A Hyper Hookup

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A Hyper Hook Up 1: New experiences

By: BeybladeMoses

Tags: Futa, Male/Futa, Hyper, Excessive Cum, Huge Boobs, Penis expansion, Plot/Romance

All characters in this story are 18 years of age, or older!


It had been a long, day in the city of Eugene, Oregon; Tyler opened the door to his new apartment and threw his book bag on the couch followed shortly by his own exhausted body. He knew he definitely needed to shower, but right now he was mentally and physically exhausted from work and school. Thankfully spring break was about to kick off and he was absolutely stoked for the upcoming holiday period. After a quick shower and a refreshing nap he was off to hit the gym before settling in for the day. As he walked down the hallway to the apartment’s elevators he heard the unmistakable sound of a woman in the throes of passion followed shortly by some more…noises? As usual, they were coming from the apartment next door.

He inwardly laughed to himself. Somebody’s having…fun again.

He had only lived at his new place for a month, and had yet to meet his neighbor, who was the only other occupant on their floor. He had definitely heard their antics more than a few times but thankfully he wasn’t home enough for it to be an annoyance.

“Well, back to business.” He said to himself before continuing with his routine.

He stopped to get a coffee at the complex’s coffee shop for a much needed boost of energy. Mark was working the desk. He was a tall white guy with red hair and the most rootenest tootenest hipstery mustache he’d had ever seen, an impressive feat considering he had just moved from Providence, Rhode Island.

“What’s happenin my man, you getting the usual bro?”

“Yea, it’s about that time man.” Tyler said as he rolled his shoulders.

“Cool man, cool. So I heard you live on the 7th floor. Have you met Suki yet? You two are the only ones up there.”

“Naw, but I’ve definitely heard… someone up there though.”

Mark’s eye brow arched at the statement but he continued working. “Well you’ll definitely know her when you see her. She’s uhh… hard to miss. You’ll see, she’s actually taking over for me here in a hour.” He said as he handed Tyler his double shot.

“Well maybe I’ll see her when I get back.”

“Like I said, she’s hard to miss.” He said with a grin.


By the time Tyler had got back to the apartment complex the sun was beginning to set. One task led to another and before he knew it, it was dusk. As he walked through the lobby he looked over to the coffee bar and to see a woman bent over, looking for something under the counter.

This must be my mystery neighbor. Well, now is as good a time as any. He thought to himself. “Hey there missy, I’m Ty-” he stopped, dumbfounded. The woman that turned to meet him was fair skinned, with white and Asian features, had thick jet black hair in a asymmetrical lob cut, wore a pair of thick framed black square glasses that slightly magnified her cognac brown eyes, and had freckles across the bridge of her cute nose, but what stunned Tyler so completely were the gargantuan orbs that jostled underneath her burgundy sweater when she turned to face him. He could tell from the way they swayed as she turned that they were completely unsupported and were pushing the sweater to its limits. The lower curve of her breasts were level with the counter top and even without support they must have pushed out about a foot from her torso. Jesus! Hard to miss was the understatement of the damn century.

Realizing she was looking at him, and that he had been staring, He immediately picked his jaw up from the floor and reached his hand out. “Hey, hi, I’m Tyler, nice to meet you.”

She maintained a deadpan face for a few seconds, looking him over before flashing him a smile with her pearly white teeth and enthusiastically thrusting her hand out to shake his hand. The motion sent her massive assets jostling again. “Hiya, I’m Suki, Mark told me you just moved in next door!”

“Yea, about a month ago.”

“Did you say a month ago!?” She said as some of the color left her face. There was an awkward pause this as both their minds began recalling the sounds emanating from her room. “So… have you heard anything odd…”

He smiled. “Oh no, nothing to out of the norm, some sirens here and there, owls, a couple going at it like every day. You know normal apartment things.”

Suki turned beet red and dropped her face into her hands overwhelmed by embarrassment. “Oh. My. God. I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize anyone lived next door yet.”

He laughed. “Hey I’m kidding, I’m kidding, but if I hear anything else I’ll only beat on the wall once before I report your ass. I’m that kind of neighbor.” He said sarcastically.

She pulled her still flushed face out of her hands pouting the entire time. “We just met and you’re already teasing me. Seriously! Well you can kiss your house warming canlı bahis şirketleri cookies goodbye guy!”

“Woah now, slow down there. Let’s talk; I’m willing to negotiate on the teasing.”

“Oh god.” She said as she rolled her eyes.

Great, he’s annoying and hot, what a combo.

The two went on bantering back and forth for what must have been an hour and it didn’t take a whole lot of time to realize that there was some definite chemistry between the two. Suki looked him up and down once more, this time noticing the salami thick sausage snaking it way down the leg of one of his jeans. She couldn’t help but bite her lip slightly as her eyes returned to his. She had always been a bit of a size queen but she’d never actually seen such a huge dick in person, at least on a guy. She leaned over onto the counter to hide her enormous hardening thumb thick nipples from showing through her sweater sending her massive mammeries to either side of her torso. Her sweater was quickly approaching critical levels of stress in the battle to contain her boobs.

“Alrighty then, te –“Tyler was cut off by a sudden gurgling sound, seemingly emanating from Suki’s stomach. It was so loud he would have thought it unrealistic had it not clearly come from Suki. The depth and tone of the noise certainly didn’t sound like something that could come from a 5’5 hyper feminine woman like the one standing in front of him.

“Whoa… somebody’s hungry.”

“Oh, umm, yea, it’s been a while since I…ate, that’s it.” She said as she awkwardly stood back up, pressing her chest out, and putting the outsized nipples she was attempting to hide earlier on display. “I’m gon-“Before she could finish she was interrupted by another loud gurgle. “I’m gonna finish closing up now bye.” She said as she quickly and awkwardly shuffled out of sight into the coffee lounge’s employees only room shutting the door behind her.

“Hey, is everything alright?” He asked, confused by her odd behavior. “We didn’t finish talking about the terms for those cookies.”

“Yep everything’s good, just stop by tomorrow or something.” She said from the other room.

“Umm, ok, take it easy then.” As Tyler walked away from the coffee bar towards the buildings elevators he could once again hear the muffled sound of gurgling coming from behind the employee only door. Well that was unusual.


As Suki heard Tyler’s footsteps draw further away she cracked the door open to make sure nobody else was around and to catch a glimpse of Tyler. He was by no means a body builder but he possessed a toned athletic definition that hinted at an active lifestyle. She looked hungrily from behind the door as he waited for the elevator, admiring the muscles on display in his arms, back and calves and savouring the image of his well-defined ass.

The guy really knows how to take care of himself. She thought as she watched him walk into the elevator and the stainless steel doors closed behind him. She turned around and drew in a deep breath. Incidents like these were normal in the past for Suki but it had been quite a while since anything like this happened, especially since she had increased the dosage on her suppressant meds. As she took another deep breath and closed her eyes to try and calm herself down her exercise was interrupted again by another loud gurgle. She looked down in annoyance, grabbing the source of her frustration.

“Ugghh, why do you have to be like this? Why do you always get like this whenever I meet someone I like?” she said as shook the massive bulge between her legs. The added stimulation only caused her prodigious cock and balls to swell slightly larger against her spandex leggings. She again inhaled deeply and closed her eyes to try and clear her mind of indecent thoughts.

Suki was what modern society referred to as a Hermaphrodite, or Futanari, people that possessed both sets of genitalia. They were exceedingly rare among the populace with only 1 in a million being born as one, and even among them Suki was a special case. She suffered from a rare condition that caused her assets to grow progressively larger. At the age of 18 she wore a E cup bra, had an easily hidden 5 inch penis and walnut sized balls, by 24 she had shot up to a JJ cup bra, had a 16 inch dick as thick as a coke can, and orange sized balls, and at her current age of 32 she was now sporting a massive U cup bra, a 32 inch long thigh thick dick, and a pair testicles the size of basket balls. To further complicate things her cock and balls would grow larger the more turned on she got, but at least they shrank back down to her ‘regular’ size after some relief or meditation but usually only after relief. The sudden changes had undoubtedly made life more difficult over the years, she had gone from an unassuming “cute girl”, to the “busty chick with a giant dick” to one of the “town land marks” over the course of a decade and her oversized equipment often made social canlı kaçak iddaa interactions awkward to say the least, but it wasn’t all bad.

Even with the changes she went through her family and friends accepted her for who she was, she had a decently paying job as a barista at her apartment’s coffee shop on top of her subsidy from the government, and she had a doctor that helped manage her condition. Life was pretty good, and though she would have never openly admitted it, she actually enjoyed just how big everything on her was getting. Recording her growth month after month, year after year had been a favorite past time of hers until she started getting too big and she had to seek out help. When she was younger she had always fantasized about having bigger boobs and a bigger cock, but if you told her a decade ago she would have ended up where she was now, she would have brushed it off as a wishful fantasy. Now, did she miss wearing normal clothes, Yes. Did she miss going to public swimming pools without getting stopped by police, yes, but did she enjoy her horse dwarfing cock and balls and the excessive floods of cum and pleasure it brought her? Hell yes. Life was pretty good, but being a hyper endowed Futa could be a little…intimidating to most folks.

Suki inhaled deeply one last time before the audible rumbling in her balls brought her back to reality. “Ok, ok, let’s get you taken care of girl.” She said to herself as she turned off the lights and finished closing up for the night.


The week continued to be a hectic one for Tyler. He had been caught up with school work right after he’d met Suki until dawn and only narrowly avoided turning in his assignments late, but at least now he had a few weeks to chill and procrastinate until summer semester started up. Unfortunately for him that vacation would have to wait a little while longer. It had been down pouring since early in the morning and it was estimated to continue on into early next week. As he listened to the barrage of rain against the glass balcony door to the living room the lights flickered on and off for a moment before shutting off completely, leaving the room illuminated in a dim murky light.

“Fuck.” He muttered to himself as he stood up to test the lights in his living room. To his dismay the power was indeed out and with the flooding going on around town he was pretty much stuck inside for the duration.


His phone screen lit up with a new message alert. It was from his neighbor Suki.

“Hey, it’s Suki. Is your power out?”

“Yup, you?”

“Yea ? me too. I was about to play some Outer Worlds too???.”

“Bummer, but hey, you kiddos these days need to get away from technology every once in a while ;).”

“Umm, I’m pretty sure I’m older than you ‘Kiddo’ XD.”

“Ok, put your money where your mouth is then grandma, I invoke the ancestral rite of Uno!”

“You nerd, name the time and place whipper snapper :3.”

“Your place in 10.”

“Hah, bring it ;).”

“Alright, I’ll be over shortly to end your Uno career…”

A few minutes later he arrived at her apartment with a six pack of Coronas. Her door was propped open.

“Hello? Anybody home, I brought some drinks!”

“Hey c’mon in, I’m in the back but I’ll be right out. Make yourself comfortable.” She yelled from deeper inside her apartment.

Tyler entered her abode and took in his surroundings; her corner apartment had a different layout than his apartment and had a much more spacious living/dining room than his own. He could tell it had just been cleaned. He could smell the faint aroma of lavender and perfume in the air. The living room space itself was fairly mundane as far as living room spaces went with nothing of particular note catching his eye except the 56′ plasma screen tv on the wall, the lab top sitting on the coffee table playing the Goonies, and the collection of video games stacked next to a PlayStation 4.

She’s a gamer, nice. He thought.

“I’ll be right out, one sec!” She yelled from down the hall.

“Take your time, I’m just chilling.” He said as he took a seat on the sectional sofa and opened one of the Coronas he had brought over. Mama Fratelli and her boys had just captured Chunk and were interrogating him. “I freaking love this movie, I can’t remember the last time I saw it.” Suki walked in and began working on something in the kitchen area behind him. He looked over out of curiosity to see what she was up to but he could only see part of her butt, the rest of his view of her was obscured by the kitchen counter. She was wearing a pair of gray skin tight leggings. Her lower half was a bit more proportional to that of an average woman as opposed to her head dwarfing boobs, but her derriere was definitely nothing to scoff at. From what he could make out her thighs and booty were well-toned and firm. She wasn’t excessively bodacious but the woman definitely didn’t skip out on leg day.

“Nice.” canlı kaçak bahis He quietly said to himself as he returned to the feature.

“Alright here you are.” She said as she brought a tray full of cookies over.

“Hey thaaa-” He was again dumbstruck as She leaned over to place tray on the coffee table. She was wearing a baby blue tank top that was a size or two too small without a bra which was really putting her entire canyon’s worth of cleavage on display. He could just barely make out the outer rim of her coaster sized areolas that surrounded her thick nipples underneath the fabric, but that wasn’t what left him speechless this time, as she stood up Tyler’s eyes stayed glued to what looked like a rolled up yoga matt cascaded over a pair of basket balls stuffed snuggly in the front of her grey leggings.

“Umm Suki.”

“Yea, what’s up?”

“What… is that?”

“They’re white macadamia nut. Sorry there’s no milk I don’t know how long this power outage will be so I’m keeping the fridge shut.” She said as she non chloranthy popped the cap off her beer and took a seat next to tyler.

“No, I mean THAT.” He said as he gestured at the huge bulge between her legs.

Suki looked down between her legs then slowly looked back up at Tyler’s stunned face with a tight lipped smile.

“What? Never seen a Futa before?”


There was a pause as the two looked each other over.

Tyler looked her over fully this time without hesitation. He’d heard of Futas before and knew that they could come in some pretty large sizes but he’d never seen or heard of anything like this before. His eyes zipped back and forth between her face, breasts, and the Massive cock and balls that rested between her legs. She was still undeniably gorgeous and had the largest rack he’d ever seen but the insanely huge bulge between her legs had left him speechless, even so he could feel his own cock starting to get hard at the sight of her. It seemed that even in the face of such intimidating prospects his love for a pretty face and a pair for massive boobs outvoted his feelings on what rested below. His eyes were again drawn to the massive bulge hammocked within her leggings the whole thing just seemed unreal to him.

“Hey, my boobs are up here.”

He coughed and choked slightly on his drink, snapped back to reality by her remark. “Umm, yea, right, sorry. It’s just that I’ve never met…someone like you before.”

“I get it, it’s not every day you meet a Futa.” She said as she stretched out, not so subtly thrusting her chest out in the process. “Just promise me you’re not going to get weird or jealous.” She joked.

He could tell she was trying to play it cool and but her nervousness was seeping through her act and given the circumstances he was a little nervous as well.

“I don’t think that’s fair, by the looks of it you’re bigger than most things on 4 legs.” He said as his eyes drifted from her face back down the massive bulge between her legs. He took another big swig of the beer he was drinking to finish it before reaching over for another beer. Suki did the same.

After finishing another beer the atmosphere had definitely calmed down a bit more and Tyler was almost able to forget about the massive bulge threatening to tear through Suki’s leggings… almost. She seemed normal enough though. They continued with more small talk about their experiences before Tyler finally asked the big question.

“So… what’s it like?”

“What’s what like?” she said as she leaned back and spread her legs, taking another swig of her drink. The act made her bulge look even bigger than it had been before.

“You know, having a giant dong? It’s gotta be awesome right?” He gestured at her huge bulge. “To be totally honest, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t a little jealous.”

“Oh, only a little jealous huh.” She said still trying to play it cool but very obviously blushing. Oh god, if he only knew! “Umm, well it definitely keeps things…interesting, but I think it’s more of a hassle. Most people think its fake, but once they know it’s real they either get intimidated by it or they just want to see how big it is and that’s it. It’s one of the reasons I don’t go out much.”

“Aaaand? There’s gotta be a silver lining to it as well.” He said flashing her a smile.

As if to urge her on as well Suki’s balls gurgled and rumbled, swelling in size slightly as well. She began fidgeting and rearranging herself in an effort hide the growth but it did not go unnoticed by Tyler.

“Did you ju—”

“NO, I DIDNT!” She blushed even more than before. As if to disagree with her statement her balls once again gurgled louder this time and swelled slightly larger. The sounds of popping stitches could be heard coming from the inseam of her leggings as her swelling bulge continued stressing their confines. She nervously went back to drinking her own beer to play it off.

“Hey, is… everything alright?”

Instead of answering the question she quickly finished her drink before opening another and promptly standing up. “Excuse me for a moment.” She said before dashing off down the hallway nearly losing her balance.

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