A Shy Kid Ch. 13

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Ava Addams

On my way home I checked my phone and saw a text from my mom, it said, ‘Running late, will be home around five-ish.’ My phone said that it was now 10 to 5, hopefully I can get home before my mom and I did. When she arrived she gave me a big kiss and immediately paused saying, “Ummm, what’s that I taste on your lips? It’s not Gloria or Victoria. What have you been eating or maybe I should ask, who have you been eating?”

I laughed saying, “What makes you think I’ve been eating anybody?”

“I really don’t, just teasing you. How was your day?”

“Fine, how was yours?”

“It was good. Guess who I ran into at the Mall and was the reason I was late getting home?”

“Not a clue mom, not a clue.”

“Oh come on, make a guess.”





“Ummmm Matt?”

“Nope, but you are close.”

“Ahhh, his mother?”

“Yup, I ran into Cathy.”

“How did she look?”

“She looked fantastic. Wow, she has lost a lot of weight but still has a lot of curves. I never realized she had such nice tits and a great rear end. I can see why you say she’s hot because she is.”

“So did you two have a gab fest or something?”

“Yea. It’s been a long time since Cathy and I have gotten together like we did when you and Matt were younger. We found a small bar not far from the Mall, had a couple drinks and caught up with each other.”

“So what did you two discuss?”

“We talked mostly about our sons and how lonely it is without a partner. I didn’t tell her of course that I now have a partner and a back up.”

“A backup?”

“Yea, Randy.”

“Oh shit of course, your fuck buddy.”

“She was asking me what had happened with you that brought you out of your shell and was now a much more friendly, open and confident acting young man?”

“I wanted to but didn’t tell her that you have gained your confidence from learning how to fuck, and that it was me who did the teaching.”

“Oh shit mom that would have blown her socks off.”

“I think it would have more likely blown her panties off if she was wearing any and I wonder if she has shaved her pussy.”

I responded, “I hope to find out someday.”

“From the way she was talking and acting, I think she is pretty horny most the time. She was saying that she knows that Matt watches her very closely and is always trying to see her tits. She thinks she has heard her name spoken when he is in his room jacking off.”

“I bet that’s true, Matt thinks his mom is almost as hot as you.”

“I think he is pretty hot too, I’d like to seduce that little pecker.”

“He’s not so little any more, he’s grown quite a bit lately.”

“Good, I hope so and that his pecker has also grown.” We both laughed.

“Would you really seduce Matt?”

“Why not? He’s 18 and a nice looking kid, nice build and hopefully has a nice size pecker. Why shouldn’t I have myself a second fuck buddy to keep me satisfied when you are not available?”

“No reason not to, I guess.”

“Honey, I’m going to freshen up and fix dinner, it should take me about an hour, and so if you have any homework or just want to relax, this is a good time.” I nodded okay as she got up and headed toward her room; she first paused to lean down and kissed me. Afterward she licked her lips saying, “Ummm I still wonder what I taste on your lips.” She winked and left the room.

I went to my room and crashed on my bed. The next thing I knew my mom was shaking me to wake up. When I opened my eyes I saw that my mom was leaning over me wearing only her little apron, the first thing I focused on was the tops of her beautiful tits. When she saw that my eyes were open and that I was staring at her tits, she pulled the top of her apron to one side and placed one of her tits in my mouth saying, “Here baby, a little present from your mom.”

I immediately began sucking on her tit and licking her nipple. She continued, “You like your mama’s tits don’t you?”

I pulled my mouth off her tit saying, “Oh yea, I love your tits mom. I love looking at them, feeling them and sucking on them. You’ve got great tits, can I cum on them tonight?”

“If you want to, but I would rather have you cum deep inside my pussy. Ummm, I love having you cum in my pussy. I love the feeling I get when my pussy is full of all your gooey cum.” She leaned down and kissed me again while I reached over between her legs and rubbed my hand across her bare pussy. I slipped a finger inside her vagina saying, “You want my cum in here, inside this hot hole?”

“Yes I would dearly love to have another load of your cum pumped into my pussy.”

“Do you want that now or later?”

“Let’s save it for later. I have dinner ready, so let’s eat it before we start messing around.”

“Okay I am starved. What is for dessert?”

“My pussy.”

“Ahhh yum, my favorite dessert.”

“Great I like it that you like to eat me. I’m still wondering what it is that I taste on your lips?”

“Okay mom, I’ll tell you. I met tunceli escort Victoria right after school because she wanted us to fuck without Gloria being around. I met her at the motel that’s just a few blocks from school and she invited a friend that worked for her to join us. She actually owns the motel and is a whore on the side. I fucked both Victoria and the motel owner, Sophie. And so you probably tasted either one of those ladies on my lips.”

“Did you eat their pussies?”

“Yea I ate Victoria’s pussy, we had lots of sex.”

“How many times did you fuck these ladies?”

“Well I fucked Victoria three times, once in the ass and Sophie twice.”

“Wow! So you fucked a whore?”

“Yea, she is really cute small Asian woman with a deep pussy, I fucked her twice and she took my entire cock each time.”

“Did you use a condom?”

“She said she is tested every week and Victoria vouched for her so no, I fucked her bareback.”

“That still worries me that you fucked a whore. I’m glad that you are branching out and getting more experience with other women, just not happy that it was a whore you fucked.”

“Well I don’t think that Victoria would have invited her to join our little fuck fest if she thought that Sophie was not clean since I fuck her and her daughter regularly.”

“You’re probably right, just please always let me know who else you fuck besides Victoria and Gloria. I always want to know whose pussy your cock has been inside of before you fuck me, okay? But please stay away from whores.”

“I will mom. I will also always tell you when I fuck someone other than Victoria or Gloria. Sophie is a really cute whore and had me really hard. I thought my cock was going to be too big for her but she took it all and she liked to be fucked hard. I fucked her like I fuck you.”


“Yea, really.”

“So are you going to fuck her again?”

“I would like to unless you object. I was thinking about going to her place during lunch break some day.”

“Okay let’s eat dinner and talk about this later.” My mom got up and headed for the kitchen, I undressed before going to eat. Dinner was on the table so I sat down just as my mother put the last items on the table. She then removed her apron and sat down next to me. She leaned over to kiss me on the cheek while she reached down and placed her hand around my semi-hard cock.

After a few strokes my cock stiffened up and my mom said, “It’s been awhile since we’ve had our typical dinner with us sitting naked next to each other. I like being this way, your cock always feels so good in m y hand.”

I turned my head and kissed her cheek while I placed my hand on her bare thigh, she immediately spread her knees allowing me easy access to her pussy. I slid a finger inside her pussy and found her clit, I rubbed it gently making her squirm. She said, “Let’s hurry with our meal and when we are done, you can have your dessert right here on the table, then let’s have a nice fuck.” We ate our meal without much conversation; I played with her cunt and clit while she constantly stroked my cock.

We both got up and cleared the table and after we loaded the dish washer, my mom walked back to the table, sat up on it and leaned back while spreading her legs saying, “Your dessert is ready, come and get it.” I sat down between my mother’s out stretched legs and began munching on her twat. She placed a hand on the back of my head pushing my face into her pussy while wiggling her hips.

“Oh yes Peter, eat your mother’s cunt, make me cum, I want you to taste my delicious sauce, some of your mother’s best recipe.” I just kept sucking and licking my mother’s twat while I heard her moans and felt her body stiffen knowing that she was on the verge of an orgasm.

“Oh fuck Peter, I’m cumming, oh god I’m cumming right in your mouth. Yes, yes, suck oh my pussy lips, oh fuck I love this, eat your mother’s cum, I want to fill your mouth with my special sauce.” I sucked her dry and then some, she was like a rag doll when I finished.

She eventually sat up and said, “Help me over to the couch Peter, I want you to fuck me right here in the living room, I want to feel you cum inside me, I want to feel your cock spurting your spunk in me so don’t stop fucking me until you have drained your balls.” I did as she said and walked her over to the couch, lay her down, spread her legs, and then mounted her, shoving my cock totally inside her cunt on the first thrust. We fucked for quite awhile before I reached an orgasm and dumped a good load of sperm deep inside her twat. She had had another orgasm while I was fucking her.

I remained on top of her and we both dozed off for awhile. I felt her stir and so I got up to see that she had leaked a fair amount of cum from her pussy. She immediately got up and cleaned the couch saying, “Shit, I didn’t think you would have had that much sperm after all the fucking you did this afternoon. It will be fine. My god Peter, you not only have such tunceli escort bayan a big beautiful cock but also some really big balls to generate so much cum. I bet your new friend Sophie was thrilled to find a guy with such a big cock.”

“I think so, she whispered in my ear that she really enjoyed our fuck and like I told you, wants me to fuck her again for free.”

“I told you that once women find out that you have a really big cock and know how to use it, they will be coming out of the woodwork. Here you have a prostitute that probably gets all the cock a woman could possibly want and gets well paid for basically renting out her pussy, but once she sees your cock and experiences you fucking her, she is willing to let you use her pussy for free. Was she a good fuck?”

“Yea, like I said I thought at first that her pussy would be too small, but she took all of me, every last fucking inch.”

“Well if you fucked her like the way you just fucked me, I know why she wants more. That was another really nice fuck Peter, really nice.”

“Thanks mom, I love you and love fucking you.”

“You’re so sweet. I’ve got some chores to do and need to run to the store. So I’ll be busy for awhile but look forward to meeting you later in bed.” Mom got up and headed to her room. I had a little bit of studying to do so I went to my room.

Time flew bye and suddenly I heard a rap on my door just before my mom stepped into my room. She said, “Are you ready for bed?” I looked up to see my mom standing at my door totally naked.

“Yea I’m ready, let me shut down my computer and I’ll be right there. When she turned around to leave, I saw a ribbon hanging from her rear end and said, “MOM! You’ve got a ribbon hanging from your rear.”

She stopped without turning back around saying, “I know, it’s attached to a butt plug that I shoved up my ass in case you want to fuck me in the ass tonight.” She winked and left my room. I hurried and ran into her room to find her lying face down on her bed.

She said, “That was quick. Does that mean that whenever I put a butt plug in my asshole or a dildo in my pussy, you will come running?”

“I don’t want to see anything in your fuck holes except my dick.”

“So you don’t want to see me fuck other guys?”

“Oh that’s okay, other cocks are okay.”

“How many cocks would you like to see me fuck at once?”

“How many do you think you can fuck?”

“At least three cocks or maybe four.”

“Four? How would you get four cocks in you? You only have three holes.”

“Haven’t you seen pictures of gals that take two cocks in either their asses or cunts?”

“Ahhh yea, I have.”

“Well then, I’ve had two cocks in my pussy before, but that was a long time ago. So if I took a cock in my ass, two in my pussy and one in my mouth, that’s four cocks.”

“Shit I’d love to see that. But wouldn’t that hurt?”

“Yea if they were all big cocks like yours. I remember having two cocks in my pussy and it felt good. It was when I was dating this guy with a very close buddy; they double fucked me quite often. He also had me fucking all his buddies; it was a blast most the time. He was a golfer and would take me on some weekend golf matches, during the day I would lay around the pool in my bikini getting all kinds of offers and at night, I’d fuck his buddies. On one of these weekends, I fucked a couple bell boys and the hotel manager; our hotel bill was greatly reduced. Well anyway, I would like to try it again some time. I’m not sure I could fit another cock in my pussy along with yours, so maybe I’d have you fuck my ass or have your cock in my mouth.”

“I don’t know if I would like to have my cock next to another cock in your pussy or any woman’s pussy.”

“I know, it would have to be some guy you are very comfortable with. Say, if I can seduce Matt, would you be comfortable with having his dick alongside yours in my snatch?”

“I’d have to think about that.”

“Okay sport, so which of my holes do you want to fuck tonight?” She was still laying face down and wiggled her ass at me with the butt plug still in it. I reached over and tugged on the ribbon a little.

She said, “If you want my ass, just pull out the plug or if you want my cunt, I’ll just roll over and you can fuck my cunt with the butt plug still in my ass. That always makes things feel a little different.”

“I want your cunt.”

“Okay baby, I’ll just leave the butt plug in my ass in case later or during the night, you get the hots to fuck your mother’s asshole. And if you wake up during the night and want to fuck me in the ass, don’t forget to use a condom.” My mother rolled over, spread her legs and I climbed aboard. We did our normal fucking routine and screwed for probably 45 minutes before I was approaching an orgasm. My mom in the meantime had had two orgasms while we fucked. When I told her I was about to cum she requested that I first cum in her pussy but that if I wanted to, I could pull out and shoot escort tunceli my remaining load anywhere on her. This was a first and so after my first squirt, I immediately pulled out her snatch and was able to shoot my remaining cum mostly on her pussy but was able to get one shot on her tits.

I rolled over on my back and relaxed as I watched my mom first take her finger and wipe off her tits, she would then stick her fingers in her mouth and suck on them. Then she raised her head up to see my remaining cum on her pussy mound so she could wipe up more of it before she sucked on her fingers. She looked at me saying, “God I wish I could eat my own pussy. You’ve got to bring Gloria over here and let me eat her pussy after you’ve fucked her. I love the taste of your cum.”

“Would you eat Victoria’s pussy if I brought her over here and fucked her?”

“Oh god yes, I think I would love to eat her cunt loaded with your sperm and to see and to suck her big tits that you talk about all the time.”

We were both tired and so snuggled for a little while before we fell asleep. The next thing I knew my mother was shaking me to wake up. She said, “Morning stud, are you ready for another day?”

I moaned saying, “Not really, what time is it?”

“Its 7 am, enough time for a quickie if you want one.” I raised my head to see my mom standing next to the bed still naked.

She said, “I was a little disappointed to find the butt plug still in my ass this morning, I was hoping that you would have fucked my ass during the night.”

“Sorry mom, I was really beat.”

“No wonder with all the sex you had yesterday, fucking Victoria’s ass and pussy plus that whore friend of hers. I cleaned my ass this morning and so if you are inclined, the offer is still open as is my ass if you hurry.” She then turned around, bent over and removed the butt plug from her ass revealing her much enlarged asshole.

“Okay mom, get up on the bed on your back and pull your knees up.” Mom scrambled up on the bed; lay on her back pulling her knees up to her chest giving me easy access to her charms. Her asshole was dilated to the size of a quarter, I grabbed the Vaseline she keeps in her night stand, quickly greased up both my cock and her asshole before plunging my cock into her. She let out a big moan as I began to fuck her ass. She reached down spreading her buns telling me to go deep. As I fucked her, I also fondled her tits while she moved her hands down to her pussy and began playing with her clit.

“Oh yes baby, fuck me, fuck your mother’s asshole, give me a big load of your sperm, and I mean a big load! I want to feel your cum oozing out of my ass for the next hour.” I started fucking her real hard and fast, she was really working over her clit and suddenly we both came. I did pump a big load of spunk in her ass, my cock squeezed out about 6 squirts deep into her rear cavity. I gave her a big juicy kiss and quickly pulled out of her ass and headed for the shower, I had 30 minutes to get out the door.

I gave my mom a quick kiss as I dashed out the door thanking her for the nice morning fuck and to remind her that I would be home for dinner and that I had a date with Gloria afterward. The day went by real fast, nothing different or unusual except when noon time came around, I kept thinking about Sophie’s offer and nearly text her but decided to save myself for tonight. Maybe Victoria had something special cooked up for me after our recent little fuck fest.

When I got home I found my mother puttering around the house and as normal, wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing. Shit she is a sexy woman; I just stood and gawked at her for probably full minute before she noticed me. “Oh there you are sweetie. Been there long staring at your naked mother?”

“For a little while, I love watching you move around while in the nude; you have such a sexy body, love seeing your fantastic tits bounce around and how you wiggle your nice ass. I especially love it when you walk around naked with your high hells on. You even make my tongue hard when I see you like that.”

“You say the nicest things. So being naked with heels on gets you really horny?”

“Yea, like a two pecker owl.”

“Good I like it too, I feel real sexy walking around while only wearing heels. Do you really mean what you say or do you just want to get me horny for a fast fuck?”

I responded while I rubbed my semi-hard cock, “I mean what I say but would also really enjoy a fast fuck.”

She responded, “Is that thing always hard.”

“No. Whenever I sturdy or watch TV, my dick is usually soft. It’s just when I look at you, or Gloria or her mother, my dick automatically stiffens and is ready for action.”

She said, “To answer your question, no I don’t want a fast fuck, I would rather have a nice compassionate long fuck. I want to take lots of time embracing you and have you do the same to me. But since you have a date tonight, we’ll just have to wait and do it another time.”

“Mom you’re the best, I love you so much. Let’s plan on having a dinner date tomorrow night and then make mad passionate love when we get home.”

“That’s a deal. I just may go out a buy myself a special outfit for the occasion.” I walked over to her and put my arms around my mom and gave her a big hug and kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32