between Nellie and the mirror. Nellie stared open mouthed. Her hands touched her face gently, as if to convince herself it really was her. “I’m pretty” she said quietly.

“No your not” Kate said gently bending down and kissing the back of her neck “your beautiful” she whispered.

Kate reached for a small jar or reddish paste. “one thing missing though” she said as she reached in with a finger. “open your mouth a little” she placed her finger on Nellie’s lip and traced a circle around it, leaving a rich red color behind. Nellie looked in the mirror and almost cried again. She was beautiful! She stood up and admired herself in the mirror. Kate looked on with a smile. ” You know, “she finally said “there isn’t much of that lip color around” she walked close to Nellie “this is the best way to share it” she snaked a hand around Nellie’s head and the other on the small of her back. She pulled her close and kissed her, hard and strong. Nellie didn’t hesitate, she kissed back like her life depended on it. Kate noted with satisfaction that Nellie’s hands found their way to her buttocks. Soon, Nellie’s hands found their way into the folds of her pantalets. Feeling the soft skin of her bottom. Kate responded in kind. They were soon unlacing each other’s corsets, not letting their lips separate even once.

Kate won the unlacing contest and helped Nellie with the last few. They came together again, this time Nellie’s hands found their way into Kate’s chemise, feeling her back and making their way to her ample breasts. Kate took a step back. She deftly took it off with one fluid, well practiced motion. She just stood there, posing for Nellie for a few seconds.

Nellie stood there too, unable to move. Kate moved for her. She took the young woman’s hands in hers and placed them just under her breasts. Nellie needed no further encouragement. Her firm hands felt the smooth skin from one end to another. Finally she reached Kate’s nipples, full and firm. “So much nicer than mine” she whispered.

In response to this, Kate tugged off Nellie’s chemise to reveal her breasts. Kate spent the next few moments exploring the soft flesh of them, teasing her nipples seemed to elicit a near-explosive reaction from the young woman. Kate’s tongue snaked across her lips as she moved forward. She opened her mouth less than an inch from Nellie’s nipple and breathed hotly on it. Nellie shuddered with pleasure. She let her head fall back and moaned softly as Kate’s tongue finally made contact. Circling her warm moist tongue around in circles, she paid attention to each one equally. Nellie’s breathing came quickly during this, and more than one gasp of pleasure escaped her lips.

During this time Kate was slowly moving her backwards towards the bed. When the moment was right, she coaxed her into sitting down. Kate knelt again, this time in front of her. She looked up and without breaking eye contact, moved Nellie’s legs apart. Each breath was coming quickly now, almost gasping.

“Relax dear” Kate purred at her, “remember, I’m not going to hurt you”

Nellie shook her head “that’s not what I’m afraid of” she said, still looking down “I’m afraid I’m going to wake up soon and this will only be a dream”

Kate smiled and softly blew a stream of air between Nellie’s legs. Nellie let out a little “Oh!” and looked up at the ceiling, her arms supporting her as she reclined.

Kate’s mouth drew closer. Nellie could feel her hot breath on that most sensitive place. For a few agonizing seconds, nothing happened. Nellie had been bracing herself for what she knew would happen, what she hoped would happen. Every muscle in her body was as tight as a violin string waiting for the bow. When nothing happened, she relaxed for a split second to see what was going on. That’s when Kate attacked. Her tongue finding the spot like a marksman’s bullet. Nellie let out a real gasp this time! Kate worked her magic for less than a few seconds when Nellie’s arms gave out and she fell back on the mattress. Kate used her tongue as gently as she knew how to ease her into the orgasm that she knew was washing over her. Nellie’s back arched and then relaxed, she shook with the power of it. In a moment of clarity, she reached over, grabbed a pillow and forced it on to her face. Then she screamed. Even through the pillow Kate worried that someone would come to see what was happening. Sometimes the men took liberties they were not supposed to and became violent. To Kate’s relief, no one burst in.

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