A Better Bargain than She Thought

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Evelyn knew she needed to blow off some steam. The meeting this morning hadn’t gone how it should have and she needed to forget about work for an hour.

Luckily, her office was just a quick ride to the downtown shopping district so she could zip in and relieve her stress with one of her favorite activities- shopping! Evelyn considered asking one of her girlfriends from work to go with, but decided that some alone time would be the best thing for her current mood.

The heat and traffic noise from the busy city melted away as Evelyn walked through the tinted glass doors and into the cool, refreshing air of her favorite upscale boutique. The lightly scented air circulating through the shop picked up the scent of designer fabrics and understated perfumes and a wave of serenity washed over Evelyn as the concerns of the office melted away five steps inside the store. The cares of outside didn’t matter anymore as Evelyn knew the darkly tinted windows allowed for her to view the people on the busy downtown street but didn’t allow them to see inside.

The store was pretty quiet today. Not surprising for a weekday afternoon, but still, slower than Evelyn had seen in some time. Of course, it had been a while since she had been to her favorite store; she shouldn’t even be here now; she really couldn’t afford to pick up anything frivolous, especially at these prices! But that was part of the fun- to look and maybe even try on things she really shouldn’t. From evening gowns to lingerie, this upscale store had the best!

The only service person visible was a lovely blonde twenty-something who, though young, still managed to look sophisticated and a little haughty, and asked Evelyn if there was anything in particular that she was looking for. Evelyn demurred, and kept browsing through the evening wear, wondering if there was a special occasion her boyfriend might have in mind in the near future that would warrant a splurge on a fantastic dress, or even better, something to wear under the dress!

“Let me know if you find anything you need help with. We’ll be closing the store up for the afternoon in a few minutes, but I’ll be happy to show you anything you want before we do,” said the woman before walking over to address the only other client in the store, a distinguished man of fifty or so who was looking through a section of nighties and sleepwear.

Looks like someone is getting a nice gift for this weekend, thought Evelyn.

On a whim, Evelyn made some selections that she knew she shouldn’t, and asked to be escorted to the dressing rooms to try on something that would put the thoughts of a tough day at work far, far from her mind…

Evelyn entered the elegant dressing room and laid her purse on the divan that sat across from the full length mirror. Always fun to check out new clothing, Evelyn thought, as she quickly skinned out of her sharp business suit to try on the black satin evening dress that she had selected.

She glanced at herself in the mirror without her suit and felt pleased with what she saw. Evelyn worked out, and it showed. Her curves were definitely there, but her trim physique had turned many heads at the office and elsewhere. Always wanting to feel pretty, even at work, Evelyn had worn one of her favorite matched bra and panty sets today, red satin with lace. She looked good and knew that her man appreciated it. Evelyn got little tingles thinking about what her man liked to do whenever she wore little sets like this. She flushed briefly, remembering what Steve had done last weekend, and her mind started to wander…

As Evelyn slipped the evening dress over her shoulders and allowed the satin to slide down her skin, she loved the feel of that liquid fabric as it eased over her hips. It was delicious how soft it felt. Looking into the framed gilt mirror, she thought, Somehow this dress needs to be mine! Her long dark tresses spilled over her shoulder and looked striking against the ruby red satin with the swooping neckline. I didn’t realize just how low that neckline went, thought Evelyn, as she looked and could very noticeably see the fabric of her bra through the gap in the bodice.

As Evelyn was admiring herself, wondering how John might like this dress and how long she would be wearing it once he saw it on her, there was a polite rap at the door to the dressing room.

“We’re closing up now and will be locking the door, but take as long as you need. I’ll be here for quite a while longer,” said the voice on the other side of the door. Evelyn recognized the blonde who had asked her earlier if she needed help.

“Ok, I’ll be right out”, said Evelyn as she opened the door to address the assistant.

“Oh, that looks ravishing on you.”

“Thanks,” said Evelyn. Though she knew it was her job to do so, she was still pleased with how the assistant was admiring her. It was interesting, but the assistant’s eyes seemed to linger longer than Evelyn thought was normal on those curves as she turned bayındır escort bayan so that the other woman could admire the dress.

“Wait just a minute- we need to make this complete. It would never do to not get the whole picture of what this dress should look like on you. I’ll be back in a moment.” Evelyn let herself back in to the dressing room and waited to see what the assistant had in mind. “I’m Heidi, by the way,” said the petite blonde as she walked back into the dressing room with some items over her shoulder.

“Oh. Hi, I’m Evelyn.” What was she carrying? It wasn’t very big.

“I couldn’t help but notice that the clothing under your dress was definitely not the right mood to set with this exquisite dress. You could look amazing, but only if everything hangs the right way. I’ve brought these for you to try on instead.”

She now saw that Heidi had brought out some lingerie items. Even just draped over the assistant’s hands, the items made Evelyn blush! To ‘set the right mood’ for this dress, Heidi had brought Evelyn a black lace bustier with matching garters and stockings. The bustier looked small and Evelyn wasn’t sure that it would fit, but it was deliciously wicked! It was extremely low cut, and looked like it was designed to push up the breasts to draw attention to them with the low neck of the dress. There were cut-outs throughout both the bustier and the garters that left a lot of skin exposed and made both garments look insubstantial.

“Why don’t you try these on instead?” said Heidi.

This was definitely not what she had in mind when she needed a break from the office, but Evelyn had to admit, her mood had definitely improved! “Why not?”

“Here, I’ll help you off with this.” With that Heidi was quickly behind Evelyn’s back, pulling at the fabric of the dress. Evelyn knew that she could have managed on her own eventually, but it was much easier with the help so she let Heidi’s hands grasp the fabric and begin to pull it over her head. This was an odd sensation. Evelyn had never been interested in other women and she wasn’t sure what she was feeling right now; the encouragement of looking so good in the dress, and having someone slide the satin over her soft skin, undressing her, was causing her heat to rise. She suddenly wondered what it might feel like to have Heidi’s hands linger for a little while, sliding along her skin, caressing flesh instead of just taking off the dress. To feel lips against the small of her back as the fabric uncovered her skin… Evelyn knew that she was flushed, and her body reacted strongly to the feeling of this new person undressing her. She felt her nipples go taught and her pussy warming… This was embarrassing! She had to get control of herself!

“Yes, this will work much better,” Heidi said as she stepped back and looked at Evelyn without the dress. Was there a glint of hunger in her eyes as she said that? Evelyn couldn’t tell. “Would you like help with the rest?”

“No! That’s quite alright- I can manage!” blurted Evelyn, flustered. What was happening? This reaction was insane!

“Ok. Well, we have one other client here. I may be a few minutes with them so please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.”

“I will. Thank you.” With a sigh of relief and just a little disappointment, Evelyn held the door open for Heidi and closed it behind her.

Evelyn quickly skinned out of her bra and panties, trying to get a hold of herself. She noticed that the little thong panties that she had worn today were more than a little damp and she stuffed them into her purse, embarrassed. What was happening?

Breathing deeply and evenly, Evelyn pulled the stockings up her calves, enjoying the feel of the smooth, solid fabric as it encompassed her legs, wrapping around them, confining them a little. Evelyn had always wondered what it would be like to be controlled by someone else, all choices taken away so there was no shame; only obedience. There was nothing about this fabric that breathed at all! And in a new way, it felt very sexy to be trapped inside these stockings. She might have to call Steve to let him peel them off of her later!

The bustier and garter belt came next and Evelyn was surprised that Heidi had not included any panties when she brought the other garments. Perhaps she assumed that whatever Evelyn was already wearing would work well enough, but those damp things were now hiding in her purse. Worse yet, Evelyn could smell the sweet scent of arousal and knew that she couldn’t wear those out of the store. She just hoped that Heidi wouldn’t notice when she returned the other garments!

There was a pair of long satin gloves that set the color of the dress off spectacularly though, and she had put one on and was about to place the other when Evelyn looked up and caught site of herself in the mirror… She was stunning! The flush that had so surprised her as the assistant had brushed her while taking off escort bayındır the dress had given her skin a glow that radiated health and vitality. The garter and bustier were easily the most flattering that Evelyn had ever seen on herself. She knew that Steve would get hard in a second if he even imagined what she looked like right now.

Looking in the mirror, thinking how Steve would react to the sight set Evelyn’s thoughts racing again. Blood started to pulse between her legs. Without any panties, Evelyn noticed that her pussy had started to glisten ever so slightly and she reached down with her un-gloved hand to wipe away the moisture. But her mind was faster than her hand, and she thought of how Heidi would have reacted had she allowed her to stay and assist with the rest of her dressing. Would she have noticed Evelyn becoming wet? Would she have politely ignored her nipples as they hardened at either the cold or (more likely!) at being viewed by this young and beautiful assistant? Or would Heidi have not only noticed but encouraged it?

Sliding those delicate fingers that Evelyn had felt only briefly, all over her back, her breasts, going down to stroke her ass, just the way that Evelyn liked? She realized that she hadn’t stopped wiping away the moisture from her swollen pussy lips, but had started the slow smooth stroking and caressing that she used when she was alone. Looking up into the mirror, seeing this amazingly sensual body that was her own, set her juices flowing in a way she hadn’t felt in a long time. Evelyn felt her hand become slippery as her pussy lubricated the fingers that were sliding in and out. A low moan escaped her lips. Her other gloved hand reached up to tweak her hard nipples with soft satin and fondle her full breast, still confined by the bustier.

Evelyn slid another finger in and then another. She started to move them around inside as she slid them in and out. She pulled up first one finger, then the second to flutter against her g-spot, rolling each finger inside and twisting so that there was a never ending sensation of movement across her spot and through her whole pussy. Evelyn felt a desperate need and reached her second hand down to pull and caress her swollen clit. The gloved hand felt good on her clit and she started rubbing it harder, in concert with her hand fingering her g-spot.

Her pulse quickened. She wished that she had a lovers’ hand to touch her ass too- and as soon as she thought of Heidi coming back into the room to grab her from behind and begin fingering her ass just the way Evelyn liked, she exploded. The orgasm came in wave after wave and she knew that she couldn’t hold back the moan that always accompanied her cumming. Evelyn bit down on her clit rubbing finger, trying to stifle the sound. With the finger in her mouth, she tasted the sweet liquid on her glove and realized how different it was from Steve’s cum when she sucked him off.

Sucking Steve’s cock was one of her favorite things and remembering the last time she had done that, the pressure built once more and a lightning quick second orgasm rocked her body. Licking the sex off her own fingers, Evelyn continued stroking herself for another minute, enjoying the delicious feel of her fingers’ caresses; touching, probing, in and out, before she finally calmed down. That was one of the most intense orgasms she had ever felt! She needed to settle down so that she could finally put on the dress to see what all of Heidi’s selections looked like…

Evelyn couldn’t believe that she had just screwed herself in the dressing room of her favorite clothing store! She was certain that she would never be allowed back. Heidi had to have noticed the sound or even noticed just how long it had taken Evelyn to get dressed! Shyly, Evelyn opened the door and remembered that the store was now closed. She saw people walking outside and knew that the tinted glass offered some measure of privacy; at least that was a relief! She was certain that she looked completely disheveled and was sure that someone would notice.

But where was Heidi? The store looked abandoned. Heidi knew that Evelyn was in the store; she couldn’t have left her there. Evelyn was beginning to be concerned until she thought she could hear something coming from the office, behind the counter and towards the back of the store. A door was not shut completely so Evelyn poked her head in to see if Heidi was inside.

It took a minute for her brain to register what her eyes were seeing.

Evelyn remembered that there had been one other customer in the store; the handsome older man that had been shopping for lingerie when she walked in. The distinguished man currently had his pants around his ankles and had Heidi bent over a long black desk. He was extremely fit and the way that he was sliding in and out of Heidi showed that he knew what he was doing.

Evelyn could see that Heidi was wearing no panties and her skirt had been lifted up over her bayındır escort hips to reveal a perfect, pert ass. The petite blonde had her top still on, but bent over at the angle she was, she could see that her small breasts were beautiful, a mere handful, but lovely. Neither of these two had seen Evelyn yet. She could quietly walk out and they would never know.

But as her gaze looked over the top of Heidi’s writhing back, she saw the video monitors for the store… and noticed that one monitor showed a dressing room… with her purse still lying on the small couch… They had been watching her! The fact that this couple had just seen her finger herself to orgasm should have horrified her, but it didn’t. Instead, Evelyn felt the throb in her sex as her juices began to flow again; she was painfully aware that she had no panties on underneath this dress as droplets of liquid started to slide down her thigh. The wet was warm and pleasant and caused a small shudder as drips rolled down her skin. Her gasp at the sensation must have been audible because she saw Heidi’s head turn around and their eyes met.

Evelyn expected Heidi to be shocked or embarrassed. Instead, Evelyn saw Heidi smile at her and moan louder as the man plunged into her again and again. Evelyn could tell that Heidi was loving getting fucked and that she was not surprised or embarrassed in the least that Evelyn had caught her in the act. This thought that the pretty young blonde seemed to enjoy being watched sent a wave of lust through Evelyn stronger than she had yet felt and she knew that she would have traded places with Heidi in a minute if that could be a hard cock inside of her. Seeing Heidi’s reaction, the man looked up and noticed Evelyn for the first time. He also smiled and a knowing look crossed his face.

Evelyn’s heart pumped in her chest as she knew that this man had gotten hard and done Heidi on the desk, watching while Evelyn fucked herself with her hand, moaning and cumming in the dressing room. The cameras didn’t have audio. Could they hear her from the office? Evelyn’s pussy throbbed with need.

The couple was slowing their rhythms and Evelyn saw that they had a new and different plan, after seeing the look on her face. The look wasn’t shocked. It was hungry.

As man pulled out of Heidi, Evelyn saw his cock for the first time. It was a well-endowed, stiff dick, easily 7 or 8 inches long, glistening with Heidi’s juices. Evelyn had an indescribable sudden urge to suck it. Before her rational mind could tell her not to, Evelyn was on her knees and she took the man into her mouth. With Heidi’s juices still on him, he tasted so differently than anything she had experienced with John, and her mind and body went wild with the new experience. It was like she was tasting the man and Heidi both at the same time. She suddenly wondered what it would be like to lick Heidi’s slit.

Just when Evelyn thought that the new experience could not arouse her more, she felt soft hands slide up her legs and lift the new dress above her knees. As a sharp nail scratched lightly along her thigh Evelyn realized that Heidi was touching, gliding feminine fingertips across her flesh. Scared and excited at the same time, Evelyn’s pussy demanded immediate attention and she reached down with one hand to service herself as she had done in the dressing room. But before she could address the need, her hand was stopped; held firm by a strong but very female hand and Evelyn felt Heidi start to explore the folds around her pussy with her own delicate fingers. Probing, stroking, gliding, caressing. All too soon, before she could achieve the release she needed, the hands became strong once again as Heidi grabbed Evelyn by the waste to spun her around while pulling her up.

Evelyn whined with the loss of the delicious dick in her mouth, but her disappointment was immediately forgotten as she felt a new sensation that shocked her with its intensity. Those soft hands parted her swollen lips, and she felt Heidi’s hot breath and cool tongue explore the folds of her cunt- a cunt that was wetter than it had ever been before, a stream of moisture sliding down her legs. She looked down and saw her juice on Heidi’s face as she buried that tongue in among the folds of her pussy and then started to suck on her clit, like she was giving Evelyn head. Again she felt a sensation from behind and Evelyn felt the man positioning himself to enter her in between Heidi’s licks and flits across her clit. She was going to explode! With all of the juices flowing around Evelyn’s throbbing sex, the man didn’t have any problem identifying the landing spot he had been going for. Evelyn shuddered in shocked pleasure as she found the man sliding smoothly into her ass, all while Heidi continued to suck and devour her lips and clit.

The world stopped as this entirely new heightened sexual experience settled into the steady rhythm of Evelyn being fucked up the ass and eaten out at the same time. Her mind went blank and she could feel nothing but the building pressure deep inside. She could sense that the man was reaching his own climax as his thrusts became more urgent and demanding. The bit of pain that came with deeper thrusting was welcome- a wonderful accompaniment to the wet sweet slide of a woman’s tongue on her pussy.

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