A Hot Lawyer – Calling the Shots

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“Does she like you to go down on her?”

“Not really. She says that it’s too… too dirty.”

“Then I suppose she doesn’t….”

“No. Clare thinks that’s dirty too…”

Ben was so apprehensive that Victoria was going to notice his throbbing boner jutting against her gently swaying backside that he hardly knew what he was saying.

“Oh Goddd!…” he groaned distractedly.

The young man’s boss smiled to herself at his nervousness. She turned to face him while casually pulling her tight skirt up to her waist. A knowing grin creased her lips as she nimbly stepped out of her panties. She reached out and laid the miniscule satin triangle on Ben’s shoulder

“I want you to go down on me dear…” she said as coolly as if she were saying she preferred wheat toast to white.

“I don’t…. understand…” Ben stammered, totally unable able to tear his eyes away from Victoria’s stocking tops and the now exposed hairy triangle between them.

“I don’t think I can say it any more clearly. I want you to eat me Ben!”…she murmured, stepping a little nearer so that she could reach out and play with the knot of the young man’s tie.

“But Ms. Jackson…my wife…” Dan whimpered, his eyes now flashing up pleadingly to Victoria’s.

“Clare’s not here now is she Ben? She’ll never know. Besides… you know you want to!…”

As she said this Victoria reached into Ben’s crotch with her right hand. She pressed her palm against his bulging tool through his pants.

‘Unhhh!…” Ben groaned in response.

Of course he wanted to do it. There was nothing in the world he wanted to do more at that moment than to press his face into the juncture of this seductive woman’s loins and lick her out her until her eyes crossed. But he was terrified that his wife would ultimately find out that he had betrayed her.

“We can’t Ms. Jackson…Ahhhh…” he croaked as the sultry beauty standing in front of him gave his hard-on an incendiary squeeze.

“It wouldn’t be…Ahhh… right!…”

Victoria stared at her squirming young aide for a moment with a calculating gaze.

“I can make you do it you know?…”

Ben was so aroused he wasn’t sure if he was hearing her right. He had never been in a situation like this before. But he knew he shouldn’t do it. He was scared of his wife finding out and he was scared of this predatory older woman who was so shamelessly tempting him.

“Ms. Jackson. I know I’m the new guy around here and that you have a lot influence with the partners…”

Victoria carried on as if Ben weren’t even speaking.

“It’s probably better if I do make you do it, at least the first time. It’s that what you want? You want me to make you go down on me? I suppose that would help to relieve your guilty conscience wouldn’t it? Well then… I can do that!…”

“What?…No!…Don’t!…Please. There really isn’t anything that you can say…”

“Oh I’m not going to say anything…” Victoria drawled as she slipped her caressing hand deeper between Dan’s legs and closed her fingers on his vulnerable testicles.

“I’m done talking… for now…” she purred. Still smiling, she closed her fist on those sensitive nuggets, squashing them together painfully

“Wahhh!…Heyyy!…Don’tt!…” Ben yelped, reflexively reaching down with his own hands to try and free himself from Victoria’s unexpected assault.

“Ahh Ahh!…Don’t!…” she warned, increasing the pressure of her punishing grip.

A blinding surge of nausea swept up from Ben’s groin so swiftly that he though he might faint. He quickly dropped his hands to his sides.

“That’s better. Now down you go…” Victoria instructed, easing the pressure of her fiercely gripping hand just enough to allow Ben to focus on her instructions. She pulled down on his nuts and on his tie. She had to bend forward to keep her stern grip on him as Ben’s shaky legs buckled and he folded to his knees in front of her.

“All the way…” she encouraged, pulling on his aching testicles until he was sitting on his heels.

Letting go of his tie she reached down for one of Ben’s hands. The young man resisted her. Victoria tightened her crushing fist once more on his nuts.

“Nahhh!…Please!…” he whimpered in realdistress.

“Don’t fight me lover. You lost this one when you let me get you by the balls. Now give me your hand.”

The squirming young man had no choice but to let her take his hand.

Victoria laced her fingers through his, bending his wrist back at an extreme angle. In a moment more Ben found himself with his hand bent over backwards by his ear and his elbow pointing up at the ceiling. It felt like the raven haired beauty standing over him was going to dislocate his shoulder.

The good news was that she released his balls and moved that hand up and tangled it in his hair. She held his face turned up towards her as she took a couple of mincing little steps forward and spread her legs apart. Positioning her luxuriant bush just a hair’s breadth from his face, pendik escort she tipped her pelvis up so that her slit was within easy reach.

Looking down on him with a hungry smile, Victoria repeated her earlier request, only now it was a demand…”Eat me!…”

Ben looked up for a moment longer into this stunning woman’s eyes. Then he turned his gaze back to the inviting feast in front of him. He guessed he didn’t really have any choice. He closed his eyes, opened his mouth and leaned forward like a hungry man at a pie eating contest.

Four weeks to the day before that Ben Clark was entering the prestigious law offices of Levi, McCormack & Henderson – Los Angeles for the first time. He had finished his law degree with honors (not high honors) a year earlier at a small and undistinguished college in the mid-west. He knew that succeeding at LeeMac was the best chance he had at building a successful practice of his own and he was going to do everything in his power to make that happen.

He had married his long time girl friend and he owed it not only to himself but to her not to blow this opportunity. He was prepared to do whatever it took, he thought.

LeeMac had separate floors for criminal, civil, corporate and family law. Ben had hoped to make his way up in the corporate office or, as a second choice, the civil. But the gods were not smiling on him that first day and he found himself being directed to the offices of the family practice.

He had letter of introduction from HR that he was supposed to present to Victoria Jackson, the senior partner of the family law group. He would later find out that Ms. Jackson was truly a luminary in the rarified upper strata of divorce attorneys. She represented only aggrieved women and was the ‘go-to’ girl for the ‘cheated on’ wives of corporate magnates and Hollywood producers. She was often seen on the six o’clock news, leading one sun glassed beauty or another from the court house. The client had just received an undisclosed but enormous settlement from her rock star husband.

That was all that Ben knew about her and was looking forward to meeting her. But in fact on that first day, Ms. Jackson had time for only the briefest of meetings with him. She had a long day of depositions in front of her she said. Even so, Ben was impressed.

Vickie Jackson was only in her late thirties and had rose to the pinnacle of her profession in an amazingly short time. Ben had heard that she was known to be totally relentless when it came to unearthing the sins of her clients’ husbands and then using that information to lever vast settlements from them or judgments against them. It was even rumoured that she may have (not personally of course, but somehow) arranged for certain introductions to be made that later turned out to be quite incriminating for the husbands of some of her clients who had otherwise led a totally blameless existence.

Knowing only of that reputation Ben was a little surprised to find that Ms. Jackson did not appear to be the ruthless haridan he had imagined. She was, it was true, a very striking woman. She was probably about 5 foot 8, almost Ben’s height in her high heels. Her flowing mane of dark hair framed her face as it cascaded to her shoulders. She had a very trim figure, perhaps a little chesty but it was hard to tell beneath the tailored jacket she was wearing.

His new boss had very little free time that morning, but she shook Ben’s hand and definitely took her time looking him over. She told him she hoped he didn’t mind ‘starting at the bottom’. Ben promised that he would work very hard. Mrs. Jackson smiled a slow smile and then passed him on to her executive assistant to get him oriented.

Her assistant was Roxanne Hilton who Ben soon found out that everyone, even though she didn’t like it, referred to her behind her back as ‘Paris’ because of her resemblance to the lanky, doe eyed blonde actress.

Roxanne was a little less forthcoming when Ms. Jackson called her in and asked her to take charge of Ben. His first thought was that Miss Hilton looked a little young (probably about his own age) and a little sort of ‘lightweight’ to have such a responsible position.

He was soon warned to be wary of this young woman. She was extremely territorial about her position and her boss. Many a careless intern had found himself called on the carpet by Ms. Jackson as ‘certain shortcomings in their work’ had been brought to her attention by ‘someone more responsible’ in the organization.

Roxanne got him set up with a desk and his own laptop in the corner of the outer office. She showed him the research library with its endless rows of legal tomes. Then she gave him three thick files of current cases that were awaiting trial dates. She told him simply to find all the relevant precedents he could in the case histories and to work up some notes on the significance of those precedents and how they effected the outcome of those cases. Then, with a sort of withering smile, she left kartal escort him to it.

Ben was a little daunted at first but decided that if he was going to make a good impression this was the time to start. He read through Ms. Jackson’s cases, got a little help from some of the other interns in figuring out the referencing system of the library, and started making notes.

He worked long hours in the evening and each morning left a summary of what he felt were his most interesting findings on Roxanne’s desk. By late morning he’d usually get his work back, a lot of it crossed out as not pertinent, but one or two items marked ‘Is there more info on this?’.

Ben was never sure if it was Ms. Jackson or Roxanne who was reviewing his work.

After about ten days of this Roxanne approached him one morning and said… “Ms. Jackson wants you to focus on the Carlson case. The trial date has been fast tracked to two weeks from now.”

This was the first indication that Ben had that he was doing anything useful. He went back to work even harder. He started seeing Mrs. Jackson briefly when she came out to talk to him about some of the data he had unearthed.

Then, the morning before the trial, Roxanne told him to come in early the next day. Ms. Jackson wanted him and all his files in court with her.

Ben was elated. Sitting in the second row with Roxanne and another paralegal from the office, watching Ms. Jackson do her magic in the courtroom was spellbinding. His boss was wearing a form fitting jacket that emphasized her curvaceous figure. The white top she was wearing beneath her linen jacket revealed a very distracting amount of cleavage. Her white skirt was knee length and very snug.

Ben noticed that she wasn’t in the least bit reluctant to use her feminine charms to her advantage. When she was examining the evasive husband before the judge, she several times leaned towards him at crucial moments in his testimony, exposing more of the succulent valley between her breasts to him. This invariably caused him to stammer and stumble through his protestations at the most inappropriate moments.

When she was finishing up with him, she paced back and forth in front of him, her shoulders back, her conical breasts thrust up and out ahead of her. Those high setting globes jiggled and swayed most provocatively as she strutted back and forth on her heels like a runway model.

Mr. Carlson was so obviously ogling her alluring display that Ben figured he never even felt the knife slipping in as she eviscerated him and his testimony. At one point Victoria came back to her table, leaned over and asked Ben to give her some documents she wanted. Ben couldn’t help himself from gazing longingly at those golden orbs so brazenly on display. When he caught himself and looked up quickly, Ms. Jackson gave him a wink and a smile before she turned to once more confront poor Mr. Carlson. She finally allowed him to step down after making him look like a drooling idiot in front of the not amused female judge.

Ultimately that judge asked the lawyers back to her chambers for a little talk. Twenty minutes later Victoria was back at her client’s side smiling broadly. It was all over. After hearing the judge’s remarks, the husband’s lawyer had taken Vickie aside and proposed a handsome settlement, fearful that the judge might dictate an even more egregious judgement. Ms. Jackson had accepted on her client’s behalf and chalked up one more victim for her trophy wall.

But the day was not finished. They all had to go back to the office and complete a lot of paperwork. The overjoyed client invited Victoria and her staff out for a celebratory drink.

Ms. Jackson said she and Ben had some work to do for the following day but offered Roxanne as Mrs. Carlson’s sacrificial drinking partner. Roxanne didn’t seem pleased by this turn of events but there was nothing she could do about it. Off she and the laughing client went but not before Roxanne gave Ben a threatening, slit eyed look.

Ms. Jackson led Ben into her office, taking off her jacket on her way in and hanging it on a stand by the door.

“Why don’t you take off your jacket too and relax a little Ben. I haven’t had much time to talk to you since you arrived. Why don’t you tell me a little about yourself…Scotch?…I’m having one. A stiff one…” Vickie offered, going over to the sideboard near her desk and opening a bottle.

Ben wasn’t much of a drinker but he didn’t want to seem ungracious. He was taking off his own jacket and hanging it up as he replied…


Then he turned to face Ms. Jackson as she turned to him carrying two drinks. He was just opening his mouth to say something but nothing came out.

Underneath her formal suit jacket it turned out Victoria was wearing the slinkiest little white sheath dress he had ever seen. Her voluptuous body was barely contained by the soft fabric which clung to her hour glass curves like a second skin. Her arms and shoulders were bare and maltepe escort she moved towards him with a feline grace, offering him his drink with a smile.

Alarm bells were going off in Ben’s head. He suddenly had the distinct impression that his attractive boss might be interested in examining his briefs and he wasn’t thinking of the ones that came out of a filing cabinet.

“Ahhh…You were amazing in the courtroom today…” he finally managed to stammer.

“Why thank you Ben…I really appreciate all the work you did in preparation. Cheers…” she toasted, taking a long slow sip of her drink. Ben did the same.

“Now. Something about you. You’re married I understand. To who? How did you meet?..” Vickie asked, moving nearer so that her heady perfume surrounded her young assistant.

“Ahhh… My wife Clare and I, we met when we were kids. I guess you could say I married my childhood sweetheart. We’ve been married for three years now. No kids. Probably in a couple of years. Clare teaches grade 3 in a Catholic school in our neighborhood. We thought we’d wait ’til my career was more settle’. That’s about it. Nothing too startling there I guess.”

“Is she pretty? I’m sure she is. When’s her birthday?”

The birthday question made Ben stop for a second. August 3rd or 8th, he wasn’t totally sure.

“Early next month…Her birthday….It’s coming up. Is she pretty?…” Ben paused there too. Clare was good looking in a ‘girl next door’ sort of way. Not ‘make you look twice’ sexy like Ms. Jackson or Roxanne but he thought it was fair to answer…”Yeah. I guess you’d say she’s attractive and smart, very smart. I’m lucky that way.”

“It’s sounds like you are. Quite the couple. Ummm… I wonder if you’d do something for me Ben?…” Vickie asked, putting down her drink on a nearby table.

“Ahhh…I can try…”

Vickie turned so that her back was too Ben. She reached back and pulled her hair to one side.

“I’ve got a knot at the base of my neck. It’s really tight. Could you get your thumbs in there and see if you can loosen it up?”

“Sure… No problem…” Ben said, putting his drink down too. Then he put his hands on Vickie’s shoulders and started fumbling around with his thumbs, trying to find the tight spot in the top of her back.

“Ummm… Lower…Unn Hnn…A little to the left…Yeah…That’s good…You can work it a little harder Ben. I’ll let you know if you’re too rough…Ummm!…Oh yesss!…Right there!… Uhh Hnn!…” Vickie purred.

As Ben massaged her resilient flesh, Vickie let her head hang forward a little. When she did that Ben became immediately aware of her gum drop shaped ass pressing into his crotch.

‘Oh God!…” he moaned to himself. He could distinctly feel her silky butt nestling into his groin. His cock immediately began to stiffen up. Well of course it did. Her perfume, the intimate feel of his hands on her, the warmth of her body pressing against him. He couldn’t help it. The last thing he wanted was for Ms. Jackson to discover how much she was arousing him. Ben discreetly tipped his pelvis back so that he wasn’t poking his boss in the ass with his eager boner.

But Vickie knew what she was doing. She knew exactly how to push her young assistant’s buttons. She had smiled to herself when she felt him getting hard against her. And she was just getting started. This was going to be fun. She brought her hands up and laced her fingers behind her head

“See if you can do something under my shoulder blades will you dear…”

Ben did as she asked. But in order to get his thumbs in the middle of her back he had to move his hands to her sides. Without meaning to, his fingers were now gently resting on the outer swells of her breasts. At the feel of those resilient globes rising and falling under his hands, Ben’s cock became rigidly erect.

Then Vickie asked casually…”So what kind of sex do you and Clare enjoy?”

Ben was so startled by the question that he barely noticed that Mrs. Jackson had shimmied back, purposefully nestling her sinuous ass into his groin.

“I’m sorry. I’m not sure I…”

“Oh come on Ben. Don’t play so innocent! A handsome young guy like you. A good career ahead of you. A pretty young wife. I would imaging you guys are doing it like rabbits. So where do you like to do it? In the pool? In the kitchen? Do you do her bent over the couch in the den? Does she blow you on the drive to grandma’s house? I’m curious. Tell me.”

Ben’s head was swimming in confusion. Here was his gorgeous boss, carelessly driving him crazy with excitement, casually asking about his sex life at home. And the strange thing was Ben couldn’t think of any reason not to tell her. And, for whatever reason, he didn’t want to lie.

“Ahh Well…Clare only likes to do it in bed, in our bed, with me on top. Not too exciting I guess.”

“Is she on the pill?”

“Unn…no. She says it makes her too irregular. She makes me wear a condom, at least until we decide we want to have kids.”

Vickie couldn’t help but smile at these revelations. Oh this was just too perfect!

“Does she like you to go down on her?”

By now Ben was sure that Victoria couldn’t help but notice his throbbing boner jutting against her gently swaying backside. Surely she was going to say something!

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