A Break in My Routine Ch. 03

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The next day Carol didn’t arrive until after 7. She had told me that she had a busy day and that she’d be late. I told her that I’d be fine and for the most part I was.

“Hi dad I’m here!” I heard Carol call as she came through the front door.

“Hi honey, I’m where you left me of course.”

Carol came into the living room and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “How’re you doing today dad? How’s your leg?”

“It’s okay, better now. I took a pill for the pain last night and it took the edge off.” I saw her bite her lip and her eyes looked a little moist. “What’s wrong honey?”

“Oh daddy, I feel so guilty about yesterday. What we did yesterday is wrong and I shouldn’t have done it. I’m so sorry.”

“Oh honey, you have nothing to be sorry about and besides, I’m the parent in this equation and if anyone should be sorry it’s me.”

“But daddy, it’s not just that we did it, it’s that even while thinking that it was wrong to do I couldn’t stop thinking that for that very reason I really wanted to do it and I didn’t care that it was wrong, know what I mean?” She wasn’t waiting for me to answer and so I nodded as she continued, “I mean, one second I’d look at you and think you’re my father and I can’t do this and the next second I’d feel, well, that I wanted you and it didn’t matter but it does matter doesn’t it?”

“Honey, don’t get yourself all wrapped around this. We are, after all, both adults and we made a joint adult decision which means we are equally responsible for it so I have to share the guilt or blame in this okay?”

Carol sniffed like she used to when she was a little girl and then sat down next to me, hugged me and said, “Okay daddy I guess.”

“No honey, don’t just give in. Talk to me about this until you feel better okay? You know, like we did when you were going out on your first dates and that hot guy you wanted to kiss?” The “hot guy” she wanted to kiss was actually a joke between us and it never failed to make her smile and I’d used it at times like this before. It didn’t fail me this time either. And the “hot guy” joke was her looking back at him and saying “oh my gawd what was I thinking!”

Carol smiled up at me and I kissed the top of her head and said, “That’s my girl. So talk to me more about it.”

“No, I’m okay now dad but thanks. Let me go make you some supper.”

“You don’t have to honey, I made myself a sandwich about an hour ago so I’m good.”

“Okay, well, shall we get your shower out of the way?” She said a little hesitantly.

“Um, well, you know that’s what’s gotten us into trouble before so you might want to reconsider.”

“I know but you can’t do it by yourself yet can you?”

“No, I still have to use my good arm to hold myself up so yeah, washing’s still a problem.”

“Well, I take a shower with my jogging shorts on. I’ve used them as a bathing suit anyway so why should this be any different and as far as getting myself clean there, well, I don’t have an answer for that right now but it’s not like I’m particularly dirty there anyway. So how does that sound?”

Carol agreed and we both stayed on our best behavior for that shower and for every shower for two weeks following. Neither of us said a thing about our sexual encounter and after a few showers it seemed to be pretty much forgotten. Almost three weeks had gone by since my accident. All pain in my arm had long since disappeared and I was slowly able to put more weight on my leg. Carol took me for my check up visit to the doctor and despite my telling him how much progress I seemed to be making he assured me that I had a good six to eight weeks more before we could even consider changing the size of the casts let alone taking them off. That was still several months in the future where my leg was concerned illegal bahis cautioning me that I could easily injure my leg all over again if I weren’t careful.

My appointment with the doctor was at 5PM. I had purposely made it late so Carol would experience the least inconvenience possible. She had told me any time would be good. It was after six when we got back to my house and Carol scurried off to the kitchen to make supper as soon as I was settled on the sofa. Carol isn’t the greatest cook but she makes a killer quiche and so I asked her to make one for supper.

I was now able to get around with the aid of just crutches. I would have happily disposed of the wheelchair but Carol insisted I keep it in the garage just in case. We were sitting in the living room watching t.v. when I had excused myself to go to the bathroom. When I returned I was settling into the sofa when I got a charlie horse in my good leg.

“Ow ow ow shit ow!” I screeched.

“What’s the matter?” Carol asked very concerned.

“I got a charlie horse in my leg!”

She could see the pain searing across my face. I had stretched my leg out straight desperately trying to relax the offending muscle but without success. Carol came to me quickly and with her strong hands started to work on my leg. I told her that muscle was in the back of my thigh. In very short order she got my muscle to relax and I gratefully told her so.

“Roll over on your tummy daddy and let me massage your leg and get it to proper relax okay?” It sounded like a great idea as there was still a fair amount of soreness in the muscle. She worked on my thigh for a good five minutes before she said, “Okay, roll back over.” As I rolled over I suddenly noticed that I had become somewhat aroused although not fully so I didn’t think much of it. As Carol started to massage my thigh again Carol saw my growing erection and reached up and patted it and said playfully, “Daddy’s got a hard-on, daddy’s got a hard-on,” in that sing song voice kids use.

“Well, I’m still a guy who has natural responses to a woman’s touch.”

“So daddy, are you saying that if any woman touched you like I did, I mean if any woman gave you a massage you’d get turned on?”

“Well, no, not any woman but well, you know,” I said trying to dodge her question a bit.

“No, what do you mean?” She asked in a teasing voice.

“Well,” I started seriously, “she’s got to turn me on.”

“So you’re saying I turn you on?”

“Well, wasn’t that kind of obvious the last time we fooled around?”

“Well, yeah, I guess so.” Carol reached up and put her hand on my cock and said, “Daddy, can we do it again?”

I was more than a little shocked by her action and her question particularly in light of what she had said and how she’d acted afterward the last time.

“Honey, I don’t think it’s a good idea.” I could feel my own desire for her welling up but I was trying to be responsible and be the voice of reason as well. Carol was slowly rubbing my cock and I was doing nothing to stop her other that talking.

“Daddy, let’s do it but is it all right if we don’t kiss. I mean, kissing you seems a little weird but don’t be offended.”

“I’m not offended honey but kissing is weird and having sex with your father isn’t?

“Well, yeah, it is but it’s different.” Carol pulled at my jogging shorts and I lifted my ass slightly so she could pull them off. As she tossed them to the floor she asked, “Daddy, do you hate me for wanting to do this?”

I couldn’t believe my college and law school grad daughter was asking a question you’d expect to hear from a high school girl. “No honey, of course not, why do you ask such a question?”

“Well, don’t you wonder why I stayed a virgin for so long?”

“No illegal bahis siteleri honey, I don’t. I mean there was this movie a long time ago and in the opening sequence the words on the screen say ‘every father’s daughter is a virgin’ and that’s how I’ve always felt until proven otherwise which we aptly did.”

Carol continued to idly stroke my cock as she said, “When I was about 11 I was playing in the playground alone when this guy pulled out his dick and started masturbating right in front of me. He scared the hell out of me and every time I thought of sex I saw him and it disgusted me.”

“Honey, why didn’t you tell your mother or me about this when it happened?”

“Because mommy had told me not to go to the playground alone and I had anyway so I didn’t want to get into trouble.” She could see the expression on my face change and said, “I know I know, but what do kids know.”

“Oh Carol, I so sorry,” I said.

“Daddy, you remember Mike? Well, I told him I’d have sex with him but when he pulled his dick out all I could see what that guy and I freaked out. Mike never knew what happened and it was then that I decided I’d wait for marriage.”

“Well, you’ve obviously changed you mind about that and gotten over that son of a bitch.” I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

“Daddy, are my boobs too big?”

“Um, no honey, they’re not. Why, do you think they are?”

“Yeah, sometimes I do like when guys stare at them.”

“Well, some guys are going to do that no matter what size you are, know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I do.” Carol pulled off her blouse and removed her bra and then lifted her breasts in her hands. “They are kind of nice.”

I reached over and squeezed one of her breasts and said, “Yeah, they really are.” Carol got up and removed her skirt and panties and stood naked before me her pussy just a little about eye level. I could smell her scent and my arousal became complete. I could feel my cock growing to it’s fullest. “I’ll go get the comforter,” Carol offered.

“No honey, let’s go upstairs to the bedroom.”

“Are you sure? Can you make it upstairs alright?”

I assured her I could and soon I was laying next to her in my bed. I rolled over on my side and started to suckle on one of her breasts. As I did so Carol closed her eyes and let out a little moan of pleasure. Her nipple quickly responded to my touch by becoming extremely hard. I sucked in her nipple and ran my tongue around it and she purred in delight. As I continued to suckle her breast I squeezed her other breast with my hand. Carol moaned more often and louder as I did this but soon it was too much for her and she asked, “Daddy, will you eat me?”

That question is like music to my ears. I started to move down on her when she said, “No, let’s do it like we did last time. It’ll be easier for you and I really really liked it.”

I rolled over on my back and Carol first straddled me before slowly lowering her pussy to my waiting mouth. I stuck my tongue out and licked it and she pulled away a little and playfully taunted me by lowering it again, letting me get a single lick in before pulling away. She did this several times before she finally settle right down on me and I started running my tongue up and down her pussy. As before the hardness of her clit became evident quickly as the tip of my tongue ran over it. I sucked it in between my lips and then very lightly bit at it with my teeth. Carol responded by say “oh oh” as my teeth light grasped her clit. It wasn’t long before she started pressing her pussy into my face and it was obvious she was close to an orgasm. As much as I could I focused my attention on her clit by lightly and quickly running the tip of my tongue over it and Carol just as quickly came canlı bahis siteleri to her orgasm. This time to my surprise and delight she yelled out, “Oh fuck I’m coming, I’m coming!” She kept saying this over and over as she came all over my face. I felt a little of her cum on my face and it was oh so sweet.

As her orgasm subsided Carol slid down my body and as she did so she dragged her breasts down over my face before settling down on my chest. I loved the feel of her full breasts pressed into my chest and it helped keep my cock fully erect. As she settled onto my chest I could feel her pussy hair brush against the tip of my cock and ever so slightly I tried to press my cock up into her pussy but was unsuccessful.

“Hi daddy,” Carol whispered as she looked into my eyes. She stayed in that position for a few moments and then lowered herself and gave me a very big wet kiss. Her tongue pushed passed my lips and into my mouth and I joined her in her kiss. It started slowly but quickly built to a fever pitch. We were suddenly kissing like high school kids who were enjoying it for the first time and in some respects maybe we were.

When she broke the kiss I said, “Honey, what happened to not kissing?”

“I changed my mind? I don’t know, it just felt right so I did it.” She paused and then asked, “Did you like it? Was it all right?”

“Did I like it? I loved it!”

“But daddy I . . .” I covered her mouth with another kiss before she could continue and I could feel her relax and settle into the kiss. I couldn’t believe how hot and hot erotic the kiss was. It could only be because the taboo nature of what we were doing was such a turn on. Carol moved down on me ever so slightly and once again I could feel her pussy hair brushing against the head of my cock. I once again tried to push my cock up into her and this time I could feel the head of my cock spread her pussy lips but that was about all I could do. I was able to pull it out and push it in that far over and over and it felt really good each time. Finally Carol said, “here, let me help you.”

Carol got up on her knees and then slowly lowered herself onto my cock. As soon as my cock pierced her pussy lips she slowed down as much as she could without stopping altogether. The sensation of her tight pussy slowly encasing my cock was exquisite. When my cock was fully in her she started to slowly pull up and I could feel the silky walls of her pussy trying to hold my cock in as if to offer resistance to its leaving her. Over and over she lowered herself onto my cock.

“Oh honey, your pussy feels so good. I don’t know how much longer I can go without coming.”

“Don’t try to stop it daddy. I want to feel you come in me.”

As she said those words I could feel the cum swelling up from my balls and preparing to leap from me. Carol started to go up and down on me a little faster and then a little faster again. As I looked up at her I could see her breasts bouncing above me and that put me over the top. I felt my cock swell up inside her as the cum surged to the top of my cock and then shot out into her and I thought I felt her pussy respond to my cock’s sudden swelling in size. Then I felt it shoot into her a second time and finally a third. Carol kept pumping up and down on my cock for as long as it stayed even a little bit hard and then finally she stopped and fell onto my chest.

As Carol slipped beside me she said, “Mmm, that was good.”

“Oh it was honey and I don’t want to be a mood killer but um . . .” I didn’t know how to say it.

“Don’t worry daddy, I’m on the pill and I’m not fertile right now anyway. I wanted to have sex with you for a few days now but I had to wait because this is my first month on the pill and I don’t want any accidents.”

“You mean you knew we would have sex?”

“No but I knew if we got even a little started I wouldn’t be able to stop it.”

Well, I have to tell you I still nervously asked her about her next two periods and when the both arrived I sighed in relief.

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