A Night with Mistress

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My wife and I have been together for a little over a year now and at times we have our dominance struggles but most of the time I just chose to be subservient to her. I don’t know what it is but I have a hard time dominating her. I have always been the more dominant one in my relationships until she and I got together

My wife is a beautiful woman. Her name is Angel. She is 6′ tall, has the most amazing hazel eyes that often change colors. She has amazing curves in all the right places and beautiful breasts that are pierced among other places on her body. She has tattoos that I absolutely love but my favorite one is the one on her chest that goes from her collarbones to her cleavage. Her hair is pin straight down to her shoulders and a beautiful chestnut color. Her lips are soft and and amazing to kiss.

My name is Bell. I myself am quite short compared to her. A mere 5’3″. I have grey blue eyes and long strawberry blond hair that cascades down to the middle of my back in waves and curls. I have a very curvaceous body. My best assets though are my tits. They are a nice plump 38D and I’ve had them pierced since I was a teenager. I have a small tattoo on my right breast just under my collarbone of a tree frog.

It was shortly after seven in the evening when she walked in the door. Dinner was already on the table waiting for her. I was standing in the kitchen in one of her favorite outfits. A short, strapless, lace, gothic style dress that barely came to my mid thigh. Knee high, stiletto boots that laced up the front, have buckles, and straps that wrapped around the entire length of my calves. I have my beautiful leather collar that she bought me around my throat that says “baby girl” on it. It has a d ring on it that I play with absent mindedly as I hear come into the house and drop her keys on the table. She doesn’t look up at first but simply says where is my beautiful woman? I grin with my back towards her and don’t reply. I bursa escort bayan can feel her eyes on me. Burning into my back, I feel the heat of her gaze on me. I shiver slightly then turn around to face her.

There is an instant look of lust in her eyes and she appraises what she sees. Looking at me from head to toe. She simply gives me that look, the one that says get your ass over here now.

I walk up to her not daring to look her in the eye. She takes my hand an turns me around in front of her to look at me thoroughly. I say to her softly

“Mistress your shower is running and ready for you ma’am” She smiles and says nothing then walks off saying nothing to me.

My pussy is already dripping wet in anticipation of what may come. I let a soft moan escape my lips hopefully soft enough for her not to hear. I quickly heat up her towels in the dryer for her so that I may dry her beautiful body with if she will so allow it.

I hear the shower turn off and quickly take the towels to her before she steps out of the shower. I hand one to her, she smiles at me thanking me with her eyes.

“Mistress may I dry you off?”

She shakes her head and waves me off, dismissing me. I return to the kitchen having to reheat her dinner plate as it has begun to cool. I pace silently across the tile floor. She comes back into the kitchen freshly showered and smelling of sandalwood and vanilla. Her smell intoxicates me an I quickly remember her dinner.

I softly ask how her day was an make small meaningless chatter to her knowing full well that it doesn’t matter at this point what I say. I close my mouth saying nothing more only looking at her cautiously. I know what is going threw her mind now. I tremble with anticipation at the possibilities that may unfold as the night progresses. She looks up from her plate and looks at me then gets up. I sit still an wait.

She comes around behind my chair an leans down to görükle escort me. I can feel her hot breath upon my neck. She smells my scent. She leans down whispering into my ear.

“Baby Girl. Clean up this mess when you are finished come to the bedroom and take your place”

“Yes Ma’am.” I say with a shudder.

My place is on the floor kneeling next to the bed on her side. At that point, I am no longer her equal I am her submissive, her toy to do as she pleases. Having already been told I know what to expect of tonight. It will be long drawn out and torturous. My pussy pulses with anticipation, drips with need.

Quickly I clean up the kitchen, careful not to make too much noise that would disturb her. Thousands of scenarios’ run threw my head as to what is in store for me. So many erotic images floating threw my mind has my pussy drenched almost to the point of orgasm. Nevertheless, I know better. If I cum without her permission, I wont see another orgasm for who knows how long. The last time it happened I went 3 weeks without the pleasure of release. It was nothing less then sheer torture.

I walk into the bedroom wordlessly. I stand in the door way looking at her. She shifts on the bed swinging her legs to the floor. She is sitting there looking at me expectantly. I know what she wants. I know what she commands of me even before she says it. Yet I stay where I am unable to move at the moment simply because she is looking at me. Staring holes deep into my soul. She knows me inside and out. Knows what I like what I crave.

She wiggles one of her long fingers at me, beckoning me to her. I hesitate knowing that she hates it. Yet it gives me pleasure to test her to see if she will give in an let me have my way. But tonight I can see that is not the proper response. She stands up an in 3 strides is in front of me looking down at me.

“you dare to challenge me tonight?” she says gruffly bursa escort bayan

I grin not being able to help myself. She sees the sparkle in my eyes an knows that I’m in the mood to be defiant. Taking my wrist in her hand she pulls me to her an growls in my ear.

“You WILL mind me tonight. I’m not beyond beating u into submission. I’ve had a long day an don’t feel like dealing with your insolence.”

She pushes me away from her an I stumble back a few steps. She’s in a mood tonight. An if I know better I’ll behave. But alas its not in my nature to obey her every command. I’m just going to have to deal with the punishment. I love being a bad girl what can I say.

I watch her walk to the drawer beside the bed. She takes out a few things an tosses them on the bed. First the small anal vibe then the lube. Then she picks up her strap-on. I see it an shudder slightly in anticipation. She will take whats hers tonight whether I obey or not. An shes not in the mood to work for it. She will take it. I giggle softly ans she turns around to look at me.

“and What are you laughing for? Humm?”

I drop my eyes an say softly “nothing love”

I cant help the smirk on my face. All the naughty things running threw my mind. The many different ways I’d love for her to take me with that wonderful strap of hers. An she knows how to use it well let me tell you. Bent over the many objects an flat surfaces in our house I’ve been taken on them all multiple times and enjoyed every minute of it.

She comes to me and wraps her hand around the back of my neck.

“You think its funny the mood I’m in? I know whats going on in that pretty little head of yours baby girl . An I can assure you that you are partly right but I can also assure you that I’m going to enjoy myself.”

With that she spins me around an pushes me back on the bed. I scramble backwards towards the pillows. tying to avoid her for a moment an it doesn’t work. She grabs my ankle then fastens one of the restraints to it. She looks up at me with that glint in her eyes an I now know the trouble that I’m in. there will be no foreplay for me tonight. Its all about what she wants…..

To be continued……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32