A Night in Tahoe

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It was kind of hard to classify this story. It’s definitely interracial, sort of a threesome, although the husband is more of a watcher. It’s mostly about a guy with a teasing sexy wife and how they made that crazy journey with their honor more or less intact. Maybe less intact. Enjoy.


He sent Jessica a simple text: “I love you”.

He sat at his desk eating lunch, thinking about the night before. His marital sex life was something of a roller coaster. The highs were fun, but the lows tended to be virtual dry spells lasting a few months at a time. Usually the driest spells coincided with his wife Jessica’s work related stress.

The worst part wasn’t the lack of sex. The worst part was the lack of initiative on her part. At times he felt like he was forcing himself on her. This made him uncomfortable and unaroused.

The past few weeks had been a high point. Jessica had started work in a new office. He suspected the improved atmosphere contributed to her general improvement in the bedroom. He had some other nagging suspicions, but he kept them to himself.

He long ago got into the habit of showing his appreciation when she showed him affection. He suspected she was with a buyer or seller today, and was pleasantly surprised when she bounced back quickly: “Luv u 2. Mind if I stay work late?”

“‘Sure, but come home ASAP. Last night = awesome.”

“Me 2. Just have paperwork.” She had always texted like a teenager.

“I can’t stop thinking about last night. Maybe tonight?”

“LOL. Why don’t you find a few clips for us to watch?”

Ian was encouraged as he read it. Sometimes they’d watch a little porn while in bed. It helped to get the juices flowing. They hadn’t always done this, but they’d been doing this the past few months. Ian remembered being pleasantly surprised when she’d first suggested it.

“Yes ma’am,” Ian responded.

“Something black, LOL,” she typed back.

Ian tapped his phone thinking of a response. Something black. He didn’t know how to confront her. If nothing else he’d fuck her harder tonight. He considered going to the men’s room to jack off. He’d never done that at work.

His heart pumped hard the rest of the day. He barely got any work done.


When Jessica stepped through the door it was already past 9 p.m. She walked over and gave Ian a hard, open mouthed kiss. He was taken aback, worried what it meant, but simultaneously enjoyed it. When she broke the kiss she asked him if he’d go upstairs with her, pulling him along, not waiting for his answer.

It must be Mike, he thought. It’s the only piece of the puzzle that fit. His jealously conflicted with his appreciation for her renewed sex drive. Also, something about her became more attractive. Ian couldn’t put his finger on it, but he enjoyed this aspect of her sexuality. He enjoyed seeing her happy to want sex. The fact that she was perhaps wanted made him want her back. It wasn’t as if she seemed upset with him. In fact, the emotional relationship was never better.

In the bedroom they partially undressed, quickly and efficiently like married couples can do, hopping into bed quickly. He asked, “You still want to see some clips?” He had an ulterior motive. He was curious to gauge her reaction to the videos.

“Sure,” she smiled, getting under the covers. The heater had only been turned on and the room was still chilly. Ian noted the enthusiasm in her expression.

He brought the laptop over, sitting next to her as he slid under the blankets next to her. He brought up their favorite site and she typed “interracial” into the search bar. Seeing her do this again excited Ian. Before she’d gotten on her interracial kick, “lesbian massage” or a channel containing very high quality, almost artistically done intercourse has been her favorites.

“My my my,” he grinned.

“You’re hard aren’t you?” Jessica reached over and touched his cock, gently gripping his shaft and he exhaled deeply. She winked at him, her beautiful blue eyes sparkling.

“Sure,” he felt something almost like shame. Almost.

A bunch of clips were returned, pictures of various white women with black men. They had titles like “Interracial Creampie”, “carol interracial”, “Secret Camera Interracial”, all of various quality, but mostly poor or trashy. One stuck out and Jessica pointed to it. It was the video they’d watched the day before. The thumbnail showed a blonde, similar to Jessica, legs spread, a black guy entering her. It was titled “Wifes interracial night”, the apostrophe missing. It was 50 minutes long. Ian clicked.

It seemed to be an amateur video, although Ian was pretty sure it wasn’t. It started with a lady standing in front of a vanity, combing her hair, a sexy tight skirt on. No words were said, a date of Nov 5, 2007 in the corner. It quickly cut to her walking down a hotel hallway, knocking on a door. A good looking black man answered, and invited her inside.

Ian looked over to see Jessica transfixed, one arm under the covers, moving gently. She’d forgotten about his cock and concentrated bursa escort on her own pleasure.

Eventually the blonde pulled down the black man’s boxers, pulling out a cock that had to be at least 8 inches, which she licked as best she could. Ian looked over at Jessica nervously and she noticed, meeting his gaze and smiling back quickly before nodding back toward the clip. He reached down and stroked his own 5 inch cock.

The cameraman never said anything, he seemed to merely be there to provide a nice camera angle. Eventually the blonde sat down on a couch and spread her legs, her pussy offered to him. He knelt between her legs, kissing her pussy, slurping and licking as she begged him to eat it.

Ian again looked at his wife, his mind racing as he thought about her newfound desire for interracial porn. He wondered if she fantasized about Mike. He turned again, ostensibly to watch the video, but in truth his mind wandered. Was this really happening to him? Was his marriage in a precarious moment? He’d scoffed at other couples with similar issues, never thinking the crazy twists and turns of life could happen to him.

Now he wondered if fate had deemed it his turn. Some people get cancer. Some people win the lotto. Some have wives that get wandering eyes. Again he felt jealousy and yet something else he couldn’t put his finger on. It upset him on some deep level to have these feelings, but he kept it bottled because he didn’t understand it. He didn’t feel like flying into a rage. He felt like claiming his wife as his own. His cock swelled to its maximum size.

Ian looked over as she removed her flowered panties and gave them to him. She knew his kinks, how he liked to masturbate with them, and he gladly took them, feeling the soft fabric as he ran it across his own dick.

In the video the black guy finally finished eating pussy, clearly ready for the next step. He aimed his weighty python of a cock between the blonde’s pink lips, tapping her clit with it like a baton. As he snuggled it into her slit, she reached down and helped spread herself as he pressed it home. The blonde begged for it.

Jessica threw off the bedcovers and spread her legs, pulling Ian on top of her. Ever the comedian, he tapped her clit a few times with his little rod and missing his attempt at humor she cried, “Oh come on,” and he plunged into her.

His mind a swirl of sexual chemistry, he worked up some courage and asked her, “Is this video your fantasy?”

She didn’t answer him, only smiled and rolled her eyes, so he repeated the question.

“Would you like it to be my fantasy?” she answered.

Ian smiled inside, unlocking a new level of desire, yet not knowing how to answer. His cock wasn’t terribly long, about five inches, but she loved when he quickly and unexpectedly would force it deep into her, skin slapping skin. Smack pause Smack pause Smack, his balls swinging, cock edging to orgasm.

“More,” she moaned and he furiously pumped hard into her moist wetness, and almost without warning his cock built up past the point of no return. Panicking he pulled out and squirted half on her stomach and crotch, half on the sheets.

“Wow,” Jessica said, “Really? This made you that hot?”

Ian didn’t answer and gave her a look like she was an idiot, although in truth she’d nailed it. He looked around for his underwear or a towel, something to clean them up and again caught sight of the video. His balls empty, he felt disgusted and confused.

Jessica continued watching the video as she rubbed her clit, acting as if his silence didn’t matter. She spread her legs and patted her groin, “come on, you want to kiss it?. Ian paused and she at him. “Get down here Ian.”

He loved to eat pussy, and eagerly dove between Jessica’s legs as she watched the video. He kissed around her slit, tonguing her pink lips, before slurping on her clit. She loved how he kissed her clit, hard and deeply with his mouth. Her sex always aroused him. Writhing and squeezing her legs together around his head, she came in a rapid series of spasms. His cock hung down, already heavy with arousals and he asked her if she would take him again.


A week later Ian sat at the kitchen table, noodling on his laptop. He was supposed be completing reviews for people at work but procrastination got the better of him and he surfed the internet. He heard the rumble of the garage door, so he closed the browser and went back to writing reviews, a handy excuse not to have prepared dinner.

“Hi honey,” Jessica said as she entered the kitchen, dressed in one of her better outfits. Ian mentally noted this. Her transfer to the new real estate agency a couple months back seemed to be paying off, and she seemed sexier than ever. Ian wondered if it was because the office was better dressed or if it was Mike.

“Hi sexy,” Ian said, “looking good today.”

“Thanks!” She was in a perky mood. “Got anything for dinner?”

“Oh I’m sorry,” he answered, “I’ve been busy putting in extra hours for these employee reviews. So annoying, driving me bursa escort bayan crazy.”

“I’m glad I don’t do that,” Jessica answered. “So much better now that I’m working with real men instead of those boys like before,” and she winked at him.

This kind of talk didn’t faze Ian lately. She’d been like this since the transfer and the shock had worn of.

“You free on Saturday? We’ve been invited to my brother’s birthday.”

“I’m sorry, I have to show a house that day: Busy, busy, busy, your wife is a busy bee.”

“I thought you had this weekend free?”

“Mike wanted me to cover a house with him. Don’t worry,” she rubbed her thumb and forefinger together, “should be lots of moolah.”

Ian wanted to be nice about it, but pride made him take a more combative tone. “Mike? You and him? At a house together? He can’t do it himself?”

“I’m telling you Ian, Mike is the smartest man I know,” seemingly oblivious to the slight. Ian ignored it, “He’s really helping me out here, I’m learning so much.”

For a salesperson, his wife sometimes had a surprising lack of self-awareness, but she made up for it in beauty and a positive, bubbly personality. Ever since she moved into the office, it seemed like she talked about Mike every day, what a funny guy he is, how he negotiated another great deal with a client, how he always seemed to understand her problems, unlike the other agents at her old office.

“Is Mike married?” Ian asked.

“No. He was though, has an older teenager, going off to college.”

“Wait, how old is he? I thought he was like 35?”

Jessica looked over at him, “Oh no, he’s in his early 40’s.”

“Dude takes care of himself,” Ian said, “I guess lots of black guys look young.”

“You should too,” Jessica volunteered, “Fifteen years, if you look like him I’d be very pleased.” She smiled at him with sparkling eyes and he wondered if she was mocking him.

Ian smiled, but had enough, the slight finally giving him the emotional motivation to mention what had been eating at him. “Fuck Jessica, you like him don’t you?”

“He can teach me plenty. That’s fo’ sho’,” slipping in a little slang.

“Looks like Mike’s vocabulary is rubbing off on you,” Ian said.

“Ouch, so racist Ian. You better hope I don’t tell him, he could kick your ass,” she laughed jokingly.

“Fo’ sho’,” Ian answered, “You know what I mean.”

“No what?” Jessica looked at him with a smile, almost daring him to bring it up.

“You just told me he looks good. The videos we watch in bed. You think I’m an idiot? You fantasize about him. Maybe you two have something going?”

Jessica looked at him, smiling and maybe a little embarrassed. “Oh babe, don’t think like that. I’d never do anything to hurt us,” and she walked over and kissed him on the cheek.

“Am I right?”

“No.” She had to by lying thought Ian.

“I guess I’m a little jealous with you around him all the time,” Ian whispered in her ear.

“I know!” To Ian she seemed downright giddy.


The next morning Ian and Jessica dressed for work. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Jessica trying on a couple of dress shirts. Here tits looked rather healthy, the cleavage prominently displayed.

“Button the top,” Ian said with a mouthful of toothpaste.


Ian rinsed and spit, “Button the top two, it’s too revealing.” The tops of her DD cup sized breasts jiggled.

“I’m not going for the schoolmarm look Ian. Besides, you really think they’ll button?”

“If you got it, flaunt it huh?” Ian turned to examine shirts in his closet. Without thinking he said, “Mike will like it.” He pulled his own suit off the hanger and turned to the bed to lay it out.

“Whaddya mean by that?” He turned to look at her. She was on the bed, sitting back, her legs crossed. She flipped her hair from one side to the other and bit her lip, clearly teasing him.

Ian swallowed hard, a pit in his stomach, a nervous grin, “Nothing. Just pointing it out.”

“Nothing, yeah right,” and she got up, putting on a skirt she’d laid out.

Ian swallowed hard, wanting to say it, not knowing how. “I’m uncomfortable with how you dress around him.”

Now Jessica looked at him, her eyes wide in mock outrage. “Excuse me? I’m a real estate agent. I have to dress well or I won’t sell houses.”

Ian flushed, chickening out, “Never mind. Just forget about it. Sorry. I’m an idiot.”

“There’s nothing going on between us, Ian. Why are you obsessing?”


“Last night in bed, now this morning?”

Ian had that high dive feeling again. “Do you really think I’m an idiot? I’m your husband. I can connect the dots. Ever since you started working with him you’re in a good mood when you get home, the way you talk about him, the videos.”

“You think I like those videos because I have the hots for Mike?” She bit her bottom lip and flashed her eyes at him, grinning.

Ian shrugged.

Her eyes darted down. “Oh my God, are you hard?”

Ian couldn’t believe it either. He escort bursa wasn’t even thinking about if he looked hard or not until she pointed it out. He tried lying, “My beautiful wife, sitting in her panties giving me goo goo eyes? Who wouldn’t be?”

She sauntered over and pulled down his briefs, his hard 5 incher popped out and she gently held it and said in a bimbo voice “Why are you hard?” She held it between her thumb and two fingers, like a little toy.

Ian’s face was already flushed, but he loved it when she talked like a ditz. She was a natural.

“More?” he begged.

“I like it when you’re jealous,” and she let go, “Sorry hon, I gotta go to work. Mke is waiting for me.”

“I know you have feelings for him. Tell me the truth.” Ian felt abandoned in his thoughts.

“Stop it Ian. You’re crazy. There is nothing between us.” Jessica laughed as she answered. Then she looked at him dead serious, “Or is there?” and she winked at him.

Ian felt very, very anxious. After she left he rubbed one out before going to work. It calmed his nerves.


The car ride up to Lake Tahoe, Ian was a bundle of nerves. In almost any other circumstance he’d be excited to go skiing for a long weekend. He had trepidation and anxiousness regarding this trip. As Ian drove up the southern highway, the farmland and prairie of the central valley gave way to pines and chilly air, and snowplowed roads, trees heavy with white snow.

Jessica used Ian’s jealousy mercilessly, resulting in some of the best sex they’d had in years. Since that morning conversation a few months had passed, but if anything he found himself more obsessed about his wife and Mike. He didn’t really understand what was happening to him. She loved teasing him. At some point he’d realized he looked forward to her late nights and the great sex, Mike a joke and a tool for their banter, not a real human being.

When she approached him about a group trip to a cabin in Tahoe he played it cool. Inside he was eager to go. He’d met Mike before, but thought this would be a better chance to get a feel for his personality. He wanted to see for himself why his wife was always talking him up. Despite her denials, he wanted to see for himself why their sex life was through the roof.

As they came over the last major hill they were treated to a spectacular view of the lake. Nearing the south shore, they turned onto some side roads. The GPS in their smartphones seemed sketchy, so when they got to the right road they counted the addresses as they approached. When they finally found the place, they were very pleased.

It appeared to be three stories built onto a small hillside. There was a garage on the bottom, and the cabin his wife talked about was more like a full sized vacation home. They parked the car next to a Chevy SUV and took their bags out of the back of their own Jeep Cherokee, leaving the skis in a Thule rack locked and strapped to the roof.

They knocked on the door and were met by two of Jessica’s co-workers, Dave and Traci.Dave was also an agent. Traci was their office assistant. They were getting ready to make a grocery store run and invited them along.

The place was smelled slightly musty and the Wi-Fi didn’t work, nor could they get a phone signal. Jessica wanted to take a quick shower and asked Ian to go with the others and pick up a few items while she got settled in.

Ian hopped in the back of the Chevy and the three of them pulled out, making more introductions and small talk. Dave slowed down, rolling down his window, a black BMW coming from the other direction, also slowing. It was Mike.

David told Mike they were going out for supplies and Mike pointed to Ian in the backseat, waving with a big smile on his face, “Glad you could make it up Ian.”

They drove off again, Traci singing, “We’re gonna partay tonight!”, and it occurred to Ian that Mike was alone, driving off to the house where his wife was in the shower. The thought nagged at him the entire time they shopped. In fact, it seemed like Traci and Dave took forever to get the groceries, and Ian wished he’d never left the cabin. As he passed condoms hanging on the racks near the pharmacy aisle he briefly considered buying some, maybe give her a little hint. He never used condoms with Jessica. By the time they stood in the checkout, Ian had images of a naked, freshly showered Jessica getting railed in the empty house. Ian realized he was having crackpot fantasies and he tried not to think about it anymore.

When they finally arrived home, Mike and Jessica had already uncorked a bottle of wine, and Jessica looked stunning. Her hair was still a little wet and pulled back, but she wore black leggings, a miniskirt, and a low cut teal pullover that gave everybody a look at her ample cleavage and nipples, her bra barely doing its job. It seemed almost vulgar, yet he still got a hard on, his beautiful wife gorgeous showing off.

“Care for a glass?” Mike offered, ever the gentleman to the guests, and they all happily accepted. Ian stood behind the counter and although nothing untoward or risqué was said, he noticed Mike stealing glances at Jessica’s boobs. As Ian watched, Traci came up to get something out of the refrigerator and whispered to Ian, “Your wife is gorgeous today huh?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32