A Friendly Reunion

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It was a fine summer day with the sun up high warming the suburbs to a toasty ninety degrees. James walked up to the door of Ellen’s house and knocked. James and Ellen had been friends for as long as he could remember. They were both off from college for the summer and she had invited him over to hang out.

She opened the door for him and waved him in, asking questions about college and life in general. Ellen was petite, 5’1″ maybe, with straight black hair that would hang down to just below her shoulders if it were not in a ponytail. She wore her usual baggy T-shirt, one size too big, and a pair of athletic shorts that peeked out from below the edge of the shirt. Her bright green eyes stared at him from over her small, upturned nose. She gave him a quick hug then they sat on the couch.

They talked for a bit, reaquainting themselves with each other. The room was extremely warm. Her air conditioning was out, she explained. It had broken while her parents were out of town and she didn’t have the money to get it fixed herself. Then asked if he wanted to go for a swim, to cool off.

“I would,” James said, “but I didn’t bring my suit. I forgot that you even had a pool.”

“That’s ok, just swim in your boxers,” said Ellen. “I’m going upstairs to change. I’ll meet you outside.”

James stripped down to his underwear and went outside. Ellen came down five minutes later. James was pleasantly surprised. She was wearing a very small blue bikini. She twirled around, showing off. He noticed that the bikini bottoms were wedged between small plump bakırköy escort ass cheeks.

“How do I look?” She asked him.

“Amazing,” he gasped.

“Really?!?” she exclaimed, running up to him and giving him a powerful, lingering kiss on his lips. “Thank you.” Then she slipped passed him and jumped into the pool.

He stood there for a moment, befuddled. Then her voice came from behind him, “Aren’t you coming in?”

He turned to see her small, bikini-covered breasts resting on the edge of the pool, the nipples just barely stretching the fabric. Then he saw her bright green eyes staring directly at his crotch. He quickly tried to hide the tent of his boxers from his oldest friend. His cheeks burned bright red.

“Come on James,” Ellen said, “it’s not like I haven’t seen a dick before. Take off your skivvies and let me see. You don’t want to walk around in wet boxers anyway, do you?”

He followed her instructions and pulled down his boxers. This revealed his seven-inch cock for her inspection. He was still bright red.

“You look like you need some help with that,” Ellen said. “Come here and sit down.”

James sat down on the edge of the pool. His legs dangled on either side of her. She grabbed his cock with one hand and started rubbing the entire length slowly. Her other hand found his balls and gently cupped them.

“I learned a lot at college,” she told him, then put her mouth around the head of his dick and started sucking it like a lollipop. Her tongue flickered beşiktaş escort over the top, making him moan. He entangled his fingers in her hair and pushed her down. She obliged him and slid her lips down over his shaft, licking as she went. She pumped up and down his cock, licking and sucking while following the guidance of his hand.

“Mmmmm, girl,” he moaned, “that feels great.” Soon he felt himself tensing up. “I’m going to cum,” he whispered. She took in most of his cock and swallowed the five bursts of cum he shot into her throat. She pulled off slowly, licking his softening dick.

“You taste good, did you know that James?” she said, wiping the last of the oozing cum from the tip of his cock with a finger and licking it. “Mmmmm.”

James slid into the water, its coolness caressing his body. “Thank you,” he said.

“We have an unfair situation here though,” he informed her. “I’m naked, and you got to eat cum. This is something we’re going to have to fix. He undid the back of her bikini top and tossed it away exposing her B-cup size tits. They were pert round mounds of snow white flesh, each topped with a cherry red nipple about the size and hardness of a pea. He then pulled the bikini bottoms down around her knees and lifted her onto the poolside. Quickly, he removed the bottoms from her legs.

He was now face to face with her glorious slit. With one hand he held apart the outer lips, exposing her beautiful pink pussy. He licked from the bottom to the top, then began sucking on her clit. beylikdüzü escort She supported herself with one hand and started fondling a tit with the other, tweaking her nipple. He brushed her clitoris with his tongue.

“Oh my God!” she moaned and moved her hand from her breast to his head, pushing him into her crotch. He kept licking, savoring the sweet taste of her pussy juice. She was soon writhing and moaning with pleasure. Each moan was music to his ears. His dick grew hard again.

“Fuck me now!” she screamed. He pulled her down into the pool and pushed her to the wall. She caught him in a passionate kiss as he slowly pushed his cock up into her tight hole. Suprisingly, he did not encounter the resistance of a virgin he had expected from his friend. He pumped into her with long, powerful thrusts. James cock was surrounded by the pleasant moisture, heat, and tightness of her pussy. Both were grunting and moaning. Their breathing was heavy. His pace quickened. Her entire body tensed, then started quivering in an explosive orgasm. This was too much for James. He pushed as far in as he could. His cum spurted deep into her.

They remained motionless for a moment. “I’ve been wanting to do that for three years,” she whispered into his ear.

He withdrew from her and led her out of the pool. “You could have asked, you know,” he told her.

“You are such a guy,” she said, flashing him a smile.

He still couldn’t believe how good his childhood friend looked. Her naked, wet body shimmered in the sun as they walked back inside.

“Shit!” he muttered as he saw the time.

“What?” Ellen asked.

“I got to get home and baby-sit my little brother,” he replied.

“Well, come back tomorrow. I have a friend I want you to meet. We can all hang out and watch a movie,” she said.

James didn’t even hesitate before he said, “alright.”

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