A Fortnight In Paradise Ch. 10

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Angel Wicky

Bahamas, Day Nine – Sunday

The sun rose over us the next morning, beaming it’s energy down to us. We all awoke around the same time, and as we gained our senses, we stirred under the blanket and began to rise.

“What a magnificent night. I will never forget that one.” Keira told us.

“Me either.” Jessica and I replied. It was truly a night to remember.

“Well, I would like some coffee,” Keira said, and a shower.”

“That’s a good idea. We are all covered in each other cum, after all.” Jessica said, giggling.

Keira and I joined in the laughter, and after a few minutes, we got up, packed up our belongings, and headed back to the boat for the cruise back to Nassau.

We parked the boat back at the dock, and Keira broke from us to head home, change, and shower. After a bit, she joined us at the hotel, where Jessica and I had just stepped out of the shower. Keira admired our bodies while we got dressed, myself in some board shorts and a fresh tee shirt, and Jessica in her pink swirly bikini top with her new black thong and her silk wrap. The three of us left the hotel room and headed to the coffee shop, with Keira and Jessica leading the way, holding hands, and I followed, watching their hips sway with each step. Damn, they have great asses.

We sat down at the table outside, ordered some brews and bagels, and chowed down, replenishing our bodies from the night before. As we sat there, we all started looking at each other, a smile growing on Keira’s face, the Jessica’s, then my own. We all sat silently, reflecting on the time we have spent with each other.

“How about we have a quiet day in? What do you two think?” Keira asked us.

“A quiet day in sounds amazing. A chance to recharge our bodies.” Jessica said.

“do you really think we will recharge our bodies, babe?” I asked, clearly reminding her of the last eight days.

“Good point. But nonetheless, it does sound amazing.”

“Okay, great,” Keira replied, “My place or yours?”

“Doesn’t matter to us, “Jessica said, “what do you prefer?”

“Lets head to my house. It’s just up the street from Rey’s.”

“I like it. Let’s do it.”

We left the coffee shop and headed to the beach taking our time getting to Keira’s house. Once we reached the docks of the scuba shop, we headed inland towards Keira’s home. We walked up to a little cottage, similar to Rey’s, with a little white picket fence bordering it. Keira invited us in, and we obliged, following her through the front door.

“Well, this is it. This is my home.” Keira said.

“It’s lovely, honey.” Jessica reassured her.

“Well, have a seat. Drinks?”

“Sure. But no alcohol. Not yet, anyways. Still too early for me.” I replied.

“Sure, hon. Coffee? I can put a fresh pot on?” I nodded my head agreeing, “and you Jess? What would you like?”

“Coffee too, please.”

Keira proceeded to her kitchen, preparing coffee. Once the pot was on, she went back to her bedroom, and came out with just a pair of panties on. Jessica and I looked at her, amused by her choice of attire.

“What? I’m in my own house,” Keira stated, “I can wear whatever I like, thank you very much.”

“I’m not objecting,” said Jessica.

Keira walked back into the kitchen and prepared three cups of coffee, then returned to the living room, handing the cups to Jessica and I, then took a seat in the chair across from us.

“So, what would you two like to do? I have some board games, a Nintendo Wii, and cable. We could just sit back, cuddle up and watch a movie. What sounds good?”

“Some cuddling and a movie sounds good. What do you think, babe?” I asked Jessica.

“Sounds perfect.”

Keira turned on her TV and switched to Netflix. Her and Jessica discussed which one to watch while I sat back and drank my coffee. Once a movie was decided, Keira went to grab some blankets and pillows, then returned and laid them on the floor, making a comfy bed in the middle of the living room. Jessica and I moved from the couch, set down our coffees, and laid down on the blankets. Keira joined us, cuddling up on the other side of me, pressing play on the remote.

The ladies chose a cheesy rom-com, which honestly bored me. After about 30 minutes of the movie, I felt myself drifting in and out. I eventually gave in, falling asleep between the two women.

I awoke a short time later with Keira and Jessica sitting up in front of me, kissing each other over my body. I then noticed two hands wrapped around my cock, stroking slowly up and down. Apparently, I had gotten hard during my slumber, and the ladies noticed. This sparked some fire in them, and they started playing with my cock more intently.

“What should we do with this, huh?” Keira asked, motioning towards my hard-on.

“Oh, I can think of some things,” Jessica retorted, “Perhaps you would like to go first?”

“Ooh, can I? That sounds wonderful!”

“Be my guest.”

I laid back on the floor while Keira mounted me, pressing her panty-lined crotch into my cock. She moved her hips bakırköy escort up and down, sliding the smooth fabric along my shaft. Jessica stood up, removed her clothes, then knelt down and bent over, moving her face to mine, kissing me on the lips. I pressed back, lifting my head off the floor. Jessica pushed my chest, causing my head to return to the floor.

“No movements from you. It’s our turn.”

“Yes, milady.”

Jessica then sat up, swung a leg over my head, and lowered her pussy down to my face. She pressed her pussy lips to my mouth, grinding her clit on my chin. I obeyed my direction, only moving to open my mouth and stick out my tongue, sliding it up and down Jessica’s slit.

Keira took this opportunity to slide her panties to the side of her pussy, lifted her body up, positioned my cock against her clit, and moved it in slow circles around her clit. She used my cock to rub her clit, bringing her heart rate up. Once properly warmed up, she slid my cock against her slit, and lowered her body down to mine, taking in my manhood. She dropped all the way down, filling her pussy all the way up.

“Oh, fuck, that feels so good,” Keira said, grinding her hips against me, “Oh, fuck.”

Jessica then leaned forward and pulled Keira towards her, kissing her deeply on the lips. Keira pressed back, sticking her tongue into Jessica’s mouth, Jessica opening hers to receive. The two of them made out while on top of me, both of them grinding their pussies into me.

“Oh, shit, I’m coming!” Jessica exclaimed. She pressed her hips down onto my face, my nose buried in her twat. I continued to lick her clit, bringing her to climax. I felt her juices flow from her pussy and onto my face. After several moments, Jessica lifted her pussy from my face, took a few deep breaths, and threw her leg over me, collapsing on the blanket next to me. She then moved across the floor, bringing her face to mine, kissing me deeply.

“Oh, fuck. Oh. Oh fuck. I’m coming too!” Keira shouted. Jessica immediately got up and moved to Keira, sliding her hand down to her clit, rubbing with furious pace. Keira convulsed on my cock, her pussy tightening around my shaft. My cock, combined with Jessica’s hand, send Keira deep into bliss. Wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her body, and once the flow subsided, Keira collapsed on top of me, my cock still inside her.

“Damn, ladies. That was quite a performance,” I said. “How about an encore?”

“Repeat performance will begin momentarily.” Jessica said. Keira giggled at this remark, and I looked at Jessica, giving her a smile.

Jessica moved her head back to mine, kissing me deeply. We made out for a few minutes while Keira regained composure.

Keira’s pussy kept pulsing on my cock, sending jolts of excitement through me. Once Keira had re-energized, she stood up, pulling my cock from her, and laid down on the blankets, clearly not wanting to put forth any more effort.

Jessica then stood up herself and placed one leg on either side of me, standing tall. She began to touch herself, running her hands up her body, massaging her neck, then down her shoulders and chest to her breasts. She cupped her tits, massaging them into her body, bringing one nipple to her mouth, licking it. With her other hand, she slid it down her stomach to her pussy, where she rubbed her clit. She performed these acts in front of me, giving me this show, until she was ready for her second orgasm. She then lowered herself onto me, grabbing my cock, directing it to her wet pussy. My cock slid inside of her, which instantly brought Jessica to climax. She must have remembered her lesson from Keira yesterday, because as she started to cum, she stood up and rubbed her clit, which caused a fountain of fluids to flow from her body. Jessica squirted all over my body, from cock to face, completely soaking me and the blankets.

“OHH! OOH! OHH!” Jessica moaned, her orgasm going and going.

“That’s it, baby! Cum on me! Cover me!” I yelled back at her.

Keira then joined the fun, grabbing Jessica’s hand and moving it over her clit. “Keep going! Keep going!”

Jessica stood her ground, her orgasm continuing, fluids dripping from her pussy onto my chest. She got to the point where she couldn’t breathe, her knees bending, and her body folding in on itself. Keira then helped her down, guiding her down to me, where she collapsed onto my chest, covering her in her own squirt.

“Wow. That was so sexy, baby,” I whispered in her ear, pulling her hair out of her face, “so sexy.”

Jessica panted for air, unable to move. We both laid there for several minutes, regaining our composure. Keira got up, walked to the bathroom, and grabbed some towels in an effort to help clean up some of the mess.

“I’m so sorry, Keira. I didn’t mean to make such a mess,” Said Jessica, clearly embarrassed by her actions.

“Oh, that was so sexy, I wouldn’t have changed it for the world, hon.”

“Still. I made quite a mess.”

“It’s no bother. Really. It all cleans beşiktaş escort up easily enough.”

Jessica helped Keira clean up her mess, including wiping me down, then Keira went to the utility room to toss the towels and blankets in the wash. When she returned, she motioned for Jessica and I to follow her, guiding us to the bedroom and into the bathroom. Keira turned the shower on and hopped in. Jessica followed, and I hung back for a brief moment, watching the two rub each other down.

“Jason, can you go into my bedroom and grab something for us?” Keira asked.

“Sure. What did you have in mind?” I replied.

“Whatever you find most interesting in my top dresser drawer. Whatever you find most interesting.”

I turned around and headed out of the bathroom, walking into Keira’s bedroom. I went over to her dresser and opened the top drawer. Inside, I found several pairs of very sexy panties, with a few tops to match. I started wondering what Keira was planning. Perhaps a sexy show? Maybe a striptease? But then I dug a little farther, bumping into a hard object. I had found her dildo, a straight, smooth object, about 10″ long. I considered bringing this one back, but reflecting on Keira’s comment, I was sure that there were more treasures to find. I dug some more and found another. This one with a slight curve to it and a nub that stuck from the base. I kept digging, finding two more. The first of the two in a u-shape, clearly meant for hitting both holes, and the second, a very large dildo, cut at a very sharp angle. I couldn’t believe this one would be used as a dildo. Only a very brave woman would attempt that. I made my choice and brought the double-headed one with me back into the bathroom.

“Ooh… Good choice. Good choice, indeed.” Keira said as I walked in.

“Oh my. That looks… interesting.” Jessica said.

“Get in here.” Keira stated, grabbing my arm and pulling me into the shower.

Keira and Jessica began to wash off my body, sliding their hands all over, scrubbing me down. They both paid special attention to my cock, which had stayed hard since the living room. While they worked their hands on me, I hooked the dildo on the shower head, reached my hands behind the ladies, and placed them on their asses, giving them a little slap. Both girls let out a little squeal, then rinsed me off. We stepped out of the shower, grabbed some towels, and dried off.

“Follow me,” Keira told us, “bring the toy.”

I reached back into the shower, grabbed the dildo from the showerhead, and walked into the bedroom. Keira had pushed Jessica down on her bed and moved in, her head between her legs.

“You want to cum the hardest you ever have?” Keira asked.

“Ooh, Yes, miss, I do!” Jessica replied.

“Then sit back and relax. Let me do the work.”

Keira grabbed the dildo from me, walked over to her dresser, and grabbed a bottle of lube from the top drawer. She coated both ends of the dildo, walked back to Jessica, lowering the dildo between her legs, lining up the heads to her openings.

“Take a breath. In and out.” Keira told her.

Jessica breathed in, and on the exhale, Keira pushed the dildo into Jessica, sliding one head into her pussy, the other into her ass. Keira worked the dildo in and out, slowing inching deeper and deeper.

“Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Yes, Keira! Fill me up!” Jessica wailed, thrilled by the new pleasure.

Keira kept working the dildos in and out, getting deeper and deeper. With one final thrust, Keira pushed the dildo all the way in, her knuckles pressing to Jessica’s skin.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” Jessica wailed.

“Are you ready for the next part?” Keira asked.

“What do you mean?” Jessica replied.

Keira then flipped a switch on the base of the dildo, causing the batteries inside to start a motor, and the dildo to start vibrating. Instantly, Jessica’s eyes grew very big, completely surprised by the new sensation. She had a rubber cock in her pussy, a rubber cock in her ass, and suddenly, they both began vibrating.

“Oh, Jesus Christ! Holy Shit!” Jessica screamed, her orgasm building to new heights.

“Oh, yeah baby. That’s it. Take in the feeling.” Keira told her.

Jessica kept squirming in the bed, unable and unwilling to sit up. Keira kept moving the dildo in and out, picking up pace as time went on.

“Jason, will you do me a favor?” Keira asked me.

“Sure. What is it?” I replied.

“Grab that bottle of lube from the dresser and cover your cock.” She told me.

I went to the dresser, grabbed the lube, and placed a line of it on my cock. I rubbed it all over, then walked back over to the bed. Keira signaled for me to get behind her, so I did. I lined up my cock to her pussy and brushed the head against her slit.

“Nuh-uh. Not there.” She said without taking her focus from Jessica.

I realigned my cock to Keira’s asshole, pressing the tip to her skin. Keira then pushed herself back, sliding my cock into her ass. I pressed a little harder, beylikdüzü escort sliding deeper inside.

“Oh, fuck,” I said aloud, “that feels so amazing.”

“Think how your woman feels right now.” Keira replied.

I looked over Keira at Jessica, who was in the middle of a huge orgasm. Her body was moving up and down, wave after very strong wave passing through her, uncontrollably. Jessica couldn’t speak, couldn’t move under her own power. She was in pure bliss, breathing hard and riding the wave.

I sped up my movements, spurred on by the look Jessica had on her face. I pressed my cock all the way into Keira’s ass, all the way down to the base of my shaft. I pulled my cock out to the tip, and dove right back in. Keira began moaning in pleasure, her sounds inspiring me to continue.

“Fuck my ass, Jason! Fuck my ass!” Keira wailed.

I continued pumping her ass, grasping her hips and slamming them into mine. I reached climax quickly, and as soon as I am about to release my load, I pull out of Keira’s ass, shooting my load all over her back. Spurt after spurt of cum floods out, landing all over Keira. Keira placed one hand between her legs, and rubbed her clit with blinding speed, cumming very soon after.

Once all three of us had our orgasm, we collapsed on the bed, Keira on her stomach, Jessica never moved from her back, and I collapsed next to Jessica, on my stomach, one arm laying over Jessica’s stomach. The three of us laid there for quite a while, until we could muster up the energy to move.

“Oh, my.” Jessica broke the silence, “That was fucking crazy. I have never cum that hard for that long in my life.”

“I knew you would like it. It has the same effect on me.” Keira said.

“Well, I don’t know about you two, but I am hungry.” I said to them, which got a little giggle out of them.

“How about we order in? I know a great place that delivers here.”

“Sounds great.” I said.

“Let’s do it.” Replied Jessica.

Keira got up, wiped her body down with a towel, and threw on a fresh pair of panties, a red see-through thong, and a matching lace babydoll.

“Jessica, feel free to try on anything you would like. I’m gonna go order that food.”

“Thanks, Keira.”

Keira headed to the kitchen to place the order, while Jessica stood up and rummaged through Keira’s dresser, grabbing a black, deep-v bodysuit. Sliding into it, Jessica moved to the full-length mirror on the wall, and spun around, checking out her body.

“What do you think, baby? Do you like it?” Jessica asked me.

“Very much. Very, very, much.” I replied as I stood up behind her.

“My tits barely fit into it.”

“makes it even sexier.” I said as I slipped my hand up her thigh.

“Oh, stop it, you,” Jessica said to me, turning around and pushing me back on to the bed.

Jessica went out to the kitchen to join Keira, with Keira commenting on how sexy she looked in her own lingerie. I wandered out to the living room, sliding my shorts back on, but leaving my shirt on the floor. I took a seat at the bar in the kitchen, and Jessica walked over to me, throwing her arm around my shoulder, pulling in close to me.

“Food will be here in 20 minutes.” Keira told us.

“Great. Can’t wait.” I said.

“Glass of wine? Whiskey?” Keira offered.

“I’ll have the wine.” Jessica said.

“And I will have the whiskey. Thanks.”

Keira poured the wine first, one for Jessica, then one for herself, then reached into her cupboard and grabbed a bottle whiskey, pouring it in a glass.


“Yes, please.”

She went to the freezer, grabbed two ice cubes and dropped them in the glass. She slid the glass over to me.

“So, what did you order?” Jessica asked.

“There is a tasty Thai restaurant up the road. They have delicious Pad Thai and Pad See Ow. I ordered up a plate of each, as well as a couple sides.”

“Oh, that sounds amazing.”

The three of us hung around the kitchen, sipping on our drinks, until the food arrived. Keira answered the door in her lingerie. She handed some cash to the delivery guy, who had a stunned look on his face, then reached out and kissed him on the cheek, and closed the door. Clearly, this was not what the delivery guy was expecting, but I bet he will be thinking of this encounter later.

“What was that?” I asked Keira, smiling.

“Just some fun. I couldn’t help myself.” Keira responded.

We moved the food to the dining room table, Keira grabbed some plates from the kitchen, and we divvied out the food to each other. We sat there for a while, eating and drinking, laughing until it grew dark outside. The ladies had polished off the bottle of wine, and I was on my fourth glass of whiskey. The mood was light and free, and we were all enjoying each other’s company.

“Oh, I’m so full. That was delicious,” Jessica said, reaching out and grabbing Keira’s hand, “Thank you for this fantastic meal.”

“You are very welcome. Thank you both for this fantastic week.” Keira responded, kissing Jessica on the hand.

“You are truly welcome. It has been our pleasure. Literally.” I told her.

We all kicked back in our chairs and let out a laugh. The wine and whiskey were hitting us pretty hard at this point, and as we got up from the dining room table, Keira stumbled a little bit, catching herself on the table.

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