A Second Meeting with Claire

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Once again this story is written for Claire, a Fallen Angel, who captures hearts and more. This is a fantasy she shares with a certain married man!

As the train pulled into the station I approached the door rather tentatively. It opened and I stepped on to the platform before quickly making my way to the exit. Walking through the London streets I relaxed at the city’s anonymity made me feel more comfortable and relaxed. It was two weeks since I had last been in the capital and had had a chance encounter with the young woman called Claire.

At thirty-five years old I felt quite old when I had first seen her. Despite her appearance I had spoken to her and established that she was twenty-four. Of course a gap of more than ten years but less than I had initially thought existed. We had got talking and it had resulted in my telling her that I had only ever been with my wife. To my surprise she had offered me the chance of some ‘no-strings attached’ sex with her. To cut a long story short I had taken her up on her offer and we had enjoyed oral sex before she had become only the second woman that I had ever had intercourse with. When we had parted she had told me that she could be found in the pub where we had met in a fortnights time.

During the intervening fourteen days I had found my attention wandering to Claire over and over again. In the end there really had been nothing I could do except make up an excuse for my wife as to why I needed to spend a day up in London. She had been sceptical as normally I hate going up to London yet now here I was willing, almost happy, to go up twice in a couple of weeks. I had convinced her by trying my best to appear as reluctant as normal. When this morning had come I had found myself heading to the train station with hitherto unknown relish.

To cover my tracks I had popped into the London office as there were a couple of things that really could have been posted that I hand delivered. Then I merely spent the day binding my time until I could meet her once more. Now I was walking along the road to the pub. As I passed the cemetery I saw the spot where she had given me a blowjob, before allowing me to tongue her beautiful young pussy, then I had finally fully cheated on my wife as the girl I had only just met had ridden my solid cock. She had asked me to think about her the next time my wife and I had been together. This had not been difficult as when she went down on me I could not stop thinking of Claire. When we had made love she had commented that I was showing a vigour that she thought had long gone and that whatever had brought it was more than welcome in her book. I was sure that if she ever got wind of why then her opinion would surely have changed.

Entering the pub I found my heart pumping as I scanned the bar area frantically searching for her. A sinking feeling crept into my stomach as I realised that she was not there. I sat at the bar, ordered a beer, and then mentally admonished myself for my stupidity and arrogance. I had been lucky to have her once what on earth had made me think she would want me once more. Sitting gloomily at the bar I slowly drank. If nothing else I could take the opportunity of savouring a decent pint of beer in peace and quite. My mind began tormenting me by rerunning the events last time I had been here.

My daydream was broken as I felt a hand on the small of my back. Looking up I immediately saw the dark shoulder length hair and warm smile in the mirror behind the bar. She kissed the side of my cheek.

“Hello.” She said as if it was the most natural thing in the world to see me there. “How’s married life treating you?” She asked giggling. “Most have enjoyed your last visit here! What’s a girl got to do to get a drink from you?”

“Sorry, white wine?” I asked remembering what she had drunk last time we had met.

“Thank you.” She replied smiling. With that she got up and walked to a table across the bar. I order the drink for her then made my way to join her.

I handed her the glass before sitting down opposite her. “So how are you?” I asked making polite conversation.

“I am good, what about you?”

“Fine.” I replied before a pause fell over us.

“I take it from you being here that you liked your last visit.” Before I could reply she continued. “So tell me, did you do as I asked? Did you go home and fuck your wife and did you think of me while you did it?”

I blushed causing her to grin. “Yes, I did. I felt really guilty to begin she seemed to be getting carried away. I was thinking of you all the time but afterwards she asked me what had affected me. I almost panicked but she kissed me saying that it was one of the most passionate sessions she had had with me since we were first together.”

“So I put a spark back in her sex life as well as yours did I?”

“She even decided to give me oral the next night as a treat. I imagined you all the time even as I came in her mouth. That caused a problem as she can’t escort ataşehir stand that so I guess it undid some of the good work.”

We carried on drinking and we made small talk. Then Claire stunned me. “So what do you want from me now?”

I was thrown as although I had been unable to get her out of my mind I suppose that I had not really expected her to be here. “Well, I have been thinking about you a lot. In fact for the last few days I couldn’t shift you from my mind.”

“Look, the pub is not the best place for this sort of chat is it? Care to come with me, if you want we can just talk but I am happy to do more.” With that she took her handbag in her left hand and rose from her seat. Her right hand took my hand as I too rose to my feet. Together we walked out of the pub and into the evening air. I felt her hand leave mine then immediately her arm snaked round my waist as she drew her body close next to me.

“So tell me did you feel guilty when you saw her?” I was aware that she was looking up at me.

“Of course I did. But I enjoyed it and if I’m honest I don’t regret it at all.”

“Well I am glad to hear that.” Then she leaned up and kissed my cheek. We continued walking until we reached the Thames. Then we leant against the wall and looked down at the water. The last of the daylight reflected weakly from the surface of the river, a boat passed causing the water to ripple gently in its wake. “Was it a one off? I realise that there is no long term future for us but I enjoyed what we did, as I think you did to, I must admit the idea of being ‘the other woman’ to a married man is extremely sexy.” She licked her lips provocatively. “To be honest after I got home I stripped off my clothes almost as I got through the door. I lay on the bed and masturbated myself. I was rubbing my pussy while thinking of you. You and your wife, as you greeted her. Then you taking her knowing what we had done, you thinking of me, yet your wife being blissfully ignorant of our tryst.”

I felt her hand under my coat, rubbing my bum, before her hand moved down between the rear of my legs. As her hand rose she cupped my balls and stiffening cock. She carried on. “As I came I remembered your face as you filled my mouth, then as you filled me for the first time and as you came while I rode you. This made me cum with such intensity as my fingers glided over my clitoris.” By now I was solid and she know as she rubbed me slowly through my trousers. The feeling was exquisite. “So you like the thought of that?”

“Oh god yes.”

“Want me again? Or something a bit different this time?” She said as she winked at me. “Is there anything you have always wanted but your wife is unwilling to do?”

I blushed. “Well there is one thing.”

“Go on.” I turned away from the river so that I moved from her touch. “What’s wrong honey?” She asked.

I turned my face towards her. “There is something but I can’t……”

“Oh please, don’t you think we can talk. It’s one of the perks of having another woman, you can say things to me you would find impossible or difficult to discuss with your wife.”

“Okay but promise you wont go mad?”

“Shock me!” She replied.

I braced myself before continuing. “I have always wondered what having anal sex with a woman is like. My wife has made it more than clear that this really is a non-starter. So I will never find out.”

“Oh I don’t know about that! I am quite partial to that myself in fact one of my most intense orgasms came when I was being taken in the arse.” She replied in a matter of fact way. “I guess if your wife is adamant then I could always offer to step in and take her place.” I looked at her almost open mouthed as the impact of what she had just said dawned on me. She grinned, “Don’t look so shocked. It’s something I enjoy. But we would need to take it nice and slowly as I need to be relaxed so that I can enjoy it as well as you.” Her hand sought out mine and when she had located she placed it on her nice firm curvy rear. “So tell me, do you like what you feel?”

I nodded. “It feels fantastic. You are really going to let me do this?”

She corrected me. “Yes, WE are going to do it together. Thing is can we take our time with it.” She then smiled. “I don’t mean I am cooling on the idea don’t worry.” My face had obviously fallen somewhat. “All I am asking is can we set aside an afternoon, as I appreciate that you wont be able to spend a night with me, in fact I would rather you don’t as your wife would probably suss us out if you did that.” While she spoke her hand rubbed mine as I gripped her bum. “Can we spend an afternoon together? A nice hotel room? I can sort it out don’t worry I have a very discrete friend.”

We then spent a short time walking along the riverside talking and just sharing each other’s company. All day I had imagined having sex with Claire and yet now we were unlikely to do anything yet I was walking on air. When we parted we had arranged kadıköy escort bayan a date and time at which we would meet again and then spend an unhurried afternoon together.


On the big day I woke up and conducted myself as I would on any occasion when I had a meeting at the London offices. I shaved, dressed in my business suit, with perfect white cotton boxer shorts underneath. I travelled a little earlier than normal so that I could deal with the work as quickly as possible and then excuse myself for an afternoon off. Then I left the office and walked hurriedly across the city to the address of the hotel that Claire had given to me when we had met.

The lobby was very nice and I realised that, although it was not the Hilton, this was a quality hotel. Straightaway I saw Claire sitting down reading a broadsheet newspaper. She was dressed in a smart black knee length skirt with a white blouse. To anyone seeing her she would have looked like a businesswoman, when she saw me she put her paper down and rose to greet me, she kissed me lightly on the cheek.

“Hi honey.” She whispered in my ear.

“You look beautiful Claire.” I said.

“Thank you. Shall we go to our room?” I nodded in reply.

She walked up to the reception and spoke with the receptionist. I saw the woman behind the desk smile then look across to me and grin. I guessed that this was Claire’s friend. Then Claire walked back to me with a room key in her hand. We both walked to the lifts and made our way to ‘our room’.


The room was a fairly small yet pleasant room. It had a double bed and an on-suite bathroom. I noted that a holdall was on the bed. Claire saw my eyes move to the bag. “Don’t worry I brought it up earlier. I brought some items to help us enjoy this afternoon.” She opened the bag and removed several things. “First things first I think you need to help me to relax!” With that she walked into the bathroom. From the bedroom I heard the sound of water beginning to fill the bathtub. Then Claire walked back into the room with two bathrobes over her arms. “While the bath fills would you like to undress me?” She asked.

Standing in front on me she place the fluffy robes on the bed before placing her hands on her hips and facing me. She was so beautiful and now I was going to see her completely naked for the first time. I rose from the bed and my hands moved to the front of her blouse and I began to unbutton it. As each button undid I eased the material apart so that her soft skin was exposed. Her lovely young breasts were encased in a pretty white lace bra. When the top was open I lifted the cotton from the shoulders. My hands rubbed her shoulders and moved up to hold her face. I moved forward and we began to kiss. Her soft gentle lips eased apart allowing me to kiss her fully. As we embraced my hands moved slowly and deliberately down her back until I reached the clasp of her bra. In seconds the strap was parted and I loosened the garment and freed her young firm breasts.

I broke our embrace and slowly kissed down her body until my mouth had reached the swell of her right breast. The firm orb rose and fell with her breathing as I then placed my mouth over her nipple. I sucked and lightly nibbled at the soft erect nub. Claire moaned gently as I attended to her. She sought out her own left nipple, which she rubbed between her fingertips. While we both played with her sensitive nipples my hands snaked around her waist until I had reached and unhooked the back of her skirt. As I drew down the zip of her skirt I heard the metallic click of the teeth separating as well as the gasps and pants of Claire enjoying the sensation of having her breasts suckled. Her skirt fell and she stepped out of the heaped material that circled her feet.

Now I rose and stood in front of Claire. I gently manhandled her so that she was now stood with the bed behind her. She stood in just her panties, suspender belt, stockings and shiny black-heeled shoes. I eased my thumbs into the waistband of her knickers and drew the white lace down so that her pubic area was exposed. I lay her back on the bed pulling her panties clear of her feet.

“Wait a moment.” I said before making my way to the bathroom and stopping the water. As I returned to the room I noted that Claire had closed her eyes and was slowly rubbing at her clitoris. Her chest was heaving as she masturbated in front of me. I realised that she was unaware that I was in the room so I moved silently towards her. Kneeling between her parted legs I lent forward and extended my tongue so that it flicked over her moving fingers and onto her damp soft vaginal lips.

“Oooohhh yes.” She cried as I began to lick and lap at her puffy sweet lips. I moved her hands and concentrated on orally pleasuring her. While I licked I moved my right hand between her legs and pushed both my forefinger and middle finger against her tight vaginal opening. “Mmmmmm” She moaned as my fingers forced escort bostancı her open then inside her. All the while my licking continued. Her hands fell until they held the back of my head holding my face tight against her soft pubic skin. Her sweet aromatic scent flooded my senses as I traced my tongue backwards and forward across her stiffening clitoris. My fingers pistoned in and out of her tight pussy. Her juices were squelching as the walls of her cunt began to flex backwards and forwards. My fingers could feel her young muscles spasm and squeeze so hard on my digits.

“Ooohhhh my god keep it up!” She said as her orgasm hit her. I carried on licking and finger fucking her as she came. Her groin thrust up towards my face as she was overcome by her release. Her hands then lifted my face from her sex as she attempted to recover and calm down once more. In my shorts I could feel my cock as solid as was possible and I would have happily taken her now. However, I remembered the reason for ‘relaxing’ her so I patiently bade my time as her breathing began to calm down.

“Thank you darling.” She said as she sat up on the bed. I joined her on the bed kissing her gently on her soft lips. As my tongue entered her mouth I felt her hand move over my lap onto my erect penis. As her hands moved she pulled down on the zip until my trousers were undone. Her fingers slid inside my trousers and into my boxer shorts. Her fingers closed around the shaft of my penis. Withdrawing her hands she freed my hard cock. All the while we continued kissing as she began masturbating me.

“Time to get naked!” she said as She realised me and I quickly removed my clothes. She lay spread and naked before me. Once my clothes were off I rejoined her and we sat naked on the bed caressing and embracing. Then she broke away and looked me in the eye.

“I think you will enjoy it more if you have already cum, so would you like me to suck you again?” She asked. I simply nodded as I lay back to savour the blowjob that she was about to give me. She drew back my foreskin then as she leant towards me I felt her breath on the head of my cock. Then the divine feeling of the tip of her tongue as she began to lick over the tip. She followed this by enveloping her lips around me and then she bobbed up and down using her lips as a replacement for her fingers. I closed my eyes as I enjoyed her attentions. I felt her shift her weight on the bed and sensed her move over my body. As I opened my eyes I saw that she had moved into the 69 position and was lowering her exposed bum and pussy over my face.

This increased my arousal as I anticipated that later tonight I would be penetrating her rear with my engorged dick. I reached up to her hips so that I could spread her cheeks wide apart. With her anus on display I leaned forward and began to lick at her pussy before moving higher until my extended tongue was pressing against her puckered anal muscles. I could sense how tight she was as I probed and pressed. The excitement was building in me and I sensed that my orgasm was soon going to be reached. Even as I began bucking my hips Claire made no move to pull clear from sucking me. Carrying on gently manipulating my testicles she would have felt them retract as I started to cum. Pleasure surged though my body as I felt a jet of sperm fly from my cock into Claire’s young willing mouth. I heard her gulp then swallow my salty seed down before she lightly kissed my member clean.

Having both made the other climax we then made our way to the bathroom.


With the bathwater heated to an agreeable temperature Claire climbed into the tub. Taking the soap in my hands I immersed it below the water to wet it before I began applying the rich lather to her back. As I rubbed her shoulders she closed her eyes and relaxed while I appreciated her firm young skin under my older, rougher, fingertips. Rinsing the suds from her back I moved to her front and massaged her firm breasts. Her nipples were stiffening under my touch.

After a few moments she turned to face me. “Mmmm now I can say that I am ready. That is of course if you are?” With that she looked across smiling as my erect penis twitched and bobbed in front of her face.

Stepping out of the bath I wrapped her in the large fluffy bath towel. As we stood naked in the bathroom I towelled her dry before we walked into the bedroom.


Claire approached the bed with a large dry towel draped over her arm. Spreading the towel on the surface of the duvet she then knelt on the bed before crawling across towards the headboard. She took a pillow from the head of the bed and placed it under her groin so that her bum and lower back were raised slightly. Then she lay face down with her head resting on her arms with her face looking across the room. I noted that she had placed a bottle of massage oil on the bedside table. Taking the bottle in my hand I straddled her so that I was sitting on the tops of her legs. Leaning forward I massaged her shoulders. Taking my time I worked down her spine until I had reached her lower back. Her moans indicated that she was enjoying the rub. Her eyes were closed and you could have been forgiven for thinking that she had began to prepare to doze.

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