A Delicious Invitation

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When I arrived at your doorstep, the butterflies in my stomach were slam dancing about, threatening to destroy my nerve. But you had told me you would be alone this weekend and given me a whole song and dance about how you hated to sleep alone and how the house feels so empty, and how I had a blanket invitation to show up anytime I pleased. I believe it was a hint, no I know it was a hint because we’ve been fairly intimate via the phone and I don’t think you’d BS me like that.

I knock, hear the patter of feet running down stairs, and a muffled squeal of delight shortly before the door opens. There you are, long auburn hair flowing loose, looking just breathtaking in some hip hugging sweat pants and an undershirt struggling to cover your fabulous cleavage, I’m hard almost instantly. “Erin, I-…” your hair muffles what I was going to say as you throw yourself into my arms.

You pull me inside and grip my hand. There’s energy between us, just under the surface and barely contained as we make small talk and you give me a tour of your home. It’s everything you said it was and so are you, voluptuous and alluring, hair smelling faintly of flowers, so comfortable in your near state of undress. I’m barely paying attention to your tour, my head is reeling, so distracted by your amazing tits, eyeing them hungrily as they sway while you walk and pull me through each room. “You’re beautiful” I blurt out and then blush as you stop, frozen.

We’re in the hallway towards your bedroom, I realize, as you slowly turn towards me. You see me gazing at your breasts and your nipples harden through the thin cotton of the undershirt. “Come here” you direct me and I obey. Shoving me into the wall, you take my head in your hands and kiss me. At first I’m shocked at how forward you are, but then I remember who I’m dealing with- the most sexually liberated person I’ve ever happened across and the kinkiest vixen I know. The kiss is forceful, you shoving your tongue inside my mouth, engaging mine. Your body is against mine, your heavenly tits crush into me, nipples so hard it almost feels as though they will burn through our clothing. My hands hold you close, groping down your spine and hips. You grind your pelvis against my cock and smile, biting my lip as you do so.

Running your hands down my chest, we separate slightly but continue kissing madly, nuzzling our faces, sucking on one another’s tongues and lips, breathing in all the electricity around us. Your hands start to pull up my shirt and I raise my arms to help you, but you pin my elbows to the wall. Determinedly you fix me a look of such wanton lust and pull back a bit to gain more leverage on my arms. Our eyes never break contact until you grin wickedly and dip your bursa escort head. Alternately licking and kissing your way across my chest, your lips reach my nipples and begin to suck. Gently at first, teething them a bit. I moan at the attention, enjoying the unusual pleasure. You stay there, holding me against the wall, working my nipples, and enjoying my squirming and moaning. “Oh God, “I breathe heavily, taking in every sensation: the smell of your hair and breath, the suction on my nips, the way your lips feel on mine, the hardness of my cock, straining against my pants, aching to feel your body against it again, desperate to invade you.

Finally you cease your sucking on my nips and release my arms and step back, smiling coyly. I remove my shirt. Your shapely hips sway to thundering of our heartbeats, dancing to the secret beat. I reach out and draw you closer, suddenly spinning you around. You gasp slightly when your bottom bounces into the hardness of my cock still inside my pants. Once hand around your middle, I sweep your hair from your neck and ear with the other. Pressing my dick into you, I start to bite and suck on your neck. Now it’s your turn to moan as I kiss and lick my way into your ear. Breathing hot air into you ear, I whisper “We have waited too long to do this, You’re mine tonight.” As I gently nibble on your earlobe you begin to melt, sagging into me. My hand from around your stomach creeps upwards, my palms ever so slightly grazing against your breast through the shirt. Around the underside I touch you, up the side of your cleavage and across your nipples, probing your ear with my tongue and breath, kissing behind your ear and biting your neck.

With your back to me you fumble with my pants, unsnapping them and then grabbing a handful of my cock. “Unhhhh” I moan as my dick finally gets the direct contact I’ve been craving, My hands rush to cup your breasts, pressing into them and feeling their delightful heft. We’re moaning together, both gloriously happy playing with each other’s tender bits.

Gathering your legs underneath you, you rise but don’t release my rod, choosing instead to lead me by the dick into your bedroom and your giant king size bed. Twirling to face me, you sit on the bed and pull me by the shaft until my cockhead is right in front of your mouth. Looking up at me, you purse your full, red lips and blow cool air against the underside. “Oh yeah, baby.” Licking your lips up at me you scoop my balls into your other hand, and swallow my dick to the hilt into your wet, hot mouth. It’s marvelous how you deep throat me, pulling my cock into your throat for a few seconds, then sucking deeply as you withdraw me out slowly, wiggling and swirling your tongue all around, then bursa escort bayan plunging me deep back again. This continues for a few cycles, and then you blow cool air against my spit-covered tool. Licking my dick like a lollipop, you clean the shaft and then begin on my balls. I almost lose it when you suck my testes into your hot little mouth and gently suck. The sensation is incredible when you envelop each ball within your sultry mouth. My breathing gets ragged as pull your head backwards, releasing each teste from the hot prison of your mouth. In my own head I can see a future encounter where I will allow you to finish me off like this, my cock spurting hot ropes of my seed onto your face and hair. I file that thought away for a later time though.

“Sit” you tell me, garbled around a mouthful of cock. We reverse positions but I flop down on the bed and let you keep sucking me. I can feel your shirt-covered tits pressed on my thighs when you raise up to deep throat me again. I’m writhing on the bed in ecstasy, you’re sucking me so good, and then you raise my leg up off the bed. Stroking my dick, you gently lift up my scrotum and start to lick my perineum, pressing your tongue against it, making it slippery. Your hands move from my cock to my ass cheeks and spread them apart for your face. When your tongue pushes against my anus I stop breathing. It’s exciting but so alien, you can feel my tension and resort to strong licks and tickling my sack. Returning to my dick allows me to come back down to earth, but one of your hands remains in the crevice of my ass, pushing, but not quite penetrating my anus. “This is heaven” I gasp as my dick pops out of your mouth when the suction releases. Your only reply is “Mmmm hmmm”.

Eventually you stand in front of me and start to get naked. Your body is amazing, not too skinny and yet athletic. Firm full breasts, marvelously round hips drifting elegantly into trim and fit legs. I watch transfixed, as you have to roll your shirt up and over your large breasts and erect nipples. Your skin is silky and smooth, your pale beauty nicely contrasted against the color of your hair. Turning away from me you bed over at the waist and push down your sweat pants. Sittings up I place both hands on that wonderful ass. Your pussy lips are pressed up between your thighs, smoothly shaven and glistening in your wetness. I run a finger slowly down the crack of your ass, over your asshole and between your inner lips as you’re bent over. Back and fourth I draw that finger, spreading your wetness, enjoying your sex. Planting kisses on your cheeks, I let the finger inside you a little and you moan. As I kiss closer to your pussy, you push back against the finger, taking more in. Slowly I start escort bursa fucking you with my finger, dragging my tongue all over your ass. You moan feverishly when I reach your anus, squeezing your pussy muscles around my finger, trying to hold me in you. A second finger penetrates you, invades you, filling your aching desire a little more. I push my tongue past your anal ring, and now I’m fucking you with my hand and my mouth in both holes when you push against me. As you moan, I allow another finger inside your cunt, stretching you for my cock later. You’re so wet now, pussy juice and spit almost running down your leg, covering my hands and face. You begin to rub your clit with my fingers fucking you, and my fixed tongue tossing your salad. “Oh Fuck yes…” you begin to chant as your orgasm builds. Your legs begin to quake and I plunge another finger into that hot twat. I want to taste you, feel your cum -the spasm and squirting of your release

Withdrawing my hand gives you pause, but then I grasp your hips and pull you sitting into my lap. My throbbing cockhead is pushed into your thigh, but you guide it so that the head lies against the opening to you your pussy. My hands grasp your tits from behind, kneading the nipples between thumb and forefinger. You lean forward and push my legs apart to get more of my dick into you. I rock back on the bed to accommodate you, feeling my cock slip inch by delicious inch into your honey hole. Bucking your hips a bit settles me inside you, my fuckrod staining at the angle. Your pussy is everything I’d imagined, strongly gripping my tool, volcanically hot, and so so wet.

We rock back and forth in reverse cowgirl, you riding me gently from the edge of the bed, chanting “shit yes” over and over as my dick fills you. Our pace builds, and our breathing quickens as we fall into a focused fucking trance. I feel my own orgasm growing, the need to erupt in you, on you, over you. I sit up quickly and push you off of me. “Oh god, please keep fucking me,” you beg, “I’m so close.”

Pushing you onto your hands and knees, I mount you from behind. I take your hips and roughly impale you on my dick. “Oh!” you cry out, but from pleasure or pain I can’t tell. I start slamming my dick into you, the need to fuck you recklessly taking over. My thighs are slapping against your bouncing ass, and my balls are banging against your inflamed pussy lips. Taking my thumb, I insert it into your ass as we fuck, and I can feel my dick through you, in you, swelling and growing. Your orgasm hits like head on train wreck, your pussy spasming around my dick, your ass clenching my thumb and you scream out” OH FUCK YES!” I can’t hold back any more and I blast jet after hot jet of cum into you.

Falling on top of you, you’re crushed beneath me as we come down. We cuddle and kiss until minutes later my deflated cock slips from your well-fucked hole. We turn face to face and kiss and neck gently, trying to recover. “You’re fantastic.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32