A Pee-watcher’s Diary

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This is a fictitious story- well, partly anyway. Needless to say, any resemblance to any location or people is purely coincidental…

Extracts from a Pee- Watcher’s Diary


I first met Annie years ago when I was 18, and working on a local farm. She owned a riding school next to the farm, and was always popping in for something or another.

She was older than me-twice my age in fact-at 36. Married with children, she was a buxom lady with long straight blonde hair, and a refined upper-class accent. As the shy youth I was at the time, I rarely got into conversation with her but spent most of my time ogling her curves and trying to peek down her top. What happened on that fateful day though, started me off on quite a different form of voyeurism.

I arrived at work to find that the Water Company had shut off the supply to the farm for maintenance. We continued as normal for an hour or so until Annie appeared. She said she hadn’t known about the water, but I explained that it would only be for a few hours. As she hadn’t any water, she couldn’t even boil a kettle, so I made her a coffee. I chatted awkwardly to her for a while until she said she ought to get back to tend the horses and help her stablehand- a girl called Tina.

I went back to what I was doing. At the time, I was working by the hedge that separated the farm from the stables, and after a while heard voices. Annie and Tina were painting the boards at the back of one of the buildings. Peering through the hedge, I watched Annie as she worked the brush. She was wearing old clothes for the job; an old pink tee shirt and tight faded blue jeans. I was getting quite carried away watching her big tits bounce slightly with the motion, and the movement of her big thighs and ass. I had just decided that I better get on with my work before the boss reappeared when I heard her call to Tina.

“I hope they get the water back on soon- I really need to go!”

This fired my curiosity. It had never occurred to me before then how exciting it could be to watch a woman becoming desperate to use the toilet, and I wondered how long she could hold out.

She kept painting, though after a couple of minutes I distinctly heard her gasp out: “God!.”

I thought that if I were her, I’d just pee in the toilet anyhow, but maybe because of her refined background the idea of peeing without flushing was not the done thing! In any case, the toilet for the stables was on the far side of the field.

She turned slightly, and I saw the look of determination on her face as she struggled with it. The thought of her peeing in her jeans was really turning me on now, and I was getting hard.

She called Tina over to her, and I strained to hear what they were saying.

” I can’t stand it any more…I’m going to go and wee in the hedge- can you keep a lookout?”

“Steve’s around over there,” Tina replied, indicating the farm, and my general direction

” He’s working over the far side- he won’t see. I’ve just got to go- I’m bursting!”

“OK.” replied Tina dubiously, taking up watch on the open field in front of them- the opposite direction to me.

My heart really started pounding as she walked towards the hedge- and towards me. I very slowly started moving along the hedge, shadowing her path. As luck would have it, at the spot she chose, the ground level on my side of the hedge sloped down, and I was slightly below her level. I got as close to the hedge as I dared, and watched- hardly daring to breath in case she should hear.

She turned away from me, her hands moved to her waist and I saw the quick deft movement as her fingers undid her fly button and zip. Quickly, she tucked her thumbs under the waist of her jeans and pulled them down with her panties, squatting as she did so. I was in heaven! Her ass was so pale, yet unblemished and her thighs thick and sexy. I moved closer- hardly daring to breathe. She shifted her weight slightly. Suddenly, a trickle of clear piss began to rain from between her legs, and it rapidly became a strong stream, pitter-pattering on the dry ground making a puddle beneath her.

I moved closer still, now hoping to get a glimpse of her pussy. I was so turned on I was sure I was going to cum in my pants! Slowly the stream slowed to a slow drip, and as she pushed slightly, she leaned forward.

I was rewarded with a very brief glimpse of her cunt; her pussy lips were pink and meaty beneath a fine mist of damp light brown hair between those big beautiful thighs…gorgeous!

Not bothering to wipe herself, she quickly yanked her panties and jeans up as she stood up, and walked back towards the stable, zipping herself up as she went.

I silently moved away, feeling breathless and with a raging hard-on; though any thoughts about jacking off were quickly dispelled by the sound of the boss calling.

When I got back to the barn, Annie was there with him. I thought for a moment she’d seen my voyeuristic activity, but was relieved when the boss said he wanted me to carry a sack of feed for the horses around bursa escort to the stable. Annie smiled at me, and I realised that my cheeks were reddening.

There were several sacks on the floor.

“Which one?” I asked her.

As she bent over to look at the labels I spotted a small darkened damp patch in the denim between her legs, and I smiled to myself.

That was not the last time I was to watch her use the bathroom. Although I didn’t know it then, Annie had difficulty holding her pee and sometime later I would see more!


I had never actually planned to watch Tina pee- rather it was a set of circumstances that I took advantage of. The consequences, though, were far greater than even I could have imagined. I’m getting ahead of myself here, though.

Tina was a slim girl of 22 with long dark hair. Fine-featured, she had a wonderfully curvy figure which she always seemed to show off. She was Annie’s assistant at the riding stables. Up until the summer, I saw her only occasionally but on this particular week she was there more often. My boss was away on vacation for a few days, and he’d told me that Annie would be away too; so could I give Tina a hand with anything she needed?

That particular day, I saw her arrive in the morning. She and her boyfriend had just got back from vacation in Greece, I had been told, and I noticed immediately how tanned she was. With her long hair tied back, she was wearing a yellow cropped tee shirt and a pair of rough faded cut off jeans that seemed almost too small, and they revealed a wonderful amount of her thighs and fitted tightly around her ass. It seemed like I was in for a good day!

I started work near the boundary. I was feeling just a bit excited because of something that had happened earlier. As I have mentioned, the toilet for the stables was in a separate building, and I had been told where the key was kept. Earlier, I had removed the key for ‘safe keeping’, and consequently that toilet would be unavailable. In the back of my mind I maybe thought that if Tina were caught short she might have to pee in the hedge- and an opportunity for me to watch unseen in the way I had spied on her boss some weeks before.

I spent a happy couple of hours watching her exercise the horses. Her shorts were really taking a beating as I watched her bounce up and down in the saddle, admiring her bum and her tanned legs. Reluctantly, I decided that I had better go do some work.

A short while later I was greeted by a cheerful ‘Hi!’ by her as she appeared through the gate.

‘Hi’, I returned. She was even more gorgeous at close quarters! I remember thinking how lucky her boyfriend was, and wondered what she saw in him.

‘Have you got the key to the bathroom over there?’, she asked, pointing to the stable, ‘Annie said that you would have it if it wasn’t there.’

I did my best to look perplexed.

‘ No, I haven’t got it.’, I lied- knowing it was in my pocket.

‘Oh.’ She said, looking slightly worried. ‘I wonder where it is?’

‘Oh- don’t worry, I expect it’ll turn up’. I replied casually, turning away.

She shuffled slightly.

‘In that case…I wonder if I could use your toilet?’ she smiled awkwardly,’I really need a wee!’

I swallowed. This hadn’t exactly worked out, but it’s amazing how fast one can think when you need to! To explain: Our toilet was situated in a rough plasterboard ‘room’ within a small building. The ceiling was fairly low in this cubicle, and the space above was used as storage. A ladder was positioned on the adjacent wall for access. Something I had noticed some time before was that the partition did not quite meet the ceiling of the toilet, and there was a small gap through which the interior was visible. Now, even knowing this, a gentleman would not have taken advantage. However, I was an eighteen-year-old youth at the time- and certainly no gentleman!

‘Sure!’ I replied, even now becoming slightly breathless at the prospect of what was to come. ‘Come in- I’ll show you.’

I led her across to the building and opened the door for her, switching on the light in the windowless room.

‘There you go.’

She smiled back sweetly. I caught a brief waft of her perfume mixed with sweat.

‘Thanks!’ she said.

It was an ideal opportunity. My boss was on vacation- as was hers. There were unlikely to be any unexpected visitors during the few short minutes of my voyeurism. Silently, I made my way up the ladder and placed my eye to the gap that streamed a shaft of light, my heart pounding. So confident was I of my privacy that I threw caution to the wind, and with my free hand unzipped my jeans and released my now stiffening cock.

My view allowed me an oblique view of the cubicle, and the toilet was facing me. I watched her cross to the toilet and lower the seat. I began to masturbate slowly, my own breath becoming heavy. It was like watching in slow motion.

She turned to face me, oblivious, and her hands met at the fly-button of those frayed shorts. I watched in fascination as her bursa escort bayan fingers flipped it undone and slipped the zip down- her hands now moving to her hips. She gave a slight wriggle as she eased them down- only adding to my excitement. Beneath, she wore simple white cotton panties, and as she began to sit down, she slipped them down to the top of her thighs…

I was wanking faster now as I tried to listen. I couldn’t actually see her pussy, since she was leaning forward slightly but after a few moments I heard the delightful sound as she began to pee. First a short trickle, then a pause, followed by a strong bubbling stream as she emptied her bladder. The look of relief on her face was obvious, and she sighed. This almost did it for me, and I fought to hold my orgasm back. Not yet…not yet…

Finally, her stream faded, and she looked around for the tissue. As it happened, the roll was sitting loose on a shelf behind her, which meant she had to stand up.

Now I really had an eyeful. It was obvious that she had been wearing a thong bikini when she had been sunbathing. Her black pubic hair formed a neat triangle sat on her deliciously pale mound- the side strings had left white silhouettes running up to her hips. It was a fantastic sight, and my gaze was fixed on her pussy! I was close now- very close.

She reached over and tore off a few sheets, and then began to wipe between her legs as she stood, squatting slightly; parting her legs as far as her taut panties would allow as she looked down…

I finally lost it. “Shit!” I gasped, as quietly as I could. I came- it seemed like there were buckets of the stuff, spurting out in great gushes and splattering over the wall as the orgasm hit me. It was fantastic, though even in my state I knew I would have to get down from there pretty quick.

Although it would have been great to take a moment to enjoy the relief, I turned to make my way down the ladder, my dripping cock still in my hand.

I was vaguely aware of the sound of the toilet flushing, but that was not what was now interrupting my elation. It sounded impossible, but I suddenly heard a woman’s voice.

‘Enjoying yourself, Steve?’

With horror, I looked down to see Annie’s unsmiling face looking up at me.

I hastily zipped myself up, my hand still wet with cum, and stammered; turning bright red in the process.

‘ Down here.’ ,She indicated with her finger.

At that moment, I heard the lock on the toilet door being released, and Tina emerged- suddenly looking confused.

“Annie? I thought you’d gone!’ She looked over at me. ‘Steve…what..?..’

Annie interrupted, turning to her.

‘Go back to the stables, Tina. I won’t be a moment.’

Tina hesitated, then left, throwing me a look of incredulity.

‘Look- Annie…’ I began to babble. She just looked at me, and shook her head.

‘Don’t.’ she said.

I felt totally deflated and guilty. I wondered fleetingly how long she’d been there. She had obviously seen me masturbating, and who and what I was watching while I did it.

She turned away for a second, as if considering.

‘I want to see you at my house tonight after work. 6 o’clock. Don’t be late!’

With that, she turned and left. I heard the threat in her voice. Despite the fact that now I really didn’t want to see either of them again, I knew that I was in really serious trouble, and doing what she wanted would be the only way to try to explain. I really didn’t know what I was going to say…!


I decided to walk the short distance to Annie’s house, rather than drive. It was a hot evening anyhow, and I needed the walk to clear my head. She lived in a very well-to-do area; large houses set back from the lime tree lined road. As I walked along, I saw City- types polishing their BMW’s and mowing their immaculately kept lawns. I did wonder what on earth I was doing there!

Eventually, I arrived at her house, and mounted the few steps to the glass-panelled door. Having bushed the bell button, a few moments later I saw a shape approaching the door.

“Come in Steve,” Annie ushered me in.

Her mood appeared somewhat neutral- neither smiling, nor angry or disgusted as I had seen her earlier. She had changed out of the clothes she was wearing earlier- her usual jeans and tee-shirt- and was wearing a patterned cream-coloured summer dress. She led me into her large kitchen, and indicated the kitchen chairs arranged around the table.

“Have a seat.”

“Thanks.” I replied, bracing myself for the onslaught of names I was sure I was about to be called.

“Would you like a drink?” she asked.

“I…uh..no thanks.” I stumbled out. This had kind of caught me off guard. Surely she could just get it over with!

“Well, I think I will.”

She crossed the kitchen and splashed a measure of vodka into a tall glass and topped it up with lemonade, then returned to the table and sat down, pulling her chair out a little before she did so. At the time, I never noticed the significance of this. She crossed escort bursa her legs. Only then did I notice that her dress was front- buttoned; and her skirt was un- buttoned most of the way up…

I glanced briefly at her legs- even in that situation I couldn’t resist!

I suddenly realised she was watching me intently.

“Now then, Steve. If you can resist looking at my legs for a moment. We’ll get down to business!”

Her voice was suddenly sharp, and she now had my full attention. I felt myself blushing with embarrassment.

” I simply don’t know what your boss is going to say about this afternoon’s episode,” she began, “but I imagine he won’t be pleased. Tina was very upset you know.”

“Yes…I know…I…”

“Don’t interrupt please.” Her tone was icy cold. “What I really ought to do is let him know right away. I imagine you’d lose your job. He left you alone because he trusts you- and this is what you do!”

I tried to protest, but no words came out. She was right. How could I have done such a stupid thing?

I looked at the floor, feeling totally humiliated.

“I’ve decided not to do that..”

I looked up expectantly, but was greeted by a stern look.

..”if you agree to what I’m going to say.”

I nodded hastily.

“First. You write a letter to Tina, apologising for what you’ve done, and promise that it will never happen again.”

“Of course! I…” I spluttered, not being able to believe I was being let off so lightly.

“I haven’t finished yet!” she interrupted. I lapsed into silence.

“Secondly, for as long as you’re in my house, you do exactly as I say, and answer anything I ask you truthfully. Agreed?”

I nodded vigorously.

“Good!” She seemed satisfied. “Now, I want to ask you a few questions. Don’t lie to me Steve, because I’ll know.”

She paused, and took a gulp of her drink. I stayed silent.

“Have you ever spied on me?”

I knew what she meant. There was no alternative, and in a strange way I wanted to answer her truthfully.

“Yes.” I replied, looking at the floor.

“What was I doing at the time?”

” you were…I mean..” I looked at the ceiling…” You were having a pee, ok? Outside. By the stables”

I thought I caught a brief look of satisfaction for a second- as if this had been bothering her.

She took another gulp.

“Did you enjoy what you saw?”

I sighed.


“And…did you masturbate then too?”

I squirmed in my seat. This was so embarrassing!

“Yes…I did, but not then. Later.”

“I see. The trouble is…how can we trust you not to spy on us again?”

“I won’t. Never again!” I shook my head.

She shook hers too- slowly.

“No, Steve. I don’t believe you. As soon as you leave here you’ll be up to your old tricks again.”

How to convince her? There was an awkward silence.

“Want to know what I’ve been doing all afternoon?”

The question suddenly threw me. What was she talking about now?

“I’ve been outside sunbathing. Tina came over and we had a few drinks.”

“That’s nice,” I commented lamely. She looked at her glass.

“Do you know what I need to do now?”

I shrugged. She glanced up and looked me straight in the eye.

“I need to use the toilet.”

I reddened slightly.

“It’s ok… I won’t try to watch.” I smiled weakly.

She fixed me with a penetrating stare, and spoke softly but sternly.

“Oh yes you will, Steve. You’ll watch, and you’ll do exactly what I tell you.”

I couldn’t believe what she’d just said, and found myself just nodding dumbly.

She got up from her seat.

“Follow me.”

We made our way down her hall to what was her downstairs bathroom. Tastefully decorated with terracotta flooring. She ushered me inside and shut the door- locking it. My heart was beginning to race…

She positioned herself in front of the toilet, standing.

“Now. I want you to take off your clothes. All of them.” A ghost of a smile played over her lips for a moment. ” We don’t want you running away, do we?”

I complied. I stripped off down to my underpants, then hesitated.

“Come on, Steve. Let’s see what you’re made of.”

I lowered them with embarrassment. Due to the expectation, my cock was already swelling. I noticed her gaze fixed on it.

She slid the bath mat across the floor with her foot.

“Kneel down.”

I knelt, looking up at her. Without a word, she began to undo the remaining buttons at the front of her dress- up to her waist. I was fascinated, and could feel my cock becoming harder. She slowly parted it, and wrapped her skirt around her waist, tying it loosely. As her tanned plump thighs were suddenly exposed to my gaze I felt my erection become complete. I saw now that beneath her skirt she was wearing a pair of tie-side yellow bikini briefs, and the small triangle of material seemed strained tight over her pussy.

“So, Steve are you going to show me what you do when you watch a woman pee?”

I gulped, and gently placed my hand around my cock. It was so sensitive I thought I was going to cum there and then, but I closed my eyes briefly, and began to masturbate gently and slowly. Regaining control, I opened my eyes again.

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