A Memory – Last Night Together

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This is the first story in a series I call Memories. I would appreciate any feedback you can provide on this story as I try to improve. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy.


I remember hearing your knock and feeling my heart instantly begin pounding inside my chest as I anticipated seeing you again. The doorknob turned and I froze just a few feet from you. The door pushed open and there you stood in front of me once again. A mirage more beautiful than I ever could have imagined, more beautiful than I remembered. I stood speechless with a smile I could not hide, and in return your smooth wet lips smiled back at me.

“You’re not even gonna say hello or tell me how good I look?”

“Sorry…I had it all worked out before you came over. I knew exactly what I would say and what I would do. I wanted to impress you and remind you of how it used to be, but then I saw you, and it all went away. You look amazing Elizabeth…gorgeous…sexy as ever.”

My eyes moved up and down her body as the memories came flooding back. There they were again, those beautiful blue eyes that used to stare down at me as she slid her body down on me. Her hair the same long silky curls I remember gently pulling as I pushed inside her harder and harder from behind her so many times.

She shut the door behind her and took in a deep breath. Her hands slid down over her breasts and over her belly, until they stopped at her side. I could see that look in her eye that told me dinner plans had just been cancelled. Her fingers wrapped around her little black dress and pulled down as again she took a deep breath, knowing I was dying to touch her again.

“I’ve missed you,” I whispered and finally managed to take a step towards her. “Are you really here? Is that really you?”

“Shhhhh,” she said quietly with one finger now on my lips. “I missed you too.”

With that single touch, I knew everything we needed to say to each other, had been said. Words were no longer necessary and finally we could be together again. Without even realizing it, my hands had moved the straps of her dress off her shoulders. Her fingers ripped at halkalı escort my buttons one by one as she pushed me backwards towards the bed.

I was reminded how strong she was, and how forceful she was in bed. One push and there I lay waiting for her as she let the dress fall from her body completely. Her perfect breasts bare as she pushed them together with her arms, and gave me that shy grin she knew I loved.

I knew she was asking me if I liked what I saw, and she was reading my mind as well and knew I was craving more of her. She turned her back to me at the end of the bed and faced the mirror in front of her. From her reflection, I could see her staring at me as her fingers slid under her panties and slowly pulled them down. Her tongue licked her lips as she bent over and pulled them down to the floor, letting me enjoy the site of her bare ass. She stayed bent over like that for a few seconds with one hand sliding up between her legs, until her fingers pushed against her pussy and gently moved back and forth.

I wanted to sit up and grab her, but fought back the urge. I wanted to throw her down on the floor and go down on her, but I couldn’t move. I could see my cock bulging in my pants as I watched her finger slide deeper inside her moist lips. Just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to control myself much longer, she stood up with that same grin and turned back to me.

As if reading my mind again, she pulled down my pants while I quickly kicked off my shoes. I could see her surprise as she found me wearing nothing beneath my pants. I moved further back in bed and she crawled up at my feet and began to move slowly towards me. I could see the tip of my cock already wet, springing towards her mouth almost as she grew closer to me.

The warmth of her skin against mine was killing me and driving me further and further over the edge. If it were to ever happen, today would be the day I would cum without her ever touching me. With her legs straddling mine, and her body gliding gently over mine, I watched as she moved her mouth taksim escort down over my cock, only to kiss around the base instead. She continued teasing me like this for a while longer as my fingers clutched tighter against the sheets and my hips thrust upwards involuntarily.

That grin again. Her wet tongue sliding over her lips, then her body moving higher up my body until she lay flat on top of me…kissing me. I had missed those lips for so long now, and as if dreaming, felt them again against mine. To taste her again was incredible. All feeling seemed to have left my body while our lips stayed locked like this. Her breathing caught up with mine as our bodies enjoyed being together again.

A pause in her breath…her lips parted slightly as she sat up. One hand on my chest and the other wrapped around my cock…stroking me, then guiding me between her legs. Her eyes locked on mine as she moved down on my dick slowly. Her lips squeezed the head of my cock tighter as she let me in deeper. I held her hips and let her down even slower now as she smiled down at me. I watched as she took every inch of me inside her, and then lay her body back down on top of me.

She always knew exactly how to move her hips on top of me to make me cum quickly. Her nails dug into my chest as she began moving faster and faster on top of me. I could feel it building inside me, starting at my toes and quickly taking over the rest of my body. I belong to her, and she knew it.

I could feel her squeezing my cock tighter as she moved faster and faster. Maybe it was my imagination, but I could almost hear her asking me to let go. I felt my grip tighten as my hips moved up to meet hers over and over again. The room seemed to grow dark and almost spin as I kept my eyes glued on hers. Finally, I stopped keeping my hands pulling her body down against me hard. A few quick movements together and she had me exactly where she wanted me.

Her favorite part was over, but mine was only beginning and she knew what I was waiting for now. With my cock still rock hard, she slid up and down on me a few more times, before şişli escort sliding off and laying down next to me. A faint giggle escaped her lips as I jumped down at her feet and held them up to my lips.

I kissed her toes first, one at a time. My fingers traced the curves of her ankles, then behind her knees as I spread her legs. As my lips moved up her legs, I watched as her hand moved down between her legs, and her finger gently circled her clit. I moved slower still with my lips, enjoying the site of her fingers pressing against her wet pussy like that.

Enough. I couldn’t take it anymore and need her. I lie down in bed between her legs and found her fingers spreading her lips apart for me. My favorite part. My tongue moved slowly at first up and down between her lips as her body relaxed beneath me. I loved how wet she was on my lips as my tongue moved all around her clit.

Her hips began moving with me and I knew she was mine. She was exactly where I wanted her now, and it was my turn to make the room spin for her. First, one finger slid inside her while my tongue never left her clit. Pressing up gently, and rocking back and forth inside her, I began moving faster. I held her lips spread with one hand, while now two fingers slid inside her and gently fucked.

Her eyes remained closed as she ran her fingers through my hair and grabbed my head. Pulling me tighter against her pussy, she moved me exactly where she wanted me. Again my imagination was working overtime as I swear I could hear her asking me to fuck her pussy again…asking me to fuck her harder…faster, but as I looked up at her, I found her bighting her lips with eyes squeezed shut. Her hips almost bucking beneath me, I knew she was close. A minute longer and she was pushing me off of her as she came. I stayed on her pussy and licked her clean and enjoyed every sweet drop, until she relaxed again with me.

Creating memories. That is what we were doing so long ago. We were living in the moment. We didn’t think of our past, or our future, but enjoyed the moment we were in together. How are paths crossed, I couldn’t begin to explain, but still…so glad they did.

My most lasting memory, and fondest was the ten minutes afterwards we spent together in the shower. The lights off and my body behind hers as my arms wrapped around her and held her tight. Still no words were spoken, and none were needed.

That was the last night we spent together.

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