A Compulsion

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


It was 10:41 p.m. Saturday night when the text came in.

Daniel was in bed with his wife and they were half-asleep when his phone pinged. Daniel felt a flush deep inside himself, hoping his wife’s fragile sleep state was undisturbed. At this time of night, he suspected the message might be from his brother-in-law, Jake. He reached for the smartphone on his bedside table with anticipation and dread.

The text read simply: alley behind bar in a half-hour.

Daniel felt an icy grip on his heart and a familiar heat in his balls. Already his cock twitched at the thought of this rendezvous even as his conscience and his pride rebelled. Whatever ambivalence he felt was not enough to deter him from sending an acknowledgement to the message.

Daniel hauled himself out of bed as quickly and quietly as he could, desperate not to wake Nicole. She stirred but did not wake. Daniel exhaled in relief. He didn’t relish telling his wife of ten years where he was going, or more accurately, lying about it.

Within minutes he was dressed. He paced the house, impatient to leave but not wanting to be too early for his meeting. Meetings. Is that what he should call them? It was too clean a word for this type of assignation.

The bar was only a ten-minute walk from his apartment, so there was no need to take the car. At about five minutes to eleven, Daniel pulled on his jacket with shaking hands and led his knocking knees away from his warm, cozy residence and his beautiful wife in pursuit of something he seemed unable to stop chasing, try as he might.

As his shoes hit the sidewalk, he thought back to the very first time he had met Jake.

It was at Nicole’s younger sister’s wedding two years ago. Jake, the black sheep of the family, had been invited and, to everyone’s surprise, he came. This handsome man had just bought a bar in town and was planning to make his visit a permanent stay. When Nicole introduced Daniel and Jake, Daniel felt instantly self-conscious. Jake was tall and handsome with fashionable stubble. When they shook hands, Jake’s grip effortlessly crushed Daniel’s fingers. They exchanged words for the first and only time, but Daniel was aware that his own voice was a high squeak beside Jake’s deep voice. A part of Daniel resented the innate power in the other man; this was the kind of man who thought he could sleep with your wife and get away with it. As Daniel was married to Jake’s sister, at least he wasn’t worried about being cuckolded by Jake.

No, he should have been worried by something else entirely…

Daniel kicked a discarded beer can out of his way as he stalked his way to his destination. His mind was split between anticipation for the near future and a reverie of the past.

The day they met figured heavily in his memories. The wedding festivities had continued late into the night. The hall where the reception was held was a new facility, so Daniel was pleased that they had private bathrooms. Always nice to have privacy to take a leak instead of brushing elbows at the urinals. As he let the door close behind him, a hand reached around and caught it, pulling it wide open to admit another guest.

It was Jake.

Daniel had been about to tell Jake that these were private bathrooms for use by one person at a time, but the words caught in his throat. The door slowly shut and Jake engaged the lock before turning to face Daniel. He didn’t say a word. He smiled with complete confidence as he unbuttoned his fly and pulled down his zipper. ümraniye gecelik escort Daniel gaped at him, blushing furiously, confused by Jake’s actions, a sudden onslaught of emotion and an inappropriate sensation in his groin. His dick had twitched in his pants.

Jake held his silence and commanded Daniel in his gaze, smiling with cool supremacy. He put his hands on his hips and waited. Daniel and Jake faced each other that way for more than a minute, Daniel utterly tongue-tied and Jake silent because his open fly and his posture conveyed his demands.

Daniel felt a flush through his whole body and the blood pounded hard in his ears. He felt dizzy, but not enough to explain what happened next.

Without losing sight of Jake’s piercing eyes, Daniel’s knees bent until he was kneeling inches in front of Jake. Daniel could not believe he was doing it, but his hands reached up slowly, clumsily widening the gap in Jake’s open fly and pulling the pants down to the top of his thighs. The outline of Jake’s cock was plain to see through his underwear. As if he was under remote control, Daniel watched as his hands closed around the elastic waistband of Jake’s boxers and tugged them downward. Jake’s cock, a healthy six or seven incher as it rose erect, flipped free from the underpants and sprung out across the distance between Daniel and Jake’s groin. It dick-slapped Daniel across the nose, leaving a tiny droplet of pre-cum where it touched him.

Daniel did not understand what was happening. He did not know what he should do in these circumstances, but he was pretty sure it was not what he did next.

Daniel opened his mouth and used his hands to guide Jake’s swollen penis inside. He licked and nipped tentatively at first, as if he feared a terrible taste or an electric shock, but then when there was no such effect, Daniel instinctively hid his teeth behind his lips and engulfed the entire cock. He bobbed on Jake’s cock, looking up into Daniel’s triumphant eyes as he pleasured him. For a man who had never fellated another man before, Daniel did well. Jake had kept his hands at his hips as he received his blow job, but now as Daniel sucked him in earnest, caving his cheeks with suction on Jake’s organ, he became excited. He wrapped his hands around the back of Daniel’s head and began to fuck back at the mouth that worshipped him. Daniel’s hands massaged Jake’s balls and he felt the testicles pull up inside Jake’s scrotum. Then, without a word of warning, Jake growled out a deep breath and a sigh of pleasure and unloaded in Daniel’s mouth. Daniel had coughed and sputtered but under the controlling eye of Jake, he swallowed everything he was fed.

Then, Jake quite simply tucked his cock back in and zipped himself up. As Daniel stood up, Jake reached into Daniel’s pants pockets, fished out his phone and looked up Daniel’s phone number. He punched the digits into his own phone, adding the number to his contacts, while Daniel stood on wobbly legs, eaten with arousal and need. He remembered how he foolishly hoped for some reciprocation of the act he had committed. Jake did not return the favour; instead, he grinned, turned on his heel and left the bathroom. Daniel locked the door behind him; he still had to piss after all, and he needed a few moments alone with his thoughts.

Since then, Jake had texted Daniel dozens of times, giving only locations and time-frames. Daniel had blown Jake in his truck in a wide open parking lot by daylight, in underground parking garages, in public washrooms, in stairwells, once even in an elevator. These meetings kadıköygrup yapan escort took place at various times of the day and night. So far, Daniel had always been able to get away from the house or from work without rousing anyone’s suspicions. He had used a lot of excuses, from having to go bail a friend out to picking up a friend so he wouldn’t drive drunk. He had even said he was just going out to the store for milk. He didn’t know how long he could allay his wife’s suspicions that he might be meeting another woman. Finding out the truth would be even worse-that he was messing around with her own brother.

And yet, despite the difficulty and the worry that he might be discovered as something other than straight, it had never seriously occurred to Daniel to say no to Jake. It was easy enough to think of that when Jake was far away, but the moment his summons came through, Daniel was rock-hard, his member twitching. After all this time, he had even come to like the taste and his mouth watered for Jake’s cock.

Presently, Daniel neared Jake’s Bar. He walked past the entrance and around the corner to enter the alley behind.

It was dimly lit by a caged light over the bar’s back door. Graffiti overlaid the bricks and concrete blocks of the buildings leaning over the alley. There were dumpsters and grease bins, and the smell of rot and used cooking oil hung over this end of the alley. On the ground were pages of old newspaper, discarded beverage cans and bottles and a pile of ash and butts where someone had dumped a car ashtray. Empty crates stood in columns near the door. There was a used condom in the mud at Daniel’s feet.

Daniel thought it was not a completely isolated place to give a blowjob. Anyone might venture down or by this alleyway at anytime. Jake liked to pick places where they might be discovered. His confidence could weather it, but Daniel’s fear at being outed was almost as great as his need for Jake’s cock. If only he could give it up… resist…

As the back door opened and Jake emerged, all thought of resistance was vanquished. Jake smirked to see his eager cocksucker was early for their meeting. He stepped in between the columns of beverage crates and leaned back against the wall. He didn’t bother to undo his fly anymore; Daniel unwrapped his present himself now.

As always, Daniel’s need was almost primal. His conscious mind became an observer of this ritual of submission. At home, Daniel was an equal partner in his household. At work, he was a manager with authority over others. His nature had always seemed to be assertive, even dominant, but somehow, Jake changed everything. To Jake, Daniel was inferior and subservient; he ate the cum of a superior male and that was his place. Just thinking of it made him shudder with desire to suck his supremely confident brother-in-law.

Daniel’s knees folded and he knelt in the mud before Jake. He would have to wash these pants himself because if Nicole found them muddy like this in the laundry, she would be bound to ask how he got so dirty. Strangely, the thought of telling her the truth almost turned him on. “I was giving your brother a blowjob in an alleyway like a common crack whore.” What was it about feeling so submissive toward this man that made him so hot?

Daniel locked eyes with his dominant brother-in-law as he unbuckled Jake’s belt, pulled his button and unzipped him for perhaps the fiftieth time in the last two years. Some confident stares make one turn away; Jake’s drew you in. Daniel pulled the underwear aside and exposed the cock that he bostancı türk escort so coveted. He gently caressed Jake’s cock as he rubbed his nose in the pubic hair above his penis and in the folds of his scrotum, kissing, licking and nipping all around the groin area.

In a matter of moments, a shiny pearl of pre-cum glistened at the tip of Jake’s cock. Daniel rubbed at the area with his thumb, lubricating the glans for the coming blowjob, but also adding a salty flavour he knew he would enjoy.

Daniel was horny himself, but he was beyond hoping he would get any matching satisfaction from Jake. His only joy would come from the act he performed so willingly.

His mouth closed entirely over the glans of Jake’s cock and he swirled his tongue around and around the sensitive area. The taste was heavenly: salty and sweet. Jake gave a little groan and Daniel knew he was given his brother-in-law great pleasure. He began to jack the root of his cock in time to the bobbing of his head over the tip.

After fifteen minutes, Jake nutted in Daniel’s mouth, without warning as usual. He was too well-practiced now to cough or retch when Jake’s semen flooded his mouth. Now the taste of Jake’s cream made his dick drool in his pants.

Daniel knew that he wasn’t done his work yet. He now had to clean Jake’s flagging dick. He held it by its stem and began licking in long, slow strokes, paying particular attention to the tip once more. He licked long and hard in Jake’s pubic bush and under and around his testicles.

When he was done the tongue bath, he leaned back and appraised his work. To his surprise, Jake was completely hard again. This didn’t usually happen, but Daniel had been trained to understand Jake’s expectations in this situation.

He was to suck him again.

Daniel leaned back into Jake’s groin and once more took the hard and soft cock back into his mouth. He twirled his tongue over the end for a few moments before feathering the shaft with kisses. Then taking the whole dick in deep, Daniel began a rhythm of furious sucking, bobbing up and down the length of Jake’s cock. This whole while, he fondled Jake’s testicles almost roughly. It took more stimulation to please Jake twice.

After a few minutes, Daniel’s taste buds were rewarded with another flood of sperm. He swallowed submissively in the manner in which a subservient man obeys a master.

Once more, Daniel cleaned up around Jake’s privates until Jake himself made him stop, seizing back custody of his cock, which he tucked back into his pants. Then he casually walked around the kneeling man and went back through the door into his bar.

Daniel stood up and watched the door slam shut. He found the act of blowing Jake surprisingly satisfying, but it did not relieve him of the physical need to blow a load.

Daniel hurried home and entered the apartment quietly. He hid his muddy pants so his wife wouldn’t see them and changed back into his pyjamas. When he entered his room, he was both relieved and not surprised to see that Nicole was still asleep. No awkward questions need be asked about his whereabouts this time of night.

As he tucked himself in under the covers, his cotinuing need was apparent. His cock remained rock-hard. Waking his wife with kisses and caresses took a few minutes. When she began to show an interest, he positioned himself between her legs, pulled up her night-gown and fucked her furiously until he came hard inside her.

That might have been the end of it, but Nicole hadn’t come yet. She rolled Daniel over on the bed and hauled herself up so she was holding his arms down with her knees, splaying her pussy across his face. As Daniel’s wife fed him a load of his own semen, he couldn’t help thinking that Nicole really was her brother’s sister.

Later, when they were done, he looked at his phone and wondered when Jake’s next text message would come through.

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