A Much Needed Spa Treatment Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: This story does not stand alone. If you haven’t read part One or Two, please do now.

On Monday, I strolled into my metal fabrication company and searched out Ben, my General Manager. Ben had been with me for six years. I had hired him right of college as an accountant, but I quickly realized he had great potential. Since Ellen and I wanted to be able to spend more time together and travel, I taught Ben the ins and outs of the business and promoted him. I could leave for weeks at a time and know that my business was in good hands.

“WOW,” I said entering Ben’s office. “You look like hell.” Ben was hunched over his desk, his face was drawn and tired. “Everything OK?”

“Just fine, George. The baby has been keeping us up at night.”

Ben’s wife, Trish, was employed by Ellen at the spa and had given birth to a healthy baby boy just two months ago. Trish was more than an employee to Ellen and I. She had been our daughter’s best friend since nursery school. Since her father had passed away when she was twelve, she often came to me for fatherly advice. It was I who gave her away at her wedding.

“I remember those days well. Isn’t Trish breast feeding?”

“Yah but she brings the baby to bed with us. It is hard for me to sleep.”

“This, too, shall pass. You can take the day off if you want.”

“Thanks, but I have the Jordan account to take care of. Deadline is next Friday and I am having trouble getting the steel stock.”

“Island Steel?”

Ben nodded.

“I’ll take care of it. We’ll have the stock here by morning or Island will lose a million dollar account.’

“Thanks, George.”

I left Ben’s office and within an hour I was telling Ben that the shipment would arrive first thing in the morning.

At five o’clock I left the shop. Ben’s office was still fully lit. I considered going in and talking to him, but my stomach was growling. On the way home I picked up some fried chicken and a six pack.

* * * * *

When I pulled into the driveway at five thirty, I noticed Trish’s car was still the only car left at the spa. I knew that Sarah had left early and assumed that Trish was doing the clean up and would be leaving soon. I decided to go eat my chicken before it got cold and go to the spa later to pick up the day’s receipts.

I got alarmed when I had finished my meal and still had yet to hear Trish leave. I grabbed what was left of my first beer and made the short walk to the spa. The front door was locked. I unlocked it and entered and I heard the unmistakable sounds of a woman crying.

The door to the wrap room was slightly ajar. I pushed the door open and almost dropped my beer.

Trish was lying on the massage table on her belly, naked and crying uncontrollably.

Let me describe Trish. She is five foot two and weighed one ten before getting pregnant. She had gain only ten pounds before giving birth to a seven-pound boy. Pregnancy had not been unkind to her.

“Jesus, Trish, are you alright?” I dared not get to close and was surprised that she had made no effort to cover herself.

“He doesn’t want me.” Trish blurted. “He thinks I’m a cow!” She went back to her crying.

I grabbed a blanket off the shelf and went over and covered her. “Who doesn’t want you?”

“Ben! He thinks I’m a cow!”

I was instantly infuriated with my young protégé. “Did he say that?”

“Well, no. But he thinks it!”

My initial fury waned. “How do you know he thinks it?” I was rubbing her back through the blanket.

“Because he does! He hasn’t touched me in two weeks! And before that, he hasn’t made love to me since I was seven months.”

God, istanbul escort I wished Ellen had been here. This was too much.

“Just calm down.” I instructed. “Tell me what has happened and not what you think.”

“It started when I was seven months pregnant. He made love to me one night and kind of freaked out. I don’t know why. He avoided me after that. I figured it was because I was so fat. Two weeks ago the Doctor gave us the OK to have sex again. Everything was fine until I got real excited. My breasts started spraying milk all over him and he freaked again. Now he waits until I’m asleep before he comes to bed. It’s because I’m a cow- fat and milking!” Trish became hysterical again.

None of this made any sense to me. If there was a woman loved more than my Ellen, it was Trish. Ben’s office was covered with pictures of his wife and a half a dozen of his first born. He was known to sit at his desk and look at her picture.

“You know better than that. Ben adores you.”

“That’s what you think. I needed him tonight. I needed him bad. I made arrangements with mother to keep Will for the night. I was going to get myself all clean and pretty for him. I pumped extra milk for mother, bought a new Teddy. The works. When I called him and told him my plans, he told me he had to work late. Something about having a hard time finding some steel. I think he’s seeing somebody else.” Trish rolled over onto her back. The blanket fell off, revealing her milk-laden tits and beautiful body. She was so distraught, she made no effort to cover herself. I looked away and retrieved the blanket.

My fury mounted again. Ben had lied to his wife (my semi-adopted daughter).

“I can’t believe there is anyone else.” I tried to be re-assuring, but had my own doubts. “We’re busy. I’m sure that if he really knew what you had in mind, he’d have been here in a minute.” Now I was lying.

“Oh, he knew!” Trish looked up at me through red, swollen, tear filled eyes. “I even told him I wanted him to fuck my in the ass! He always wanted to try, but I never would let it happen. I thought it would get his attention!”

This was more information than I really needed. I had to admit, Trish had every right to be upset and I had every right to beat the tar out of Ben before I fired him. “Why don’t you go get in the Jaccuzzi. I need to make a call.

Oblivious to me, Trish pushed the blanket aside, got off the table and went into the tub room. Why does this stuff always happen when Ellen is away? I asked myself, as I pulled out my cell phone.

My first call was to Sarah. I needed a woman’s help and I was relieved when she, not Tommy, answered the phone. I filled her in and she told me she’d be right over. My next call was to Ben’s office. I was very pleased he answered the phone. I doubted he had a side dish and the fact he was still in the office proved it.

“Ben, this is George. We need to talk. Your wife is still at the spa and she is very upset.”

“With all due respect, George, this is none of your business.” Ben replied tersely.

Ben had never talked to me this way. It pissed me off. “I’ll tell what my business is and isn’t. You either get your ass over here or clean out your desk. Your choice.” I didn’t give a chance to answer. I just hung up.

* * * * *

Sarah arrived within a half-hour. I sent her in to deal with Trish. An hour passed and I was about to give up on Ben, but he finally arrived.

When he got out of his car, he was still furious about my threat. “George, this is none of your fucking business! This is between my wife and me.” avcılar escort He slammed the door of the car. His fists were balled.

In my younger days, I might have pushed the issue and accepted the challenge. I regretted threatening him with his job, but it got him there.

“Settle your ass, Ben. You and me going toe to toe isn’t going to help. Sarah’s in with Trish. Let’s you and me go in the house and have a beer.”

“Fuck you, George. I’m taking my wife home. She had no right involving you” Ben started toward spa door. I cut him off.

“Listen!” I said getting into Ben’s face. “I’m the closest thing to a father that little girl has. You want to play tough guy, that’s fine. You can leave and Trish will stay here. You want to deal with this like a man, you can stay and we’ll work it out.”

“Oh, what the fuck!” Ben threw his hands up. If he thought his job was on line before, he knew it was in jeopardy now.

I placed a hand on his shoulder. “Come on, son, let’s go have that beer.”

It took a half an hour to get Ben to loosen up. I told him all the things that Trish had said.

“She thinks I think she a fat cow!” Ben got up and walked around my living room. “Shit, she knows better than that.”

“Apparently not.” I replied calmly. If what she says is true, why wouldn’t she think it.”

“It’s true,” Ben admitted. “Shit! I don’t want to be telling you this stuff.” He paced some more.

“Look, we were making love. I loved making love to her when she was pregnant. But that night the baby kicked and I felt it. Jesus, George I felt the baby kick my dick!”

When he mentioned it, I remembered how that felt the first time. It kind of freaked me out, too. I was beginning to understand.

Ben took a long swig of beer. “After that I was afraid to break it.”

“Break what?”

“The baby! What the fuck else!” He became agitated when he saw the smile on my face. “You know how I feel about Trish and how I felt about her having a baby.”

“Did you tell her that?”

“No. How could I?”

“OK, so that’s explained. Why did you lie to her about tonight?”

“I can’t believe I’m tell you this.” Ben drained his bottle. “Two weeks ago the doc gave us to go ahead. I was horny. It had been three and a half months. I watched her nurse the baby and I swear she had an orgasm every time she nursed. I’d sit there and watch her nurse and I wanted to push my boy aside and suckle. Made me horny as hell.”

“You haven’t tasted her milk?” I interrupted.

“You know her breasts aren’t very big. The baby needs that milk.”

To that I laughed out loud. “OK, go on.”

Ben looked at me annoyed. “Anyway, we were making love, she was sitting on me. I felt the first contractions of her orgasm and her tits began spraying milk everywhere. Jesus, George it was hot as hell. But then all of a sudden, she began to cry, I mean really cry. I figured I had hurt her. I don’t want to hurt her!”

I looked at my young, naïve protégé and chuckled. “Son, those were tears of joy. You have to understand that she is going through some wild hormone swings. It’s all part of it. And there’s enough of that milk for both of you.”

Ben flopped himself into a chair. He contemplated what I had said. Then I told him about some of the things that happened during Ellen’s three pregnancies and births. Made him feel better. I summed it up. “In your effort to avoid hurting her, you hurt her. I know it doesn’t make sense, but for as long as Ellen and I have been married, not much has made sense. It’s that Mars/Venus thing.

“I suggest you get your ass next door and fuck your woman’s şirinevler escort brains out. That’s what she needs and wants. She is feeling very insecure right now and the only way you can make her feel secure is to take what she has to offer.” I got up, placed an arm around Ben. “I want you to take the rest of the week off. I’ll see to it Trish has the week off, too.” When Ben protested, I shut him up.

“Have you ever given a women and enema? Have you ever let a woman give you an enema and then fuck you up the ass?”

Ben looked at me with a shocked look on his face.

“Trish said she wanted you to screw her up the ass. She had all the equipment out and I am sure she will tell you how to use it. Don’t argue, just go.” I sent a very confused Ben out the door.

I wouldn’t be young again for anything! I said to myself, as I watched a still baffled fool head for the spa.

“What did you say to the boy?” Sarah asked. She had come top the house after Ben went into the spa. “I’ve never seen anyone that nervous.”

“I told him to go give his wife an enema and screw her up the ass.”

“Well, he took your advice. I hung around while they hugged and kissed, but left as soon as he mentioned the enema to her. From the way they were carrying on, my guess is the wrap room will be a mess when they are through!” Sarah had a big smile on her face. “At least we don’t have any appointments in the morning. It will give me a chance to tidy up.”

I took little for me to imagine what was going on a feet away. “I gave Ben the week off and told him Trish could have the week too. Hope you don’t mind?”

“Ann has been begging for more hours. It won’t be a problem.” Sarah looked at her watch. “Time for me to get home.” She got up and went to the door.

“Thanks for coming over.”

“No problem, George. Thanks for giving me for what I needed.” Sarah gave me a big kiss, full on the lips and left.

It was well after midnight when Ben and Trish finally left.

* * * * *

At eleven the next morning, Ben, Trish and the baby entered my office. Ben and Trish looked tussled and tired, but happy.

“I thought I told you to take the week off?”

“I had some prints in my office I needed to get out on the floor. I…” Ben looked at Trish and the baby. There was only love in his eyes. “I mean WE want to thank you for what you did last night. We can’t tell you how much it meant to us.”

The baby fussed. Trish opened her shirt and put a nipple in little Will’s mouth. I caught myself staring.

“It was my pleasure. Now get the hell out of here. I’ll see you next Monday.”

“We have a favor. I hate to ask, because you’ve done so much.”

“Shoot.” I said.

“Do you mind if we use the cabin for a few days? Trish and I have decided we need to get away and spend time as a family.”

Ellen and I have a cabin on a small pond just south of the Canadian border. “I won’t be using it. You have a key, but you’d best get going. It will take a couple of hours to get it warm enough for Will.”

“The car’s all packed. Thank you.”

Trish came over to me, suckling baby at her breast and gave me a kiss. Her eyes were wet. “Thanks, Dad”

I didn’t know what to say other than, “You’re welcome, kitten.”

As the threesome was leaving me office, Ben held back. When Trish was out of earshot he turned. “Last night you mentioned getting an enema and then getting screwed up the ass.”

“Yes, I did”

“Well, uh, where can we buy, uh, stuff, uh, I mean toys for that?” Ben was red-faced and stammered.

I smiled and put my hand on Ben’s shoulder. “Downtown on Market Street. A place called Ero’s Arrows. You’ll find everything you need.

“Thanks.” Ben left and ran down the hall to catch up with his family.

I smiled when he placed his hand on Trish’s taught, beautiful butt and gave a squeeze.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series. Part Four is in the works. I welcome your comments and your votes!

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