A Sister’s Tail

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My name is Melissa Bouvier and I’m eighteen years old but a little naïve for my age. My brother Alex told you his anecdote in the story Family Sex Saga — Making Mother. If you haven’t read that story I suggest you do so before you read mine. Although each story stands on its own; they are complementary and this story leads on from my brother’s.

I had learned that men think with their penises and that the men in my family in particular have a penchant for women dressed in nylons, panties and lingerie. I also learnt that this could be used to great advantage; that men could be made to do my will and that they would reward me for acquiescing to their sexual desires.

I learned all of this from my own observations; from my mother; and from my own experiences.

It’s probably best if I start at the beginning and take it from there. The first time I was exposed to sex and to how a woman could use her accomplishments to make a man do what she wanted, was when I I was staying at the Big House with my grandfather and grandmother.

My grandfather is Lucien Bouvier and he is a rich and powerful man. My grandfather was the patriarch of a dynasty stretching back generations, a family of wealth, power, and influence. My father, Trey Bouvier is married to my mother Dee-Dee who dragged herself up from the wrong side of the tracks and endeared herself to the Bouvier family, married my father and gave birth to me eight months after they were married. You can read my brother’s story for the details; they are quite factual.

Mother, father and I were staying with grandfather Lucien and grandma Jessica at what my family called the Big House, near the lake. Mother and father had gone out for dinner. I had gone to bed early but arose thirsty late in the evening and made my way down to the kitchen to get a drink of water. I drank my glass of water and was about to head back upstairs to bed when I heard muffled voices coming from the big lounge room. I walked over to the huge double doors and peered into the gloomy room; lit only the by light of the large-screen television set.

I looked at the television and was confused by the show that airing. A man was naked and was lying on top of a woman who was also naked except for a suspender belt, stockings and high heels. The man was on top of the woman and they were both moaning and groaning. I thought the man might be hurting the woman but then I realised that they liked what they were doing because they kept kissing each other.

Then I heard more moaning and groaning and I realised that the noise was coming from the couch. I tiptoed further into the room until I could see the couch and was amazed at what I saw.

Grandma was dressed in a skirt and blouse; her high-heels were on the floor beside the couch. Her skirt was hiked up and she was showing off her black satin panties and her pantyhose clad legs. I knew that this was naughty because my mother said I should never let anyone see up my skirt.

I stood transfixed as I watched my grandparents. Grandma was lying at one end of the large lounge propped up against the armrest with her feet between grandfather’s legs; he was lying on the other end of the couch facing her.

I watched in amazement as grandfather took hold of grandma’s ankles and pushed the soles of her feet together so that the soles of her nylon-clad feet made an arch, which he lowered over his penis. It was erect, blood engorged and throbbing, and that they were very much enjoying a sexual act together.

I watched fascinated as grandma pumped her feet up and down grandfather’s penis; his penis throbbed and clear fluid was leaking from the hole in the tip. Grandpa grabbed hold of grandma’s ankles and began to moan and thrash.

“Goddamn it Jess I’m coming! I’m coming!”

He thrust his penis in and out of the silken tunnel of grandma’s soles and suddenly streams of creamy viscous fluid erupted from his penis and splashed all over grandma’s legs and feet; it soaked into her pantyhose and glistened in the dull light.

I remained transfixed and watched as grandpa’s cock slowly began to deflate. Grandma moved her feet away from his special place and giggled like a young girl.

“Ok Lucy get your face into my pussy and pay your dues!” she giggled.

Grandfather reversed his position on the couch, pulled down grandma’s panties, and put his face into her pussy and chewed out the cotton panel in the crotch of her pantyhose. I thought grandma would be angry about that but instead she started to moan and whimper and push grandfather’s head into the place between her legs.

After a few minutes she drummed her heels on grandpa’s back and I thought he was hurting her but then I realised she liked what he was doing.

“Oh fuck Lucy! Lick my clit! Suck my clit! Ohhh Lucy I’m coming you bastard!!!!!”

After the fascinating show had finished I left the room and tip-toed up to bed.

Mother and father often visited the Big House and grandfather and grandma would look after me and my brother Alex while mom and dad attended various canlı bahis şirketleri social functions. They could just have easily left us at home with Aunt Betty but father liked to talk business with grandpa Lucien before he went out to these important dinners. My mother would drink gin and tonics or mint juleps with grandma Jessica whilst the men drank bourbon in the den and talked about business and their law firm.

Often grandma would nod off to sleep as soon as mother and father left to attend their function and it became routine that Alex would curl up on the couch next to grandma. Then grandfather would take me into his den to watch TV and I would sit in his lap and we would watch the movies or television together in the darkened room while he sipped bourbon.

Watching TV became a regular ritual and I was very precocious about the fact that grandpa Lucien allowed me into his den, as he forbade the other women in the family to enter his ‘fortress of solitude’ as he called it. Ma and grandma teased me about this and called me grandpa’s favourite. I could tell that Alex was jealous; but grandma had made him her favourite and our respective grandparents spoiled us equally.

One evening when I was in the darkened den sitting in grandfather’s lap I became aware of something strange. Grandpa had drunk a lot of bourbon that night and he was breathing heavy. He stroked my honey-blonde hair as he often did when I sat in his lap but tonight his hands slowly moved down my arms and wrapped around my waist. I was eighteen now and was really too old to be sitting in grandpa’s lap but it made me feel special.

Grandfather kissed me on the cheek and hugged me pulling down harder in his lap.

“You like sitting in my lap don’t you Mellie?” he asked.

“Yes grandpa,” I sighed.

“And you like it when you sit in grandfather’s lap and he cuddles you don’t you Mellie?”

I turned around and kissed him quickly on the lips; he smelt of bourbon and cigars.

“Oh course I do grandfather; I love you,” I replied and quickly became engrossed in the movie again.

Grandfather’s legs were bony and I had to squirm my butt every now and again to get comfortable and my dress kept riding up.

“Here let me fix that,” Grandpa said and pulled my short skirt out from under my butt and smoothed it around my thighs and over his lap.

“Grandfather? There’s something sticking in my butt,” I whined.

“Oh it’s probably just my old corncob pipe; I stuck it in my pocket earlier,” he answered.

“Why don’t you just wriggle your butt a little bit and push down on it and it will get pushed back down deep into my pocket,” he whispered in my ear.

I knew it was my grandpa’s penis sticking in my butt but I was a virgin and had never petted with a boy before and I was interested to see what would happen.

I pushed my butt down onto the hard pipe and wriggled my butt against it. Because grandpa had taken my skirt from under me; it was just my nylon panties rubbing against grandpa’s trousers. I pushed down harder and wriggled my butt and started to laugh. I wriggled and squirmed in his lap pushing down with my butt.

Grandpa was breathing heavy now and he put his hands on my thighs and forced me down harder into his lap. He thrust up with his groin and I felt the pipe slide along the crevice of my butt through the fabric of his trousers. I giggled and thrust back against him.

Grandpa pulled me down hard into his lap and thrust his groin against my bottom; I felt his hard cock throbbing against my panty-clad ass. Then I felt a warm wet fluid soak into the back of my panties.

“Ohhhh Mellie…………..Ohhhh Mellie!!!” he groaned and writhed in his chair as he crushed me against him.

“Are you ok grandfather?” I asked, genuinely concerned.

“Oh yes Mellie; I’m wonderful. Just sit still for a little bit,” he said.

“But my butt’s wet grandpa,” I whined.

Grandpa just sat there holding me in his lap for a few minutes and I felt the uncomfortable bulge in my butt slowly deflate, then he loosened his grip from around my waist and I leapt from his lap. I reached under my skirt and put my fingers in the wet patch on the back of my panties and lifted them to my nose. The stuff smelt musty and salty.

“Look I’m sorry Mellie; it was an accident but I’m very embarrassed about it so I would prefer it if you didn’t tell anyone about it,” he said.

I frowned.

Grandfather reached for his wallet and handed me a twenty-dollar bill.

“And here is a little reward for keeping our secret,” he smiled.

“I love you grandfather,” I squealed with delight and thew my arms around his neck and hugged him and kissed him.

Then I held the twenty-dollar bill under the table lamp just to make sure I was not mistaken. Unbeknownst to me, I had just prostituted myself for the first time.

The next time we were up at the big house and I was alone with Grandfather he didn’t waste any time sitting me in his lap. Once again we were in his den with the door securely locked.

“Do canlı kaçak iddaa you wanna play that game we played last time you visited? You know; where you wiggle in my lap?” he whispered in my ear.

“Sure Grandfather Lucien; will I get twenty dollars again if I win?” I laughed.

“You Bouvier women are all the same,” he sighed.

“What grandfather?” I asked.

“Nothing Mellie; just remember you promised not to tell mother about our secret game ok?” he smiled.

“Ok grandfather,” I smiled back.

I lifted myself up in his lap and pulled my skirt out from underneath my bottom and smoothed it around my thighs. I was wearing white nylon panties and I had owned them for a while now and they were a little small and clung tightly to my buttocks and pubis.

Grandpa grunted and fumbled in his lap and then I felt the familiar prod of his cock against my butt. This time I could feel it more distinctly and I realised that his penis was sticking out of his trousers and was rubbing against the flimsy fabric of my panties.

I wriggled my butt in grandfather’s lap and he sighed and pulled me closer and pushed me down into his lap. I felt his penis slide into the crevice of my buttocks and push against my thin nylon panties. His member was hot and throbbing and he was panting hard.

I slid my bottom up and down, pushing my panty-clad cheeks hard against his throbbing phallus. Grandpa held me by the waist guiding me up and down. I heard his breathing become hard and ragged and I guessed that I was going to get a wet bottom again but for twenty bucks it was worth it. I pushed down hard and gyrated my hips, forcing grandpa’s hard cock deep into my butt-crack; only the gossamer thin panty material separating his hot flesh from my mine.

“Oh my God Mellieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” he moaned and his cock spasmed and flooded the rear of my panties with hot viscous fluid. It scalded my tender skin and squirted through my panties and puddled in the crevice of my bottom. I scrunched down and wriggled hard, instinctively knowing he would like that.

Grandpa kissed my neck and my ears; not platonic kisses; but hard open-mouthed sloppy kisses that felt naughty but nice at the same time. His cock throbbed and pulsed against my bottom; his spend soaking the back of my panties. And then I felt it for the first time……………..a little spark of pleasure in my pussy. To this day I don’t know if it was sexual or not but it felt nice.

Grandfather shuddered against me as his orgasm subsided and I felt his penis begin to soften. After a few minutes he kissed me on the cheek and lifted me out of his lap and onto my feet.

“Hold up your skirt Mellie so it doesn’t get wet,” he smiled and fumbled in his pocket for a handkerchief.

I saw his shrivelled penis now, wrinkled with a purple knob on the end. It was wet with a creamy viscous fluid, which had also pooled in his pubic hair, which was just turning to grey. He wiped away the mess in his crotch and put his cock back in his pants and zipped his fly.

I stood awkwardly holding up my skirt whilst his spend cooled in panties and in my ass crack. Grandpa leaned forward and wiped down my panties with the kerchief doing his best to dry them off. He pulled the back of my panties down and wiped away the mess in my butt-crack and then pulled my panties back up.

“Turn around Mellie; lets make sure you don’t have any of my juice on the front of your panties,” he said.

Grandpa then made an effort to wipe the front of my panties even though they weren’t even damp. Then rubbed my pubic mound with his fingers through my sheer nylon panties. It did feel nice but I knew he shouldn’t do that.

I stepped back and dropped my skirt.

“Uh-uh Grandpa!” I said wagging a finger in his face.

“Mother said that no one is to touch me there!” I admonished.

I noticed that grandpa’s pants had a bulge in them again; he must have enjoyed stroking the front of my panties. I smiled to myself…………now I knew another thing that Grandfather liked and that I might be able to exploit it for money.

“Sorry Mellie,” Grandpa smiled apologetically.

He reached for his wallet and pulled out a twenty-dollar bill and held it out before me.

“Remember this is our secret,” he frowned.

“If anyone found out, we couldn’t play this game any more, and you wouldn’t get your reward,” he said seriously.

“Don’t worry Grandpa; this will be our secret!” I giggled.

“Good girl Mellie,” grandfather smiled back and handed me the twenty-dollar note.

And so it went on; me charging grandpa twenty dollars to ‘panty-pop’ me. That’s what I called letting grandpa Lucien hump my ass through my panties whilst I sat in his lap: panty-popping.

I decided to pay a surprise visit on grandpa at work. I went to his law firm where I knew he had the big office on the top floor of the big building. I had been there a few times before; but this time I decided I would go alone and surprise him and maybe let him panty-pop me for canlı kaçak bahis the twenty bucks I needed so that I could go to the movies that night with my friends.

I pretty much did as I wanted; dad was always busy at work and mom was a social butterfly and I was left pretty much alone as long as I behaved myself. At eighteen I was in my last year of high school and would soon be going to a finishing school.

I arrived at the top floor of my grandpa’s office building and stepped out of the elevator. The receptionist’s desk was empty and the door to Lucien’s office was closed. I walked over to the door in anticipation of bursting through the door to surprise grandpa.

I was bitterly disappointed when I turned the door-handle and found it securely locked.

“Shit!” I spat and turned to leave when I again noticed the deserted secretary’s station and decided to explore.

I sat behind the large counter and looked at the long desktop. There were a number of phones and intercoms and not one, but two, computers; a workstation and a laptop, both were password protected. I rummaged through the drawers and didn’t find much except for stationery. In another drawer I found a small makeup case and a package of pantyhose. I expected they belonged to the secretary.

I was about to leave when I noticed a small monitor recessed into the desktop with some switches and a joystick beside it. It was labelled: ‘security surveillance system’. I played with the controls and eventually the monitor sprang into life. The interior of an elevator suddenly sprang into sharp focus on the screen.

“Oh my,” I giggled to myself as I looked the screen.

One of the secretarial staff was standing in the elevator and a young man, who had to be young enough to be her son, was standing behind her. A mail trolley was pushed into the corner of the elevator car so I figured the youth had to be one of the office mail boys.

What had made me giggle was that the young man had his hand under the older secretary’s skirt and he was obviously enjoying himself. The woman was wriggling and writhing as the young man hiked her skirt up and pushed his hand inside her panties and pantyhose and played with her cunt. The boy had his cock out and he took the woman’s hand and placed her elegantly manicured fingers around his erection.

I fiddled with a few controls and found the volume control.

“Ok David; just a few strokes before the car gets to the twenty-fifth floor; and if you put a runner in these pantyhose I’ll fucking well kill you!” she sniggered.

I knew that the elevator they were in went non-stop to the twenty-fifth floor where it would stop and that the secretary and the mail boy had about one and half minutes before they got to the twenty-fifth floor. I watched fascinated as the secretary spun around and passionately kissed the young man as she squeezed and stroked his hard cock.

The mail-boy removed his hand from inside the secretary’s panties and moved his hands to her ass, hiking up her skirt and massaging her panty-clad buttocks through her sheer shiny pantyhose. With only seconds to spare the couple separated and the woman straightened her skirt while the mail boy put his cock away and zipped his fly.

“Tonight at eight! The usual motel,” the secretary gasped just before the door opened.

“You bettcha!” the young man said, and pushed his trolley through the elevator door.

Another secretary entered the car.

“Not getting out?” she asked the older secretary.

“Wrong floor,” she replied.

The younger secretary who had just entered the car looked appreciatively at the ass of the mail boy just before the doors closed.

“God that mail boy has a great ass!” she commented to the older secretary.

“Not my type,” the older secretary said matter-of-factly, a wry smile on her face.

I scanned through a number of different places covered by the surveillance cameras; flicking the switches at random. I saw open-plan offices; corridors, stock rooms and other places within the labyrinth of the building but nothing as interesting as what I’d seen in the elevator.

Then I looked down at the controls and saw that one of the buttons had a key inserted into it; the tag hanging off the key was marked ‘Private’. I turned the key and the screen went blank. Then slowly a picture appeared. It showed the inside of grandpa Lucien’s office and I was quite shocked at what I saw.

Mother was kneeling in front of grandpa who was not wearing any pants and standing in front of his huge desk. Mother was sucking on grandpa’s penis; running her tongue along the shaft, then engulfing his glans with her ruby-red lips before sucking the whole member into her mouth briefly before beginning the whole process over again. Grandpa was leaning back against the desk with his eyes closed holding mother’s head in his hands as she fellated him.

Mom was wearing one of her power suits; tight navy-blue skirt with a thigh-high hemline and matching jacket. Underneath the jacket she wore a cream silk blouse and completed the outfit with beige hosiery and black high-heels. Her hair was bunched high on her head and she was wearing lots of makeup. She looked just like the businesswomen and secretaries that worked at father and grandpa’s firm.

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