A Familiar Affair Pt. 03

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It’s time to make some memories

The light brought everything into focus with just one quick flick. Over the last minute, Ashley had been hearing the unmistakable sounds of sex emanating from somewhere. At first she thought it was coming from the movie itself, but when she actually paid attention to the noise, it sounded much, much closer. She turned her head and saw her mom on top of her uncle’s lap, moving and twisting her hips. The minimal light emanating off the movie was enough to show her mom’s breasts bouncing to a steady beat, the slapping noise of naked skin also continued unabated, and all she could muster was a gasp.

“Hey, sweetheart.” Jasmine said slightly out of breath. “Well, your uncle and I are having some harmless fun.”

“Fun? FUN?! what the FUCK? FUN?, you’re cheating on my DAD!” Ashley shouted angrily at her mom.

As soon as her daughter’s angry voice hit her ears, Jasmine realised that the subterfuge was working. “Hey.. hey, Ally.” She said as she grinded her hips for a few more seconds, enjoying that thick cock before finally getting up, exposing Jesse’s erection to Ashley. “Baby, you’re dad knows and he’s okay with it, really; quick, let me grab my phone.” she said as she grabbed, unlocked and showed the final texts from William, her husband to her daughter.

Ashley grabbed the phone and read the texts, the last one simply said: have fun with Jesse, make sure you let him feel that tight cunt of yours.

Her jaw dropped, how was this possible?

“See, your dad and I are okay, we both have fun with other people. We’re what you call swingers.” Jasmine said as she put her phone away. “In fact, why don’t you join us?”

Ashley recoiled as her naked mother approached her. “Mom?” she asked just as her mother put her hands over her head and quickly removed her top. The quick effortless way that Jasmine removed her daughter’s top was astonishing to Jesse, it was so smooth that Ashley barely had time to react.

“Look Jesse, doesn’t Ashley have nicely shaped titties?” she asked as she played slightly with them, making them bounce. The full shock of what was happening hadn’t hit her just yet, but inside Ashley was screaming. “I know what you guys did yesterday, and your dad and I are okay with it. In fact, we want you to continue to explore your budding sexuality, enjoy it.” she continued to say as she twisted her daughter’s nipples before putting one of those nipples into her mouth.

Ashley gasped as she felt her mom’s mouth suckling her sensitive nipple, she wanted to push her away, to scream, to say that this was sick. But before she could open her mouth to say anything her senses fully activated as Jesse’s mouth clamped down on her other nipple. Both her mom and her uncle were now sucking on her increasingly sensitive nipples.

“Mom?” Ashley asked softly as she sucked in her breath and let out a low moan while looking down at her breast. “Ahhhh… Mmmmmm” she continued to moan, slowly accepting everything. She felt her shorts being removed, again very quick and effortless. Her mom definitely knew what she was doing.

Jesse had now moved from Ashley’s nipples to her long, soft neck, nibbling, suckling and helping to lower her guard. It worked, Ashley was now comfortable with her family’s hands slowly caressing her naked body. “Let’s get more comfortable” he whispered to his niece as he picked her up and carried her to the couch where he continued to suck on her neck and to play with her nipples.

Jasmine watched as her brother continued to play with her daughter, waiting patiently until she could see Ashley’s clit begin to engorge and to see her pussy lips begin to glisten from her love juices. Once she saw all the signs that Ashley was completely aroused she opened her daughter’s legs and began to lick away at her nice fresh pussy.

Ashley was so lost in the moment that she didn’t even realise that it was her mom that was eating her out until she felt her uncle’s facial stubble across her cheeks. Suddenly Ashley froze as she looked down, her mom’s eyes glued on hers, she felt her mom’s expert tongue do things that no one, not even her uncle had done. “Oh my God…” she whispered to herself as she continued to feel that amazing tongue continued to work.

Jasmine’s tongue probed deep into her daughter’s sweet tasting pussy, she especially loved it when Ashley lifted and lowered her hips in rhythmic fashion. It let her know that she was doing a great job. All the while as she continued to enjoy that teenage pussy, Jasmine used her left hand to stroke Jesse’s cock, making sure that he didn’t feel neglected at all.

“Holy fuck mom.” Ashley moaned loudly as she saw those deep brown eyes gazing right into hers, she watched as her mother stopped jerking her uncle’s cock and put both her hands on her hips, she felt her lips enclose on her clit and lick quicker and quicker. “Ohhhhhh, ohhhh, shhhiitttt…” she again let out half spoken words mixed with heavier breathing and low moans. She even bit her lip in an attempt to alsancak escort bayan not scream.

Jasmine continued to work that pink tight pussy, twisting her fingers to reach her daughter’s G-spot, tickling it as she expertly used her mouth on her very engorged clit.

“Mom? Oh My… Mom?…” Ashley said while whimpering. “Please… don’t, SHIT! Fuck! Mom? Oh God… Mom? Oh… God! God! Mommy? Mommy! Shii… OHHHH!!” Ashley screamed as she was suddenly hit with the deepest jolt of 1.21 gigawatts of pleasure. But Jasmine didn’t let up and kept at it, with her lips still enclosed on her pink clit, she began to suckle on it. “MOM!!” she suddenly screamed right as her words turned into crying orgasmic sounds. “Ohhhhh my God! mommy? Mommy? Ohhhhh… GOD!! Ma… ma… FU…” was all that the beautiful teen was able to muster as her entire body was suddenly hit again with another orgasm.

Jesse simply watched as Ashley’s body twisted and convulsed in pleasure, it was a beautiful sight to see. After the moment had passed, he watched his sister finally ease up and lift her head, then with a huge smile she wiped her face. “Jesse, I believe it’s your turn to taste this buffet.”

And he did just that as he opened Ashley’s quivering legs and put her pulsing clit into his mouth. Ashley’s hips shot up and her moaning intensified.

“Uncle… Jesse?… Oh Wow!” Ashley said then began to moan loudly as she slapped the couch with both her hands. “Holy Shit!” she again screamed as he cupped her soft ass and lifted it and like a man eating a delicious cantaloupe, he slurped and sucked as if his life depended on it. “Holy Fu…” Ashley started to say but put both hands over her mouth to muffle her scream. At that exact moment, she saw her own father on the phone, watching as her uncle was eating her pussy via facetime. It caught her so much by surprise that all she could think to do was simply to try and not scream.

“Jesse, I think it’s time.” Jasmine said as she perched her phone in a way that allowed her husband to continue to watch, Jesse watched as his sister was slightly bent over, her ass was literally perfect to look at. Once her task was completed, She walked back to him and grabbed his cock, stroked it a few times before putting it right at Ashley’s pussy entrance. “I hope you’re ready big boy.” Jasmine whispered to him before kissing his cheek and pushing his cock inside her teen daughter’s pussy.

The beautiful brunette teen simply looked at her dad as he was watching all of this unfold over facetime. But that shock quickly abated once she felt her uncle’s thick cock begin its rhythmic penetration. Her eyes darted backwards as her attention now shifted to her handsome uncle. “Ohhh, wow.” she said as she looked down and watched that cock go in and out of her. Each thrust went deeper and deeper until he was in balls deep.

“So tight.” Jesse said as she grabbed her thighs. “So fucking…” he said grunting. “Wow, tight…” he finished saying. He thrust faster now, it felt way better going in without a condom and that tight heavenly hole was squeezing him with every thrust, he knew damn well he had just a few strokes left. “… Okay, I am not going to be able to hold on, much longer.” he said as his balls tightened and his cock pulsed as the cum that had been waiting for release since his sister was fucking him earlier now stood at the tip. “I need to stop.” he said, but his sister’s naked breast touched his back and he felt her hands cup his butt. Jasmine started to push him deeper into Ashley.

“Don’t you dare.” Jasmine moaned as she nibbled on his ear lobe. “Don’t you fucking dare cum, not yet. If you cum now, you will never again get either of us. And that is a promise.” This caused him to look back at her. “I mean it, I am not here for a quick two-pump fuck, and neither is my daughter.”

She was being serious, holy shit! she wasn’t playing around, she would literally make her threats real. Jesse’s voiced echoed inside his head.

“Ahhhh, ahhhhhh, ahhhhhh…” Ashley moaned as his hips continued to thrust, he felt one of Jasmine’s hand now start to massage his balls as her other hand continued to urge his fuck rhythm. He knew he would not be able to last much longer, so he picked her up and put her on top of him, this way her mother won’t be in control of his speed, plus he knew Ashley didn’t have as much experience being on top and he could use this ‘respite’ to get his cock from exploding.

It backfired.

As soon as Ashley was on top, Jasmine grabbed her daughter’s hips and sat right behind her. “I’ll show you how he likes it.” she said as she winked at Jesse.

Are you fucking kidding me? Jesse’s thoughts had become a battleground as soon as Ashley started to grind on him, her mother’s experience clearly showed as she moved her hips exactly as Jasmine had done earlier. He watched as Jasmine whispered in her daughter’s ears, most likely giving her pointers and saw Ashley hips turn in a twerking alsancak escort bayan motion.

Ashley started to really fuck her uncle, following through on all her mother had whispered to her, she bounced fast on him and squeezed him and watched as his face was filled in sudden agony. Her moans and heavy panting was all he could hear, she hugged her uncle as she rode him with new found self confidence.

His mind was racing as his cock release pressure was way past the redline. He started to whimper as he felt that tight teenagers pussy squeeze and massage him with each bounce, like a silk glove it grabbed him perfectly. “Please.” he begged as he looked at Ashley’s beautiful smile, her cheeks were rosey, her pink lips parted as she let out soft mews, her dreamy brown eyes locked on his. His gaze turned to Jasmine who shook her head, again he whimpered as Ashley shushed him.

“Not yet Uncle Jesse, not yet…” she whispered as her hips started to grind on him with increased speed. “Mommy said not to let you off easy, and I always listen to mommy.” she again whispered as her face was right in front of his. He looked at his beautiful niece and then at her mother, the resemblance was uncanny. He whimpered even louder and again begged with the word: Please; Ashley with a huge smile shook her head at him. “Mhmmm, mhmmmh, no way… not till… Ahhhh, ahhhhh, not till mommy says…” she said as she bit her lip. “Not till mommy says so.”

“I can’t…” Jesse said as his niece held his face in her hands and again shushed him. His eyes rocked back, his breathing got harder as he looked at Jasmine again and without a word coming out, he mouthed the word please to her.

“Do you promise to get it up right away?” Jasmine asked him. He quickly nodded in agreement. “Okay, fine, as long as Ashley’s okay with it.”

“Sorry Uncle, I am not ready for that cum just yet.” She said to him, waited a couple of seconds and then winked at him. “I’m kidding, I know that you’ve been holding it back, yes you can cum. Let me get off…” Ashley began to say but Jesse wasn’t going to have that. He had earned that creampie and he was going to get it. He lifted her up and started to fuck her as hard as he could while holding her near-weightless body. “Holy Fuck!” she screamed as he began to rail her, each thrust going in as deep as he could, his entire cock becoming one with her body, and with just a few more thrusts he emptied his balls so deep inside, that despite his continual thrusts not one drop escaped her amazing cunt.

Jasmine stood there watching as her brother emptied his seed inside her daughter and sighed. “I guess it was inevitable darling. Anyway, I gotta get him ready for round two. I’ll call you tomorrow.” she said to Bill before blowing him a kiss and then ending the facetime call.

Round Two

He laid there as both women slowly worked his shaft, Ashley the nubile teen sucking on one side of his cock, while her mother, the very definition of the word MILF, worked on the other side. They licked and suckled on his erection, and he loved it. His eyes would especially lock on his niece as her lips almost encased his entire mushroom head before slowly moving down the side of his cock. He moaned softly as the more experienced brunette licked the other side before performing the exact thing on the other side of his erected phallus.

In just five minutes, his entire strength began to falter as he watched both of these model gorgeous women synchronize their movements, going up and down, each on their side.

“Wow, I don’t think I can hold on much longer.” he said as both women continued, and true to his word he came in powerful jets that landed on their cheeks and hair. Ashley, trying to prevent more of his jizz from getting on her hair promptly took his cock into her mouth.

“Alright, so now that we got that out of the way, I believe it’s time for round two.” Jasmine said.

“Don’t you mean round three?” Ashley asked as she licked her lips.

“Nope, he knows damn well that we did that to get rid of that pesky second nut. Guys are so sensitive after nutting the first time that once you start again they barely last anything. But the third nut, that takes some getting out.” She replied to her daughter before she began to stroke his cock again. “Okay Ash, this time I want to show you how to suck on the balls.”

“Okay.” Ashley responded with enthusiasm. He watched as this beautiful eighteen year old took his right nut sack into her mouth, she emulated everything her mother did; Jasmine even taught her to stroke as she sucked on the balls. It took a little longer for his erection to return, but once it did, both women giggled.

“Looks like he’s ready, alright, it’s my turn to ride that beautiful dick.” Jasmine said as she positioned herself on top of him and slowly lowered herself onto his thickness. After a few seconds of acclimating herself again, she began to ride that cock with renewed determination. He watched escort alsancak as Jasmine rode his cock, bouncing on it, her titts swaying up and down, left and right, her soft moans slowly getting louder. He watched as her ass jiggled with each bounce off the reflection behind her. “God Jess, who fucking knew that you had this hidden in your pants.”

“And who knew what an amazing dick rider you are, Jaz. And you too Ash, you’re amazing too.” he said to them both. Ashley smiled and urged her mom to go faster.

“Fuck! wow… Ahhhh!” Jasmine moaned much louder now as she continued to bounce, twerking and rotating her hips. She wanted that orgasm and she was going to get it before letting Ashley on top for her turn. “Yes! God… your… cock.” she said as she leaned slightly back and put her hands back unto his thighs. “So good.”

Her rhythm had changed, she was now grinding on him, changing speed often enough to completely confuse Jesse’s brain.

“Mom, your face is so red right now.” Ashley said.

“Ahhhh…” Jasmine moaned as she returned back to her original position, only this time she put her hands on his chest and using her hips rode that cock as fast as she could. “…Fuck yes! Ohhhhh, ahhhhhh…” her bouncing was now harder than before, the entire bed was creaking as the headboard smashed on the wall. It was very loud, but she was determined to get that orgasm.

“Holy shit, look at her go!” Ashley said giggling.

“Fuck! I’m almost there, almost there.” Jasmine continued to say as her breath and panting got harder. Jesse knew what she wanted and to help her he began to play with her clit. “Oh God! Yes! don’t you fucking stop!” she yelled as her breathing got very heavy, her moans were literally screams now. “AHHHHHH, AHHHHHH!” and with just a few more bounces Jasmine felt that orgasm hit her hard, she suddenly stopped and sat on top of him, not moving at all, her body slightly shaked, but inside, Jesse felt the pulsing as it squeezed, relaxed and squeezed again.

“Hmmmmm, Jaz… Fuck…” he said as she continued to pulsate. “…Wow.”

They stood there motionless for a few seconds and Ashley simply looked at them.

“Okay, Ash, it’s your turn.” Jasmine said as she got off him. “It’s time for you to get yours too, baby.”

“You know I am mom, this dick will remember my pussy forever.” Ashley said with a big smile as she put his twitching cock inside her, slowly lowering herself until it bottomed out. “Now, let’s see if you can keep up.” she said with a wink and began riding him at the same speed her mother had just done a few moments ago, and as he had before, he watched his niece’s reflection, her white ass jiggled with each bounce.

The bed again began to creak and the headboard smashed against the wall as that sexy teen continued to ride her uncle, her breasts, like her mother’s bounced, her face started to turn rosey again as her eyes rolled backwards. Jesse grabbed her breast and began to play with her nipples causing Ashley to let out sultry sweet moans.

The entire apartment was just loud noises at this point coming from hard, fast sex. Jesse wondered what the neighbors must be thinking, he wasn’t the kind of guy to simply have loud sex at his place, so he imagined that it must’ve caught a few of them by surprise. The noises continued and got even louder, especially when the teen decided to switch to grinding just like her mom had. She did it exactly as she had seen, both hands behind her and poised on his upper thigh.

The next two minutes were the most intense Jesse had ever felt, each time her hips grinded back and forth, his cock was squeezed. How was she so good at this? he thought to himself, last night was amazing, but tonight was even better. He looked at Jasmine as she had finally collected herself and laid next to him, slowly kissing and nibbling on his neck. Of course, it must be. Ashley is trying to show her mom what she’s learned.

His eyes looked at Ashley again, her face was perfect as the light hit it just right. Her head darted backwards as she began to moan louder than before, each grind squeezed him more, it was slowly milking him.

“Don’t you fucking dare Jess.” Jasmine whispered to him, causing him to look at her again. “You will give my daughter that much needed orgasm, your dick will service her needs for as long as it’s required. Then, and only then, will you be allowed to cum. If you fuck this up, you will never get that tight hole again… am I clear on that?”

“How did you know I was getting close?” he whispered back at her.

“You have a tell, I already memorised it. Look at that beautiful face.” Jasmine whispered to him and with that he watched his niece’s face.

“It’s crazy how much she looks like you.”

“And tonight you filled her up with your jizz. If you want to do it again, you need to prove your worth. Your dick now belongs to us, and I will milk it myself when it’s time. So despite that tightness, that nut belongs to me… and only me, got it?”

He swallowed hard, this was like a dream coming true, his thoughts shifted to how his sister would dress at the pool, he secretly loved watching her ass, though he never admitted it till just recently. Ashley was the spitting image, and he could see it in her eyes, her red cheeks, her bouncy tits, her cute bottom, even her sweet moans were almost identical.

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