A Business Arrangement Ch. 2

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Pt. II: A Business Meeting

I am anxiously waiting at my desk for your call. You are keeping me in anticipation … it is almost an hour passed the time that you usually call for me and the waiting is almost becoming unbearable … I cannot concentrate on the stacks of files piled high on my desk.

Finally my phone rings and you ask me to come into your office right away. I rush in, closing the door behind me. Much to my surprise, you have a woman in your office with you.

“Isabella, I want you to meet Tess” … you say. Standing before me is one of the most beautiful redheads I have seen in a long time … standing what looks like over 6 feet tall … knock out curvaceous body with huge voluptuous breasts .. long flowing hair past her shoulders ..dressed in a snugly fitting low cut black suit, with black hose and high stiletto heels.

She looks me up and down slowly and begins smiling mischievously. She does not talk to me, but tells you how pleased she is with me .. that you have indeed selected a good slut.

Finally Tess addresses me … “Take off your clothes now” she demands. I look to you for guidance .. and you give me a smiling nod. Immediately, I obey.

I remove my short tight skirt and black silk blouse …. I am standing before the two of you in my black bra and silk thong … sheer black stockings with black lace garter belt which is what I wear daily for your pleasure … I am still wearing my black patent pumps …

“Remove your bra and thong slut” you demand … which I do without hesitation.

Tess then runs her hands all over my body … squeezing my breasts izmir escort bayan … pinching my nipples until they stand out hard and erect for you. I am getting wet now .. and she slides her hand between my thighs to feel my wetness … I am squirming at her touch.

She stops for a moment and turning to you she purrs .. “Oh yes, I know how you like to wax your slaves …. very nice indeed. I do so love a smooth pussy”.

You then demand that I sit on your drafting table and spread my legs wide for your Tess … she has to taste me now. Oooooooooooh how good it feels to have your beautiful Tess lick my cunt … how hot she is making me … just the way you want me. My clit is swollen and throbbing with excitement.

All of a sudden, without any warning, I being to cum uncontrollably …. I am so turned on by you watching your slut having her dripping cunt sucked by this beautiful redhead.

“Slut, I did not say you could cum yet …. Have you no patience?” you tell me in a stern voice. You did not have to speak .. I could tell by the frown on your face I have displeased you. I bow my head in shame. “I am sorry Master”.

You grab me off of the table and demand I bend over your knee. “We will show Tess now how I discipline you when you displease your Master.” You spank me good and hard with the riding crop you have hidden away in your closet … spank me the way I deserve … the way I crave … crave always to have my ass red for you … to please you.

With my ass still stinging, you demand that I crawl back on top of your drafting table. You want me spread eagled … and you tie my hands escort izmir and feet to the four corners with the rope you keep for me in the bottom drawer of your filing cabinet. You then flip the table so that I am suspended on the table but upright for your pleasure … the toe tips of my shoes are barely touching the floor.

It is then you bring out your camera … “Just a few souvenir shots for Tess” you snicker. You laugh at my embarrassment and click away … click away while Tess is eating me … sucking me … and yes fucking me with her vast array of toys.

She removes her damp lace panties and waves them back and forth under my nose …. mmmm she says …. “You like the smell, don’t you bitch … you like it you little slut … you are dying to taste me”. She then rubs her panties all over my face … teasing me … seducing me even more into her power … “Not today my little cunt sucking girl toy .. not today …. ” she whispers.

I am begging her for a glimpse .. a taste .. a lick … of that sweet smelling precious little pussy … but she just laughs and again tells me I will not enjoy her treasures today.

Never before had a woman wearing a strap-on dildo fuck me. But you insist that I feel that pleasure for you to witness … for you to photograph. Tess hikes up her skirt to connect the strap-on to her body. I immediately notice that the strap-on is not as large as my Master’s cock but is slightly thicker. She fucks me hard while I am tied helplessly to that drafting table … showing me no mercy. It is as if she has become an incensed force fucking me to depths I have never before izmir escort experienced with a woman.

Finally Tess is satisfied with her probing and licking and sucking and fucking. You finally allow me to cum and I climax more intensely than ever knowing that the camera is flashing away. Thank you Master.

It is then your turn. With my cum dripping down my inner thighs, you fuck me hard and deep with that big hard cock I so love. I cum over and over. Finally you are ready to climax and you shoot your huge load all over my tits and face.

Because I am still tied up, I cannot even wipe away any of your hot sticky cum … it is trickling down my eyelids and cheeks now … oozing slowly down to my outstretched pleading tongue … click .. click .. Tess is taking the pictures now.

Tess is ready to leave. She doesn’t say a word to me .. turning to you she thanks you for letting her play with your slut … and thanks you too for the pictures. She leaves quickly then and takes her stack of polaroids with her.

You untie me and tell me to clean up and dress. You then passionately kiss me telling me what a good little slut I have been for you today … very obedient indeed. You are proud of me.

“The next time you see Tess again, you will address her as Mistress or Miss Tess … do you understand Isabella?” “Yes Master I understand” I manage to utter.

“How deliciously wicked .. how wonderfully slutty” I think to myself … “to serve both a Master and a Mistress”. I am getting unbelievably hot and horny at the thought of it … at the thought of submitting my body freely to the two of you … to bring you both to heights of pleasure you have never before known.

“Now return to your desk, you dirty little slut, and get back to work”. In spite of the stern words, I cannot help but notice the pleased smile on your face.

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