A Pleasant Surprise

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*disclaimer: all characters in the story below are over 18 years of age*

It’s your day off and you’re relaxing in your apartment, leaning back into your couch, just watching some late night TV. You’re about to fall asleep when suddenly, you’re awoken by a sharp knock at the door. You glance at the clock, noticing that it’s already midnight. Curious as to who would come looking for you so late, you unlock the bolt and slowly turn the knob.

“Hey baby,” I smile, eyes full of lust. I’m fully dressed up in a tight, curve-hugging black dress, heels, and seductive red lipstick. Everything about me screams: I’m here to fuck. Before you even have a chance to reply, I grab you by the front of your t-shirt and yank you into the hallway. I slam your back against the wall, knocking the wind out of your lungs, and I start kissing you. Hard.

Lips crush against lips. My tongue explores your sweet, sweet mouth. A moan escapes my throat as I continue to press my soft lips against yours. My body humming with desire, the rest of the world disappears, and all I feel is the lust I have for you.

I love the way you taste against my red lips, the way you hungrily press your mouth to mine, the way your hands slide from my bare shoulders, down my back, until it massages my sweet, round ass.

I moan with all that desire, extremely turned on and I kiss you harder and harder. My full, soft breasts press up against your chest as I kiss you, my hungry, impatient moans vibrating against your body.

Eventually, I come up for air and smile at you, breathless. “Fuck me.” I whisper from those sexy red lips.

You let out a moan, your member already getting hard from the rough makeout session. Grabbing your hand, I pull you back into the apartment, swinging the door shut with one high-heeled foot on the way in. Giggling, I run into the bedroom with you casino siteleri in tow.

You start to take off your t-shirt but I grab your wrists to stop you. “Let me.” I say quietly, gazing into your lust-filled eyes. I slide my hands down from your wrists, down your shoulders, until I have two palms flat against your chest. Smirking, I push you down roughly onto the bed, and slowly, I run my hands up your toned stomach, up your chest, and gently lift your shirt off of your head. As I’m undressing you, you get a nice view of my cleavage, my breasts practically spilling out of my little black dress.

Without stopping a second, I leave a trail of soft butterfly kisses along your neck, your jaw, and back down your throat, down to your stomach, until I reach your hips. The smell of my sweet perfume and the tickle of my long black hair fill your senses, making your cock spring to life even more. Unbuckling your pants and sliding them off, I reach into your boxers and gently pull out your throbbing member. I yank all your clothes off and toss them to the side. You’re fully naked in front of me and I smile, enjoying the slow, sensual teasing I’ve been giving you for the past 20 minutes.

I slowly slide my fingers up and down your hard cock, my eyes gazing straight into yours. I avoid rubbing the head for just a moment, while I bring my other hand down to caress your heavy balls.

Carefully, agonizingly slowly, I bring my face down towards your cock, until you can feel my hot breath on it. Finally, I let the tip of my wet tongue run across the head. Moving quickly, I slide my tongue all the way down your rigid member, my hands still pumping up and down the shaft. Your sweet, sexy moans fill my ears and I decide to give you what you want.

I deep throat your dick, shoving it all the way down my throat in one smooth motion. And I start to slot oyna pump, in and out, over and over. My tongue slides around your shaft as I keep pumping your cock deeper and deeper into my throat. I moan at how full your cock makes me feel, how huge your cock is in my tight little throat.

You can’t take it anymore and roughly pull your cock out of my mouth and throw me down on the bed. I yelp with surprise, but that quickly turns into a loud, breathless moan as you quickly lift my dress off and pull down my lacy black panties, revealing my dripping wet pussy. Hungrily, you start licking my hot little pussy, running your tongue across my hard clit until my moans turn into screams of desire. You slide a hand up my stomach and massage my soft breasts, and I pull off my lacy black bra, giving you full access to my beautiful tits and my very hard, erect nipples.

Pausing from eating out my sweet pussy, you bring your hot, wet tongue to my nipples as you roughly massage and squeeze my breasts. I moan even louder, my back arching up as I thrust my tits into your mouth. Filled with lust, I grab your face and pull it to mine, kissing you and running my tongue across yours, wanting to taste myself on your mouth.

Breaking the kiss with a gasp, I look into your eyes and whisper impatiently, “I can’t wait anymore baby, put your cock in me!”

You don’t need any more encouragement and quickly position your fully erect member against my hot, wet pussy. You rub the head of your cock against my pussy hole, covering it with my juices and slowly, very very slowly, you inch your way into my pussy. Stretching me little by little, you can feel every wet, hot, muscular ridge, every part of my vagina wrapping around your cock, all throbbing and pulsing and slick with juices. I moan loudly, squeezing you tighter as you push further and further in, until you’re buried canlı casino siteleri to the hilt.

That’s when our fucking really gets wild.

You fuck me as hard as you can. My tits bouncing, my ass jiggling, your balls slapping against my ass as I continue to scream with pleasure. I can’t stop moaning at how good it feels to have your cock fucking my tight little pussy. The bed shakes with how hard you’re thrusting into me, pumping in and out, my wet juices dripping onto the white sheets. I wrap my legs around your waist, pulling your throbbing cock even deeper into my tight pussy as you continue to fuck me hard.

Suddenly, I turn around, letting you fuck me doggy style, my hands and knees on the bed, ass cheeks in the air. Moaning and panting, I shout, “oh fuck your cock feels so good in my pussy, oh fuck me! oh God!”

You have full view of my round ass cheeks, and you give them a good massage, loving how soft and full they feel in your hands. You give them a few good slaps, causing me to yelp and cry out in pleasure and pain. My pussy clenches your cock as you thrust into me from behind, until you feel my pussy pulsing and tightening even more. Pretty soon, you hear me cry “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

You’re at your limit too, overwhelmed with this session of wild fucking. You thrust into me hard and fast: once, twice, three times. I cum with a loud moan, my pussy throbbing and squeezing you hard, pulling your member deep into my pussy. Juices overflow, as I continue to press my ass against your crotch, pushing your cock as deep inside me as I can. You cum inside me, shooting spurt after spurt of cum into my eager vagina.

Pulling out of me, you wrap me inside your arms, kissing the top of my head. “So tell me Cherry, why’d you decide to show up at my door at midnight and start fucking my brains out?” You chuckle.

I snuggle up into your neck, my heart still beating rapidly against your chest. I sigh contentedly, still riding out the last few waves of my orgasm. “mm, no reason. Just wanted some wild sex from my boyfriend.” I reply with a smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32