A Bedtime Story

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She slipped into the bed beside of him. Her cotton gown soft against his skin, she felt his body mold to hers as she snuggled in close to him. He could tell she was just out of the bath, her skin still damp to the touch and smelling of flowers. He could feel her nipples pressing against his back. He rolled toward her, taking her face in his hands. His lips sought hers and their kiss deepened into a long sensual awakening.

He lifted the gown from her body and ran his hands along her soft skin. Her freckles had faded from the long gone summer sun, well some of them anyway. He looked at her, not a fashion model, but a woman. Rounded, aged, scarred, all products of life that we humans share, and a reminder that passion begins with much more than we gave it credit for when we were in our twenties.

He felt her hand touch between his legs and knew that she too knew passion to be more than two bodies in one bed. She stroked him lightly and his cock jumped at her touch. He felt her kisses travel down his stomach and her mouth open to lick the head of his growing staff.

He moaned as she took him into her mouth. She slid to the floor kneeling between his open legs continuing to lick and suck him. He looked at he face, her eyes were closed, and damned if she wasn’t smiling. He felt her hand touch him, holding his balls, cupping them gently stroking, running her tongue down his cock and taking first one of this testicles and then the other into her mouth. Long tongue strokes that went from the base of his cock to his ass. Her illegal bahis hands moving on his cock engulfing him.

“Can I cum in your mouth?” he asked. He knew that he couldn’t wait much longer, his balls tightened and he could feel the heat of orgasm building inside of him.

“MMmmm, oh yes, darlin, feed me you sweet cum,” she answered.

His hips began to move, matching the motion of her lips, his release began. She opened her mouth so he could see his cum on her tongue and lips. She swallowed as much of him as she could, but still he had been so ready for her that he came twice in her mouth. The first time was hard and fast, and then once more, gentle this time leaving a tingle from his head to toes.

She licked his cock until it was clean of all his fluids. He took her hand and pulled her up on the bed with him. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her body close to his, breathing in her scent.

“God, baby you know what I need, ” he whispered in her hair. “Now it’s your turn”

She lay on her back as he positioned her so that her ass hung off the bed and her legs opened wide for his inspection. He seated himself on the floor, kneeling between her legs. One hand covered her mound and he gently moved it in circles. She had closed her eyes and was enjoying the sensation of his hands on her. He spread her legs as wide as they would go and replaced his hand with his tongue. He licked the furry outside of her pussy. Planting little kisses all over her sex. She moaned and arched her back wanting more.

He illegal bahis siteleri opened her pussy lips with his fingers, he could see that she was already wet for him as he tongued her swollen clit. He moved his tongue inside of her reaching in to her pussy as deep as he could.

“Darlin,” she whispered her voice husky with longing “Do me, fuck me with your big cock.”

He laughed softly “Baby, I’m going make you cum like a fountain before I fuck you so just lay back and enjoy the ride.”

He sucked her clit into his mouth sucking on it, feeling it swell in his mouth. He continued to suck and lick until her could feel her start to tremble beneath him. He knew that she was going to reach her orgasm soon as he sucked her clit back into his mouth while dipping his fingers into her pussy. He couldn’t believe how tight she felt on his fingers, her pussy held him in it’s grasp as he sucked clit and finger-fucked her.

“Oh yes, now” he heard her breath as she rode his hand to her orgasm. He quickly moved his tongue to her inner parts and licked her cum into his mouth. She tasted salty and sexy. She began the downside of her orgasm and he fingered her again, hard in and out, he could hear the sounds of her wetness as he pushed three fingers inside her. She came again harder deeper this time, her pussy wrapping itself around his fingers.

He let her rest for a minute, then rolled her over on her belly. Her ass opened to him and her could see the cum on her pussy lips as she swayed her hips back toward him.

He canlı bahis siteleri put both hands on her hips and lay the head of his cock inside her pussy lips. God how he wanted to plunge into her deep. It was only the fact that he wanted to last a long time that caused him to be able to keep some self-control.

“What do you want Sugar, tell me.” he breathed

“Fuck me Darlin'” she answered

“Not good enough,” he said as he moved his cock inside her ever so slightly. “Tell me how you want it”

She tried to move back against him but he held her hips tight in his hands.

“Fuck me doggie style,” she almost screamed, “Put that hard cock of yours inside my hot pussy and fuck me.

Hearing her words he almost shot his load inside her right then, but instead he took her hard and fast, each of them finding the pattern that pleased the other. Hips rolling pelvis’ grinding into flesh. He felt his balls hit against her ass as he dove into her time and time again. His balls tightened, he felt himself cuming inside of her. She rocked back against him to catch her own orgasm and her felt her pussy tighten on his cock fitting like a leather glove. He lay against her back staying inside of her until he no longer could. Then crawled up beside her in the bed. She snuggled against him and he heard her deep sigh.

“Rest a bit, Sugar, we have the rest of the afternoon,” he said as he put his arms around her. “And I intend on having you again and again, it’s been months since we could get away for more than a couple hours at a time.”

It must have been fate that caused them to meet. Each married to someone else, each needing more than their partner could or would give. Was there guilt? No, only pleasure and a burning desire each for the other.

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