A Letter to My Lover

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If you were here right now….I would be on my knees in front of you. Waiting to please you.

I would be wearing black stilettos, thigh high stockings, with a matching garter. Crotchless lace panties and a push up bra.

Close your eyes. Can you see me?

You would be naked and your hard cock would be waiting for me.

Waiting for me to take it into my mouth.

I would suck you slowly at first, tasting every inch of your big dick.

“Mmmmmmm,” I’m getting so turned on. ‘I love your cock.’

‘I worship your cock.’

Can you feel my hot, wet mouth on you?

I would take the head into my mouth and squeeze my wet lips around it. I kiss it softly and lick it with my tongue. Swirling my tongue around it.

I love to tease you and watch you squirm, have you beg for more.

I would make my way down your cock.

Licking it like a lollipop.

Taking it all the way into my mouth until it makes me gag.

I would slobber all over it like a true slut.

Just halkalı escort making a mess and not caring.

Do you like when I slobber on your cock baby?

I would guide your hand to the back of my head and have you fuck my mouth, gently at first almost as if you were making love to it.

I would look up at you with my lustful eyes and suck you so hard. Swallowing every inch of it.

Can you hear those delightful, wet sucking noises?

Then you would start to move a little faster.

Thrusting your cock into my mouth.

Making me gag on every inch of your dick until my face is pressed up against your body.

I would suck you until you were begging me to let you fuck my pussy.

But still I would tease you until you couldn’t stand it anymore and you had to be in me.

You would lead me to the bed.

I would spread my long legs far apart and open my pussy as wide as I could, giving taksim escort it all to you.

Can you feel your cock inside me?

My pussy would be so wet and tight!

You would fuck me hard. Filling every inch of my pussy with your amazing cock.

“Oh my God, that feels so good.”


I would grab your ass and pull you deeper and deeper into me until your dick was knocking at my cervix.

“Oooooh, it hurts so good.”

You would make me moan and scream with pure pleasure.

“I love how you fuck me.”

I love how your dick feels in me.

Its like your dick was made especially for my pussy.

It knows all my spots and it fits me perfectly.

My pussy would clench against your cock so tight making you feel crazy good.

My pussy would respond to your thrusts and tighten around you.

I would cum all over your cock.

Digging my nails into your back.

Calling out your name as you move inside şişli escort me, feeling my pussy explode all over your dick.

Giving you all of my sweet juice.

Your cock would be glistening with my honey and you would tell me to suck it off.

“I love to taste my pussy on your dick baby.”

I would immediately obey and lay on the bed with my head hanging off.

I would deep throat you and you would feel the inside of my throat as you fucked my mouth.

You would tease me with your dick and take it in and out of my mouth, rubbing it over my lips and face.

Slapping it off my tongue.

I love feeling your wet dick all over my face.

I would try to suck it but still you would tease me.

Until I was begging you.

I would suck you so good.

You would put your hand to my face and feel your dick inside my mouth.

Do you like that?

Fucking my mouth until you couldn’t hold it anymore.

You would grab the back of my head and hold it firmly on your dick.

I would look up at you and watch the look on your face when you came in my mouth.

I would swallow and suck every last drop of your sweet, creamy, hot cum.

“It tastes so good.”

‘I love eating your cum baby.

My pussy is so wet right now, thinking about you. Don’t stay away to long. ??

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32