A Helping Hand

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She’d noticed him around on more than one occasion but something about the way he held her gaze a second too long today, just wouldn’t escape her head.

She was sure she recognised him from somewhere, those dark eyes seemed to stir something deep inside her, something strangely familiar.

Shaking her head she climbed into her car, flipping the mirror down to check her reflection. Signs of age were creeping in but she still took care of herself. Not that it went noticed or appreciated by her husband. She could still turn a head as moments earlier has proved, something that always gave her a little kick.

Turning the key, it took a few goes before the engine kicked into life. She’d moaned a few times it wasn’t right, it fell on deaf ears though. The rain started to pound heavy on the windscreen as she pulled out of the supermarket carpark and started the drive home. The kids were with their grandparents this evening, a welcome respite while her husband was away working. She smiled at the thought of a heavenly bottle of wine alone on the sofa.

A couple of miles up the road her mobile trills in her bag. Pulling over to answer it’s her husband. Just checking in before he goes out to dinner with the lads. After exchanging niceties for a couple of minutes they say their goodbyes. She turns the key to start the car again, nothing. Growing madder by the minute she angrily tries to call him again, no answer. Clicking on her hazard lights, she starts rummaging in her purse for the AA card.

Suddenly lights dazzle her in her rear view mirror, ‘Fuck’ she thinks, pressing down the auto lock button on her door.

She hears a car door slam and a shadow appear at her window. The car windows are already steamed up in the hammering rain. Hitting the button she allows the window to roll down a few inches. It’s him. The guy from the supermarket. Both relief and dread consume her all at once. Relief at being ‘rescued’ and dread at him seeing her so flustered like this.

“Need a hand?” He asks smiling.

“Please, get in you’re getting soaked!” she replies.

She bakırköy escort quickly smooths her hair as he walks around to the passenger side and jumps in.

He’s even better close up and smells divine. She feels something stir between her legs as he asks what the problem is, instructing her to pop the bonnet.

“Christ” she says to herself as he jumps out and flips the bonnet up. He’s not there long before getting back in, soaked to the skin.

“I can’t see enough in this light and it’s hammering it down, are you local?” He asks wiping the rain from his face.

“Um not far maybe a couple of miles?” She breathes in her very best damsel in distress voice. Almost cringing inside at how she must sound. She notices him glance at her hand, at her wedding ring.

“Have you called your husband?”

“No answer” she replies.

He notes the irritation in her voice.

“Can I drop you home & I’ll come back out at first light & take a proper look?”

She bites her lip, this isn’t something she’d ever say yes to but in a rage at her husband being of no use, she agrees.

“That would be great if you really don’t mind?”

“Sure” he smiles, “Don’t forget your groceries”, he nods at the bottle of wine & oddments in the bag on the back seat.

She gets out into the rain, this was not forecast and she is not dressed for it. Though October it’s been so mild. Wearing only flip flops and a strappy dress, they are now soaked through.

As she jumps into the warmth of his car she notices his eyes drop to her breasts. Her cleavage slick with rain and her nipples, clearly visible, haven’t escaped his attention. She can feel a warm tingle spread between her thighs. She hasn’t felt this in a long time and she relishes it. She can hear him swallow hard and in that instant, seeing the reaction she’s having on him she makes a decision. Looking up at his face, his dark eyes and dripping hair and those lips. Just begging to be kissed. She tilts her head and smiles at him, “Ok?”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to, don’t think..” he beşiktaş escort stammers.

“Shhh” she tells him, placing a hand on his thigh. He groans at her touch as she feels his thigh tense.

“You better take me home…”

Fumbling to get the key in the lock, her hands shake slightly as she feels him stood close behind her. She can hear his quickened breathing and feel his hand resting lightly on her ass.

The door finally clicks open and he pushes her through it urgently, hard against the wall. She’s facing it as he pins her down with his body. His thick cock pressing against her and hand snaking under her dress seeking out the delicate lace of her knickers. Guttural groans escape her mouth as she widens her legs encouraging him to continue. His mouth ravages her neck, inhaling her. Kisses alternate with playful bites, driving her wild.

Flipping her around to face him he looks deep into her eyes as he rips her knickers to one side feeling how deliciously smooth she is. As he finally kisses her hard and she relaxes against him he plunges two fingers deep into her tight pussy making her gasp both in delight and shock. A whimper escapes her mouth as he works his fingers in and out of her, his thumb circling her sensitive clit. She hasn’t been wanted this way, touched like this in years. She’d forgotten just how it felt to be lusted after, her juices dripping down his fingers told him that.

His cock is straining so hard against his jeans, she knew she was going to let him fuck her hard, here in her home. She should feel bad but instead it’s only adding to how intense this whole crazy situation made her feel.

“You’re going to make me…” she groans.

“Don’t, not yet” He cuts her off harshly, his tone sending a shiver down her spine.

“I’ve not finished with you…”

Picking her up, she wraps her legs around his waist. The house is dark, only the streetlight outside illuminating the hallway.

“Which way?” He asks.

She nods her head back behind her directing him to the next room. Pushing open beylikdüzü escort the door a small lamp is already on in the corner. A huge bed dominates the room. He lays her down on it, sliding her dress up as he pushes her thighs apart. Delicate white lace knickers barely cover her neat pussy. Dropping to his knees, he nips at her through them making her shudder.

Pulling them to one side, he runs his tongue up her sensitive fold making her squirm up the bed. Sliding his strong hands under her thighs he holds her still firmly while he plunges his tongue into her tight sweet pussy. Throwing her hand over her face to hide the sheer ecstasy thudding through every inch of her.

She can feel her orgasm start to quickly build again, unable to escape his tongue as he holds her still.

She’s so exposed to him, in less than an hour she’s gone from admiring him in a queue to having his face buried deep between her legs.

Knowing she’s close he releases his grip from her hip plunging two fingers into her as he starts to flicker his tongue over her swollen clit. She can’t hold back any more and as he gently nips at her once more an orgasm rips through her. He can feel her tense around his fingers as she stifles a scream.

Working back up her body to kiss her, she can taste herself on his lips. Still desperate for more she wraps her legs around him tight. Reaching down he unzips himself. His thick swollen cock springs against her, she needs more, now. In one lust fuelled thrust he fills her, in a way she has never been filled before. She screams as a hot burn rips through her, never before has she felt so full of a man. He grits his teeth at her reaction and feeling how tight she is around his impressive girth.

Hooking her legs over his shoulders he plunges into her again and again. Her moans only serving as encouragement for him.

He knows he’ll cum fast, everything about this is fucking insane. On her marital bed, another man’s wife and the way she screamed for him.

He can feel his cock start to twitch and as his balls slap hard against her he explodes inside her. The deep throbbing tipping her over the edge, another shattering orgasm pulses through her. Each of their orgasms only intensifying the others. Her tight pussy milking every last drop from him.

They collapse in a damp sweaty satisfied heap together, desperately trying to catch their breath.

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