A Long Time Coming

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I walk in first, you’re close behind me.

You close the door and spin me around. Grabbing my face and kissing me deeply. I bite your lip gently and your hands trace along my back.

You pick me up and pull my legs up around your hips so I can feel your erection through your jeans.

You’re walking us towards the bed, locked in the passionate embrace, tongues beginning our exploration of bodies.

I’ve got my legs around your waist, you lower me onto the bed and I quickly undo your belt, buttons and zip of your jeans.

You are ripping off your shirt and mine and I’m wriggling out of my pants.

You’re hungry, you’ve been waiting so long for this moment. Your hands are everywhere, pushing me down onto my back, our clothes are a pile at our feet.

You’re kissing my neck, slowly working down to my breasts and nipples, licking down to my belly button, where you slow slightly before bringing your hands down to gently caress where your tongue has been only moments before… Squeezing my breasts and running your thumb over my now erect nipple.

Kissing down past my belly button to my pubic mound taking deep breaths inhaling the musky sweet aroma sizzling from between my thighs.

You look up at me as my fists are balled up on the sheets with my head rolled back in anticipation of your touch.

You pull my hips closer to your waiting lips and tongue, softly nibbling on my inner thighs, teasing.

You slide one finger down my most intimate folds, seeking the dripping moisture, sliding your way up inside, to taste, to tease more. I gasp.

You remove your finger and put it in your mouth, the first taste. You want more.

Your other hand is resting on my stomach, your nails dig into the soft flesh as you can’t wait any longer and start licking, nibbling and devouring my hot, dripping slit, penetrating my pussy with your tongue and your hands, rhythmically pulsating your fingers, caressing my clit. Making me pant and rise my hips to meet your face.

You grab my legs and wrap them around your head, One of my hands flows down to meet your head as I can’t get enough of the sensation of your probing needy mouth.

My back arches, it feels incredible.

I can’t hold back, I don’t want to hold back. And I start to orgasm around your tongue, your fingers rubbing my clit firmly to keep my juices flowing for your seemingly insatiable thirst, lapping up as much as you can until you’ve taken every last drop.

You gently disentangle my legs from your neck and slide up the length of me, your chest grazing my nipples as you kiss me, I can taste my ecstasy on your lips as you move your cock along the folds of my lips with your hand. Teasing, waiting for my juices to start flowing again. Just slipping through, but not penetrating, not yet, you want this to last, finally you’re all wet with my lube, your cock is straining, it wants to feel how tight and warm being inside of me is. I’m whimpering against your lips and grab your hand that’s gliding your throbbing shaft, in a less than silent plea. I have to have you inside of me.

I position you perfectly, pendik escort I need to feel your cock. You shudder, as I push my hips up to engulf your bulbous head, my walls already contracting, pulling you deeper. With your hands at my sides you slowly begin to thrust.

My eyes are rolling back into my head, you fill me up completely. Your big hard dick slick as you glide in and out.

You want to pound into me, but you’re already so close, you slow down, like the sweetest torture.

You kiss my neck and I lace my feet around your back, pulling you in closer. It’s ok, the first time doesn’t have to last long, I want you to feel the elevation I’ve already had once, you start to grind, you’re trying so hard not to explode, but as you grind your pelvis into my clit – my body starts contracting again as I start to peak to my second orgasm. I’m moaning your name, you can’t hold it back and you cum with me. A panting groaning, moaning mess of flesh. Twisting, writhing in time, thrusting faster as you spray your big load deep and full into my cervix.

You’re spent, it’s been a long time waiting, wanting this moment. We relax, you take my face in your hand and kiss me, deeply, your tongue making more exploratory movements into my mouth, I respond in kind with mine, we are breathing as one. Your other hand gently brushing my nipple. Feeling it harden under the coolness of the air. You take the whole breast in your hand and squeeze the soft tissue, loving the feel.

My eyes start to droop, yours are too, we fall into a light snooze still entwined as you soften inside of me. Foreheads touching, noses touching.

When you wake, your cock, still between my legs, starts to twitch and stiffen, you kiss me like you want to devour every inch of me. Our tongues linger together, the taste of you is slightly metallic and sweet. You are rock hard again as you slip yourself into me and thrust. I start to pant as you slide inside and push all the way up to the hilt. You roll onto your back and pull me on top. You want me to show you how I ride.

Hands on my hips now you grind my sodden pussy down onto your balls. Our earlier mess dribbling out of me now you’re filling me up and trickles down your sensitive sack.

I lean forward, one hand on the bed to steady myself as I kiss you.

Grinding against you, my hair falls over my face and my tits start to bounce as you pull me up and down. You slap one ass cheek and grab them both to get better hold and more control over my rough ride. You’re getting forceful, angling my ass further in the air as you take over the thrusting, as hard and as fast as you can. Our mingling-wetness slopping together as we fuck. I’m involuntarily mewing as you grab me close to grind again.

I can feel my body building to another orgasm. The heat, your thick hot rod between my thighs, the presence of your hands, you slap my ass and it’s too much, I throw my head back as I cry out, my hands coming up to knead my tits. My whole body shakes and you spank me again. My pussy swelling with my cum for what your delicious cock has done kartal escort once more.

I’m still moaning and basking in my release when you lustily demand me to get on my knees.

You slide in behind me as I position myself with my legs spread for you to push into. Pulling my cheeks apart you rub your dick along my creases, and back inside me with a sexy squelching sound that makes you even harder, knowing that was all your doing – the reason for all my moaning and grunting.

You fall forward slightly making sure you are completely immersed up to my cervix before you slowly glide back out again, and in again, picking up speed as you push in and out. Your hand on my thighs to pull my hips to you as you thrust in harder. You’re knocking the air out of my lungs as your cock slips through me. All the way to your heavy balls that slap against my wet thighs. You reach around and start rubbing my hard clit. And I squirm. You’re going to make me cum again.

I’m panting, and moaning as your fingers and thick dick work my body like an instrument.

All the nerves in your shaft tell you that you’ve got another load ready to bury in me as you’re listening to my renewed exertions as I help you with your thrusts. Getting closer and closer to another big finish together. I start to flood with wetness and cry out in ecstasy just before my contractions suck your cock deeper, and you cannot help but to explode pumping as fast as your hips will allow. Grunting and moaning with me. Your salty sweet cream filling my already overloaded snatch with your seed. You’re still sliding in and out as you start to slow down after your release savouring the wet feel of our efforts. Your hands rubbing my back and hips as you slip out and lay down panting.

The sweat beading your chest. You kiss me – I kiss you back before making my way into the bathroom to freshen up.

I turn the shower on and step into the steaming hot water to wash the sweat, sex and incredible amounts of cum out of my swollen pussy. You’re behind me. Your hand reaches between my legs to help me wash, fingering me gently as you pull our cream out slowly. Your thick fingers making my body shudder more as you press into my clit with your thumb knuckle. I turn around and pull you in to hungrily envelop your mouth with a bruising kiss as your fingers slide in and out pulling more of our combined goo to wash down the drain. Your dick is getting hard between us again, and I take you in my hands and start to massage your length. I want to taste you. You moan as I start to kiss down your chest and further down to your belly hair, taking the treasure trail down to your now straining cock and I get to my knees, with both hands on your hips, wrap my lips around your cockhead and suck, my tongue cleaning the remaining juices from our fucking. I can taste our cocktail of orgasm and feel my pussy getting slick once more.

I’m taking you in deep into my throat, my teeth lightly grazing your sensitive skin as I pull you out. You lean back against the wall of the shower whilst I’m pumping your shaft with my right maltepe escort hand and mouth. Your hands lace into my hair to hold my head as you look down at me and begin to thrust to fuck my face harder. My left hand moves to massage your sack, I’m thirsty for your juice. I change my sucking tactic and stop pumping with my hand, making swallowing motions with my throat and tongue whilst keeping you as far into my mouth as I can without gagging – you grunt as you feel your load moving up your balls to erupt into my throat. I keep swallowing, drinking your salty cum as it streams out of you. You hold my head firmly so I don’t waste any of it.

You stroke my wet hair as I continue to lick and suck your softening cock in a teasing, playful manner, the ends of your ejaculation still weep out the tip. Whilst you’re cooing what an amazing cock sucker I am.

You slide down the shower wall to sit on the floor with me and pull me close to straddle your legs as the hot water trickles onto us and you slip your fingers back inside of me and your tongue into my mouth. I moan against your lips now you’re rubbing my soaking wet cunt, I rock my hips to hump your hand. Your other hand is squeezing a tit and flicking my nipple. I place my hands on your shoulders to steady myself as I fuck your hand. Our tongues still entwining in tasting each other’s mouths. I pull back and bite your lip softly. You push harder inside of me, pumping. your hand that is rubbing my hard nipples slides down to caress my clit in a two handed assault on my insatiable lust for you. I groan. Your cock grows hard again listening to me moan against your fingers and you desperately want to squirt inside of me. Filling me with as much cream in our day together as possible.

Your hand moves from my clit to your dick as you slide your fingers out of me making me whimper in disappointment of being empty from you and position your throbbing cock at my willing entrance and push me down onto you once more. I sigh in relief. I’m moving up and down as you refill my lonely snatch with your shaft. The water dripping onto my back as I arch up and moan – you grab a breast and pull it up to your mouth to suck on as your hands glide my hips to rock up and down onto your blood filled rock hard bone. My head falls forward and I moan your name into your ear. Sending goosebumps along your arms and making your cock twitch inside of me. I moan again and you know I’m getting close. I whisper for you to never stop being inside of me. You love the power you have over my body, and push me harder onto your big dick, slipping me up and down, making sure my clit is hitting your hip bone each time my pussy engulfs all of you, teasing my body to come up for another release. I put my lips you yours and lick your teeth – you meet me with your tongue and we meld mouths. Inhaling each other. You stop the thrusting motions and grind me to you. Rocking us together. My tits spread against your chest.

You want to be inside of me every way you can. Completely wrapped up in our fleshy, wet union. I’m moaning, your cock is expanding, my pussy juices dribble down to your balls, as you feel my contractions squeezing your dick, begging for your cum. You won’t hold back as you let my cunt massage your seed forth. And we grunt and moan together in another amazing joining of our bodies. Your jizz filling me up to the brim.

My existence is to make you cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32