A Prayer to Rumina

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Aching. Needing. Tingling. Moist, supple lips. A tender kiss. A sweet, warm suction. Expectation, mingled with that same tingling, aching need growing stronger and stronger. A loving hand cupping the soft, heavy mound, gently kneading its sumptuous flesh. Those wonderful lips growing more insistent, yet still so gentle. Passing minutes. Expectation. Mounting frustration. Finally, disappointment.

“Nothing?” Lori asked, incredulously.

Brian reluctantly released her nipple, letting it slip through his lips with a deliciously obscene sucking noise that Lori would have found arousing, had the circumstances been otherwise. His sparkling aquamarine eyes met hers in a look of deep sympathy, and he slowly shook his head. “Sorry, lover. Nothing yet.”

Lori let out a squeal of frustration, flopping unceremoniously against her pillow and grabbing its neighbor to bury her face in. “Are you fucking serious?” came a muffled groan from beneath the cottony barrier.

Brian lay next to her, his long, lean body stretching out across the silky landscape of their king-sized bed. He lay his head against her shoulder, just above the huge, pillow-y mountains that were her bosom. He nuzzled his cheek against her, the soft, golden curls of his hair tickling her neck, and placed a tender kiss on her collarbone. “It’s okay. It’ll happen soon. We can’t force this, remember?”

Another groan came from beneath the fluffy shield. “I was so sure it was going to be tonight! I’d have put money on it!” Lori’s legs moved restlessly, agitating the sheets. She tossed the pillow aside, letting it land on the floor. “I feel full to bursting! Like, my tits feel painfully swollen! My hormones have been through the roof, I’m horny 24/7, and at work all I can think about is milk, milk, milk!”

Brian raised one of his long, sinuous legs and entwined it with one of his lover’s thicker, softer ones, his erect penis pressing against her thigh. He inched his way up along her soft, curvy body and kissed her jawline. “I know,” he said, soothingly. “I know it’s hard. You’ve been great. Every day, every minute, you’ve done great. We’re getting close, so close I can almost taste it.”

“But you can’t taste it,” Lori sighed, looking down at him, and Brian’s heart stung at the sight of unshed tears glistening in her eyes. “That’s the whole problem.”

“Hey, hey!” Brian said, scooting farther up the bed and kissing her lips. “It’s ok. I promise, this will happen. We just need to be patient.” He put his arm around her and nuzzled her cheek. His arousal had faded at the sight of her tears, and his erection had softened against her hip.

Lori turned and snuggled into his embrace, resting her face against his shoulder, her tears wetting it. “How can you be so calm about this. I know you want it as badly as I do.”

It was true, Brian thought. They both wanted this. They’d wanted it for almost a year now, ever since that wonderful, naughty night when they had shared their deepest, most secret sexual fantasies. Oh the thrill of it, sitting across from each other in that dimly lit restaurant, the nervousness and mounting tension. Hearts beating faster, pens scribbling timidly yet honestly on napkins. And then, the exchange. halkalı escort The careful, anxious lifting. Reading. Astonishment. A second reading. A shocked expression shared across the table. Finally, euphoria. A silent mouthing of “really?” from both parties. Two adults grinning like teenagers. Leaning in, holding hands. Excited, hurried discussions in whispers. An evening neither would ever forget.

Erotic Breastfeeding. What were the odds? They had both thanked their lucky stars that night, unable to believe their good fortune. It had been like a confirmation, a true meeting of destiny. An intertwining of souls and wills that had remained unbroken, and would, they were determined, remain unbroken for eternity. Brian recalled how their lust had increased after that, how their sexual encounters had gone from bi-weekly to many times a day. Talk of nursing kept them awake late into the night, and both of them had become noticeably more happy and productive at work. Lori had moved into his apartment shortly after, and soon they began making plans. Over kissing, and coffee, between bouts of passionate fucking and tender lovemaking, between work and school, they made plans to turn their fantasies into reality. Lori longed to nurse, to nurture, to have her tits swell and gush with delicious mother’s milk, and Brian longed to suckle, to be filled, to taste the sweet nectar of his lover’s breasts. They had gone on a sensual shopping spree, buying domperidone, breast pumps, fenugreek, and mother’s milk tea by the cart full.

That had been four months ago.

In the present, Brian brushed his fingertips against his lover’s cheek and looked compassionately into her beautiful green eyes. “I do want this,” he said quietly. “I want it so badly. And it will happen very soon. We just need to be patient.”

Lori sighed and pulled away slightly, laying her head back against her pillow. “I just don’t know what else we can do. You suck three times a day. I pump every break. I take the supplements and drink the damn tea. It’s like… is this not meant to be?” She rolled over and faced the wall, curling into a fetal position.

Brian snuggled up close behind her, putting his arm around her and spooning her soft, curvy body. He couldn’t even imagine how difficult this had been for her. The hormonal mood changes, the aching breasts, and the constant disappointment of feeling like, despite their best efforts, they weren’t as far along as they should be, had all taken their tole over the last month. He kissed Lori’s shoulder and stroked her arm in silent comfort. “I love you,” he whispered in here ear, “milk or no milk.”

“I know,” she sighed despondently, restlessly adjusting her head against the pillow.

The two lay in silence like that for some minutes, gathering their thoughts, synchronizing their breathing, and silently comforting each other. After a time, Brian suddenly stirred, as if waking from sleep.

“I just remembered something,” he said against her shoulder. “I found something interesting at work yesterday.”

“Hmm?” Lori mumbled, rolling to face him.

“Did you know there’s a goddess of breastfeeding?”

“Really?” Lori looked at him quizzically, şişli escort her frustrations diminished, but not forgotten. “Where? What religion would have something like that?” Admittedly, Brian would be the one to know of such things. He was a professor in world religions at the local community college. They had met at a convention for the publishing firm where she worked, where he had been talking about the similarities between the myth of Gilgamesh and modern interpretations of superheroes. She had fallen in love with his sense of wonder regarding the world’s myths, and his youthful, compassionate face that looked like it could have come from any of those stories. With his curly blonde hair, hollowed cheeks, pointed chin, big, full lips, and track-runner physique, he looked like he could be Perseus returning from defeating the Gorgon.

“The ancient Greeks; who else?” Brian’s fingertips toyed with one of Lori’s perky nipples. “Her name is Rumina. She brings women’s breast milk, and protects nursing mothers and their children.”

“Just mothers, or any nursing woman?” Lori found herself grinning, in spite of herself. She quite liked the idea of a goddess of breastfeeding. It almost made their venture feel ordained. Divinely sanctioned.

“Oh, I like to think Rumina would be open minded,” Brian returned her grin with a cheeky one of his own. His hand gently fondled and shaped Lori’s breast, careful not to hurt her in her sore condition. Whereas he was slim and lean, Lori was voluptuous and curvy. Not tall, but not too short at 5″ 7′. Her tummy was soft and pillowy, but not over exaggerated. Her hips were wide and matronly, and her buttocks were juicy and pronounced. Below that, thick, womanly thighs. But his favorite of her features were her breasts. Large and soft f-cups, with thick, pink nipples and wide areolae, and just enough sag to remind him that they were real. He had always loved breasts, and sucking and pleasuring them was his favorite part of their sexual adventures; Lori had made no secret that it was hers too. He was the first man who had understood that she wanted, needed to have her breasts suckled and attended to just as badly as her vagina and clitoris, if not even more so, and as an avid breast man, Brian was only too happy to comply. Indeed, the thought of how her already voluptuous bust and sensitive nipples might grow and intensify was one of the things that had drawn them both to this path.

Lori found herself growing more intrigued, and Brian’s hand on her breast was beginning to excite her. She reached out and wrapped her fingers around his penis, gently caressing it. “You think so? Think maybe she’d be willing to help a couple of perverts like us?”

Brian bit his juicy lower lip and leaned forward, putting his hands on either side of her shoulders to give her better access to his growing cock. “I don’t see why not. The Greek’s weren’t exactly prudes. And I doubt she’s had much attention for the last millennia or so.”

“We should pray to her!” Lori said, excitedly. She rubbed her palm luxuriantly over Brian’s swollen glans, feeling the plump, throbbing knob pulse in her hand.

Brian let out sarıyer escort a noise that was half laugh, half gasp as his lover began to pleasure his now painfully hard penis. He straddled her stomach, letting his cock rest just above the crest of her cleavage. “Oh yeah?” he said, looking down at her.

“Yeah,” Lori breathed, huskily, biting her lower lip. She wrapped her fingers around his pulsing shaft and began to pump up an down. “You start. You know her better.”

Brian thrust his hips against her teasing grasp, his breath quickening, his buttocks clenching. “Dear goddess Rumina! We beseech you!”

“Mmm, thee,” Lori murmured, pressing her lips to the tip of his cock to kiss away an errant drop of precum.

“We beseech thee,” Brian corrected, squeezing his eyes shut. “We are humble mortals, who umm…” He trailed off, partly in search of a proper phrase, partly because his lover had wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock and was sucking hard. “Ah, who love thy work, and seek to enjoy the richness of your blessings!”

“Mmmm,” Lori moaned, pulling his cock from her mouth with a smacking noise and placing it between her bountiful breasts. “Yeah, keep going,” she said, squeezing her luscious mounds together around his throbbing shaft.

Brian’s hips involuntarily thrust forward again as her soft globes enveloped his manhood. “Please, fill my lover’s breasts with sweet, rich milk!” he cried, with more passion than Odysseus could have entreated Poseidon. “Let them overflow with precious, womanly nectar!”

“Ooh yes, please, Rumina!” Lori giggled, squeezing his dripping cock tighter within her cleavage before leaning her head forward to tease the tip with her tempestuous tongue.

Brian groaned and carefully sat up, swinging his legs over Lori’s prone form to lay beside her. It was almost painful to pull his cock from the sweet embrace of her cleavage. He let out a little growl and pressed his lips to her taut, quivering nipple for a passionate suckle before continuing. “Oh, Rumina,” he whispered. “Please hear our humble prayer, and grant us the milk we crave.” He darted his head forward and captured her nipple once more. His hand snaked between his lover’s thighs to caress her sopping wet folds. His thumb toyed with the swollen nubbin of her clitoris, pressing and stroking it as his lips worked a delicious symphony on her aching nipple. As he felt her body tense and her climax begin to break, he gently pressed his teeth in the lightest, most gentle of scrapes, and pressed her button in one final stroke of his fingertips. As the seizure of passion raged through her and he felt his lover’s body begin to soften and settle, he released her nipple with one last wanton suck, and whispered: “Amen.”

Lori lay panting in a delirious haze of pleasure. Brian lay next to her, drenched in sweat and breathing heavily, his still unsatisfied cock pointing obscenely upward like a para-scope. “Do you think She heard us?” he breathed.

Lori let out a laugh that ended in a gasp of lingering pleasure. “If not, she’s the only one who didn’t. I bet you woke up the whole building.” She reached out and wrapped her fingers around his shaft once more.

Brian let out a little grunt of pleasure as she resumed her caress, and rolled his hips in adulation. “Better too much than too little. At least we can say we tried.”

“Yeah,” Lori grinned, all anxiety forgotten as she began to toy with her lover’s cock. “Now, let’s take care of this. Maybe we’ll try another ‘prayer’ later.”

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