A Quiet Day in the Neighborhood

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Note; we challenged ourselves to tell this story without using any names; just pronouns.


It was one of those great late summer Saturdays; warm sun with just a hint of a cool breeze that was a harbinger of the cold weather to come later. My wife and I were doing those outside chores that need to be done when the weather permitted.

“How about some coffee and I’ll get dinner started”, she said. She laid her tools aside and headed for the house. I stopped to watch her walk away. I always suspected she knew I would be watching and added a little extra swish to her walk.

A few minutes later I took a break and had the coffee and then started back in to working. About the time I was ready to be done working dinner was ready. After cleaning up we settled in to watch a movie. Afterword, she came over and curled up next to me and left no doubt that the evening was only going to get better.

“I think I could use a shower before I even think about getting any closer to you”, I said.

“I’ll wash your back”.

I went to the bedroom to strip and she was in the bathroom before I could get undressed. I got into the shower behind her. I reached around her and soaped her stomach and her breasts while the hot water ran down over her. Her nipples got hard as the rocks I was digging up outside earlier. Of course, that had me just as hard and poking her in the ass. She wiggled that ass and I slipped into her crack more.

Then she turned and spread her legs enough that I could slide my cock between her thighs right at the lips of her pussy. I was washing her back while she was rubbing her pussy on my cock. If we didn’t stop now we would not make it to the bedroom.

We finished with the shower and then dried each other, paying close attention to certain parts. Then we headed for the bedroom.

She lay under the blanket and I went to the other side. I licked her nipples and felt them harden all over again. Then I moved to her navel and tonged it until she started to laugh. Then I moved lower dragging mersin esc my tongue all the way. I stopped at the top of her pussy and nuzzled her thighs. She spread them and I kissed each side. I stopped and blew on her pussy and got sigh from her. Then I moved lower and kissed her nether lips. I slid my tongue between them and hit her clit. Her legs went more apart. Her clit hardened like her nipples had a minute before.

She reached down and pulled me up to her head and kissed me on the mouth. I rolled to the side and my hand was on her pussy. My fingers replaced my tongue and I was gently caressing her clit. I moved my lips to her nipple again and was sucking there.

Then I moved my hand down to her opening and felt her wetness. I coated my fingers then moved the back to her clit. It only took a couple of minutes of this when she arched her back and I could feel her clit start to throb. I stop moving them and felt her orgasm build and crest.

I lay back and she moved to my side and pulled close. I liked to let her calm down some before starting again. After a minute or two, she was moving her hand over my chest and then was playing with my nipples. She had a theory that my nipples were connected directly to my cock. Sure enough, I was read for round two very fast.

She laid back and pulled her knees up. I at on my heels and directed my cock into her. I slid in very easily and felt her gripping me. I used my hands to flick her nipples and felt them harden yet again. She would ‘tell’ me when she was ready for me to ejaculate by playing with my nipples which she did now. By sitting on my heels, I did not have the correct friction to cum. Now, I slid my legs out straight and got that friction on the underside of my cock. That friction and her flicking my nipples had me over the edge in not more than a minute.

When I calmed down I moved off her and lay on my side. But I was no done yet. After a couple of minutes I moved back to nuzzle her breasts again and was back to licking and kissing her nipples.

“What esc mersin has gotten into you?”

“I’m not ready to be done.”

I then slid down to her naval and paused there for a minute. Then I slid lower and moved her legs apart.

“What are you doing?”

“Just enjoy it.”

I kissed her thigh and then moved to her pussy. I could smell her and myself both. It was not a bad smell just different and somewhat intoxicating. I moved my nose between her labia and made contact with her clit. This put my mouth at her vagina and I licked the juices there. My tongue went into her pussy and tasted the wetness. It was thicker than usual but not unpleasant.

“If you are going to do this, let’s do it right.”

She pushed me over on my back and swung her leg over my head. I was looking up at her pussy and the juices were just visible between her labia.

“Ok, get to it.” Then she lowered herself onto my mouth.

I could feel the liquid on my tongue. It was thick and more than I expected. I kept up the licking and moved my nose over her clit and it was only a minute until she was having another orgasm. That opened the flood gates and all of the cream spilled out into my mouth. She stayed over me for a couple of minutes.

“Did you get all of it?”

“I think so.”

Then she moved off me. She lay down and came over to cuddle in my arms.

“What made you do that?”

“I was thinking about doing it and decided to give it a try. Why, didn’t you like it?”

“Oh, I liked it. You took me by surprise is all.”

“Enough to do it next time?”

“We will be doing it from now on. I didn’t think you would do it.”


We were working in the yard trying to take advantage of some nice weather to get some things done.

I had had enough so I went in to get dinner made and to get some coffee so my husband could take a break.

It was such a good day I was thinking that maybe tonight we could have some fun in bed. He was not very difficult to get turned on mersineskort when I tried.

We had dinner and then watched a movie on TV. I moved over to where he was sitting and cuddled up to him. It only took me playing with his chest to get him ready. I suggested a shower for both of us and he accepted.

He did some groping in the shower but it was good and he got me ready for more.

Once in bed, he was all over me, starting with my breasts and then going down and licking my pussy. He likes to do that to get me started.

Then he moved over and started to play with my pussy with his hand. He knows how to do it to get me off really quickly.

When I’m done coming, we usually cuddle for a little while then we move on to his climax.

He has a way of entering me while sitting that he can last for a long time but I know he likes to have his nipples played with when I want him to finish. He then lies out and it is not long until he comes.

That is when he surprised me. Sometimes we have a towel that I use to clean up with but that night we were in too much of a hurry and forgot one. I was going to cuddle for a minute before heading for the bathroom when he rolled me on my back again and started to act like he wanted to go again.

He was getting me turned on again but instead of entering me he moved down to eat my pussy again.

I asked him if he was sure he wanted to do this and he went ahead.

I didn’t know what to do, he had never done anything like this before and he had not said anything about trying it. I told him that we could do it better if we could change around. I moved so I was over him and could let it drain out of me. If that did not turn him off, well, ok.

As it turned out, he seemed to like it and he brought me off again. I could feel the semen coming out of me as I climaxed. He kept on sucking and seemed to get it all.

The whole idea was something I had thought of but was too embarrassed to talk to him about. When we were finally done and I did not have to run to the bathroom, I asked him if he liked it and he said yes.

Well, if he liked it who was I to say we should not include it in our love making. I liked it and I did not have to get out of bed afterword.

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