A Conference Legacy Ch. 07

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I went back to my room, my head in somewhat of a spin. I decided to turn in straight away, and not to bother with the TV. I also decided that I needed to make sure that I was keeping track of our expenditure against the allowance that Monica had provided. I dug out the meal and drinks receipts from my wallet, and got the record form and receipts wallet from my flight bag. The receipts I had placed neatly folded in the back compartment of my wallet, and I removed them carefully, placing them in the clearly marked wallet, returning it to my flight bag. As I put it into its neat section, my eye caught the large handwriting. “Receipts”, it said, and I remembered whose handwriting it was. I turned back to pick up my wallet which was lying open on my bed where I had left it when I transferred the receipts into my bag. My eye fell on the top corner of the top photograph – the photograph of Debbie Langman climbing the staircase. I pulled out the three pictures, and looked at them in turn. If my head had been spinning with the memory of my recent exploits with Louise, it virtually swooned when I contemplated the images of Debbie Langman’s lovely legs!

These images were of a girl whose height, build and sheer sexual confidence, along with the straightforwardly stunning quality of her physique, were immediately striking. In each case, the camera angle made her long bare legs stand out from the picture as clearly as a lighthouse in a sea fog. What a pair of legs! They looked absolutely fantastic, so much so that they made even the memory of intimate physical contact with Louise’s wonderful smooth bare legs pale into insignificance.

I decided to put the pictures away again, because they would spoil my memory of the last couple of hours. I went to bed at around half past two, and fell peacefully to sleep. At about 4am I was woken by what I at first defined as a regular drum beat which I took to be coming from another neighbouring room. I tried to ignore it, until I realised that it was not music I could hear, but a regular knocking sound, against my far bedroom wall. I sat up, allowed the waking fug in my head to clear, and listened more closely. It was coming from Louise’s room! My brain cleared slowly, as I identified the fact that the sound was of something wooden being bashed against the skirting board. It was Louise’s bed banging against the wall. The surrounding silence exposed equally regular shrill cries and shrieks. She was having sex! My pulse quickened, and my mouth felt dry. I got up and pressed my ear to the wall.

“Oh yes! Fuck me with those long fingers! Fuck me hard!” I heard her cry. Then I heard another voice through the wall.

“Oh! more, more! Stroke my legs Louise, let me feel your hands on my legs. Let me kiss your legs. I really love your beautiful sexy legs!”

I reeled against the table on which I was leaning. It wasn’t just what was happening, and what was being said. The other voice I could hear was unmistakably young – and equally unmistakably female!

I pressed my ear harder against the wall. The sounds were generally very muffled, but occasionally the penetrating young female tones seemed to cut through the double-skinned cavity wall like a sharp knife. I heard lots of references to ‘fucking’, ‘legs’ and ‘stroking’. I heard the name Louise, or more accurately the “Eese” part of her name, and also, what sounded like “Eddie”.

“Wind your lovely legs round me, Eddie!” I heard Louise beg. “Let me feel your legs against my face!” “Let me lick your lovely bare legs!” and so on.

Eventually, the girls’ sexual activity subsided, and I could hear them no more. I went back over to my bed, and lay down to try to get back to sleep. As I sank into unconsciousness, I remembered the adjoining door! I jolted back into consciousness.

I allowed my mind to clear. It was filled with images of girls, legs, sex, and everything related. Louise was opening her legs to let me kiss her pussy. Debbie Langman was emerging from her photographs like a beautiful apparition, and showing me everything her legs had to offer. I decided not to chance my luck with the connecting door, at least not that night anyway! I new I would need to check, in a quiet moment, whether the door was unlocked or not. What if it was! I eventually went off to sleep, thinking about what wonders might be waiting for me on Wednesday night!

I drifted off into sleepy oblivion, vaguely turning over in my fragmented mind who “Eddie” might be.


My alarm woke me bright and early, and I was down in the restaurant hall eating a hearty breakfast at 7:45. Louise appeared, illegal bahis looking utterly radiant. She was alone. I decided to say nothing about what I had overheard, partly out of tactical politeness, and partly out of not inconsiderable fear of what she might say, or what she might deny me if I did! She sat down next to me, letting her skirt ride characteristically high up her long bare legs, showing all the men in the room what she had to offer. I decided there was no point in objecting. After all, I got my share, didn’t I?

I had not had time to get myself ready for a swim before breakfast, and asked her if she was still up for one.

“Ah yes, raring to go!” she replied. “I’m all ready!”

I said that I would need to go and get my swimming gear sorted, and Louise suggested that I meet her at the pool. As I passed reception on my way to the lifts, the English-speaking receptionist called my name.

“Mr Becton! There is a message for you. Please check your TV when you get up to your room.”

I wondered what this message could be. On arrival back in my room, I turned on my TV with some anticipation. The opening menu came up, with a flashing message icon. I dutifully opened the message, which read

“Please meet company auditor at poolside cafe at 8:30am. Please bring receipts and all financial data relating to our trip.”


I could not think for the life of me what this might mean, but, remembering that I had put all the relevant paperwork in order, and in one place before retiring, (in my flight bag), I grabbed it, and took it over my shoulder, along with a small bag containing my swimming towel, and my underwear. I changed into my somewhat brief Speedos, and pulled on a pair of longish dress shorts – the kind businessmen wear to work in Australia – a t-shirt, and a pair of not particularly flattering sandals. I pocketed my room key and took the lift down to the poolside terrace.

When I emerged into the light, my eyes squinted, looking around the seating area, among the sun beds, trying to identify Louise. At first, I could not see her at all. It has to be said that there were several significant potential rivals, all obviously anxious to get the early morning rays to their bodies and legs, almost all of which were charmingly revealed by various styles of skimpy bikinis. One young blonde girl in particular caught my eye as I struggled to adapt to the very bright Spanish morning sunlight. She must have been at least six feet tall, and she was lying sprawled very unselfconsciously on a sun bed, right on the edge of the pool. She had arranged herself somewhat carelessly in a star configuration, revealing the most spectacular pair of legs. They were, even from a distance, and against the glare of the sun on the water, beautifully smooth and slender, and perfectly evenly tanned. She caught me staring at her legs, and wriggled and squirmed in a very sexy way, opening and closing her lovely long legs, showing me just how tiny her bikini was. She rolled over on to her stomach, as if to let me know that she had seen me looking at her legs, and, no doubt, to model her thong bikini panties. She appeared to be playing it very coyly. I tried to ignore her, looking away and across to the other side of the pool. As my eyes passed over the dazzling shimmering surface of the water, I spotted Louise, floating magnificently on her back, her long strong legs propelling her effortlessly through the bright clear water. She was swimming in the general direction of the blonde thong-clad apparition I had spotted first.

Louise saw me and beckoned to me. I rather nervously placed my two bags next to a vacant sun bed and plunged into the clear bluish green water, anticipating a chilling entry. It did not happen. The water was warm, even on entry, and even at 8:20 in the morning.

“Good isn’t it!” cried Louise. “Come over here, there’s someone I want you to meet!”

I swam towards her, and our paths converged at the steps at the far corner of the pool. We both stood up and emerged from the pool. I took care to let Louise get out ahead of me so that I could observe her beautiful strong legs and her cute little round bum at close quarters. She glanced back and smiled.

“I want you to meet Caroline,” she said after a half a minute pause, pointing out the girl with the spectacular long legs who I had noticed earlier. “Caroline Eversely. Caroline is from RightWay! We met last night in the night club. She’s looking after the A V for our presentation, and the reception arrangements for us on Thursday evening. Have you got ten minutes to talk through the details with Charles illegal bahis siteleri later on this morning Caroline?”

“Yes, sure!” Caroline replied with a professional smile.

“So, this is Charles is it? I’ve heard a lot about you, Charles! You’re a bit of a wiz with PowerPoint, so I understand?”

“Hello Caroline. Pleased to meet you,” I said, rather formally. “Well, just a bit of a whiz I suppose, though nothing special really,” I said, with a degree of rather false modesty. “What’s your particular talent?”

“Apart from her legs you mean?” intervened Louise, noticing the direction my eyes had taken.

“Leave him alone, Louise! There’s no harm in looking, is there!” said Caroline, with a definite wink, and a distinctive New Zealand twang.

“I guess I’m pretty good at getting things to the right place at the right time,” she continued. “That’s my job, after all! Does 11 o’clock suit you Charles?”

“Yes fine. Where shall we meet?” I asked.

“Oh, why not here, at the poolside bar over by the palms – just over there. At least there’s a bit of shade. What do you think?”

“Yes, suits me.” I replied.

Caroline smiled, winked transparently at Louise, and returned quietly to her sun bed, making sure to give me a full-length view of those beautiful brown legs as she re-established her sun bathing position.

When Caroline had moved out of earshot, I asked Louise about my message.

“Oh, that! It’s just HQ springing a spot check on our expenditure. There’s no need to worry, she is a good ally.”

“Oh, it’s a “she” then is it? Who have they sent then?” I asked.

“You’ll see. She’ll be here in five minutes. I think you’re going to have an interesting morning!” said Louise with a wry smile.

“Excuse me, Charles, but I’ve got to go to the little girls’ room. I’ll be back in five!”

With that, Louise grabbed a small hold-all, and strode off towards the hotel buildings, draping a towel around her as she went.

I decided to follow her example, and take the opportunity to “make myself comfortable,” and change in preparation for my mysterious meeting with the company auditor, whoever she might turn out to be. I walked round to where I had left my gear, picked up my two bags and headed for the white building which housed the toilet block, which was next to the basement exit from the main hotel building. I hurriedly dried myself, changed into my long shorts and t-shirt, and returned, bags and all, to take up a seat at an empty table on the poolside terrace underneath a welcome parasol. I sat facing the building, waiting for Louise to emerge.

When she did so, at exactly 8:30, she was dressed in a short white skirt and smart white top, as was the young woman who came out with her. As soon as I saw her, I recognised her, and my heart leapt with both surprise and delight. This young woman was none other than the beautiful long-legged Deborah Langman!

Her skirt was even shorter than the one Louise was wearing, showing off her beautiful very brown and very long bare legs.

“Hello, Charles!” called Debbie, “How are you this bright and sunny morning?”

“Somewhat surprised to see you here Debbie!” I replied, truthfully. I had not managed to put two and two together, even with Louise’s rather cryptic clue just a moment before.

Debbie and Louise came to join me at the table. There were four chairs around it, and they chose to sit either side of me, leaving a vacant seat opposite. It was quite a small table, so our chairs were quite close together.

“Shall we order coffee before we get down to business?” said Debbie. “This shouldn’t take long”.

I signalled to a hovering waiter, who asked if we wanted anything to eat. No one did.

“I’d like cafe solo, with a brandy.” said Debbie, very cooly.

“Me to!” I replied, somewhat relieved that she was displaying such a liberal attitude.

“I might as well too then,” added Louise.

The waiter returned with the three strong black coffees and three very large brandies. Debbie charged them to her room. I remember registering that her room number was 921, but did not think anything more of it.

She sat back in her chair, extending her long legs under the table. I felt the brush of her cool skin against my knee and shin. She did not make any attempt to disengage the contact. Rather, she pushed her leg against mine, consciously establishing physical contact. The idea of her bare legs against mine gave me an almost immediate erection which I hoped she would not be able to observe.

“Now, Charles, let’s have a look at these receipts of yours!” canlı bahis siteleri said Debbie light-heartedly.

I produced the receipts, only four or five of them, from their neat wallet.

“They’re fine,” she said, “no problems there. You don’t have to be backward in coming forward Charles. The allowance is category A, (unrestricted). You can put down any reasonable expenditure. We might look dimly on something with, say, “massage” stamped all over it. You would be surprised at what some people try to get away with. Mind you, I’m sure that’s not the sort of thing you would be interested in, is it?”

She paused, and I blushed slightly.

“I suspect you are more of a giver than a taker in that department, aren’t you? I mean, if I said I wanted my legs massaged, I think you might be interested, mightn’t you?”

“Of course he would!” said Louise, mirroring Debbie’s sitting position, and playing legs contact games on my other side.

She glanced meaningfully at Debbie and nodded. Louise reached for my right hand which was resting on my knee, and placed it on her left thigh. Debbie copied her move, taking my left hand and placing it on her right thigh.

“Go on! Spoil yourself!” said Louise.

“I don’t mind, Charles, really! I want you to explore my legs too,” Said Debbie.

There were very few people around by the pool, and we had our backs to the water. Even though there was a risk of being seen from the bar in front of us, I could not resist the idea of touching two girls’ legs at the same time. It was just too thrilling.

I ran my hands up and down the insides of both girls’ legs. They watched each other intently. If Louise changed her position even slightly, Debbie copied her exactly. They opened and closed their legs almost in formation. The effect was that, at any one time, both my hands were having exactly the same experience, now stroking both girls’ legs, now being squeezed between both girls’ beautiful smooth bare thighs. It was sheer heaven.

“Wow! You’re a fabulous legs stroker!” said Debbie. “I don’t have to ask where you got the practice!”

“I think it’s a bit public here, don’t you Debbie,” said Louise.? I suggest we go inside. Charles has another meeting at 11, with Caroline from RightWay, you know, Ms sex-on-legs! I wonder how long it will take him to get his wandering hands on her legs?”

“Yes, I wonder, and what a pair of legs those are!” said Debbie.

“So you know Caroline too then?” I asked.

“Oh yes, we know her alright, from last night. We had a very interesting discussion. Maybe you’ll find out the outcome of it later on, after the reception perhaps?” said Debbie, winking knowingly at Louise, “or maybe even sooner!”

“Well, we’ve got an hour and a half. Who’s room?”

“Charles’s!” cried Louise, without providing me with any chance to have any say in the matter. See you there in 5!”

Louise ran off ahead, leaving me with Debbie. Debbie waited for a few moments before getting up to leave, during which time she moved closer to me, and, taking my hand, encouraged me to explore both her beautiful long bare legs.

“I suppose we had better go and find Louise,” she said after about two or three minutes intensive stroking. “She’ll be getting jealous!” said Debbie rather suggestively, squeezing my hand tightly between her warm bare legs.

We picked up our bags and re-entered the building via the bar. We got into the lift, and, when the lift doors had closed, found ourselves quite alone.

Debbie lifted her pelmet skirt above her waist, showing me the entire length of her extremely beautiful long smooth bare legs, and an incredibly brief pair of white cotton panties.

“I bet you’re looking forward to getting to grips with my legs, aren’t you!” she said earnestly. “Better than looking at boring old photos I reckon!”

She dropped the hem of her skirt as we reached the 9th floor. We got out, and turned left. Then I remembered Debbie signing the bill for the coffees and drinks just a few minutes ago. 921! She was next door to me!

The full implications of this remarkable fact began to dawn on me as we approached my room. I remembered that there was an adjoining door to room 921 from my room as well as one to 925 on the other side. Debbie said she would see me in a couple of minutes, and opened the door to her room. I went into mine, and rapidly checked both sets of doors. They were single doors, unlike similar arrangements in hotels I had stayed in at home.

Both were unlocked!

I could hear Louise and Debbie on the phone to each other. And then I recognised the word “Eddie” again – accept that it wasn’t Eddie at all. Of course! It was “Debbie”! It was Debbie who Louise had been making passionate love with in the early hours of this morning!

Things were definitely getting very interesting indeed!


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