3 some fun

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3 some fun
“It’ll grow back,” you laughed as I used my nails and scratched at the skin above your cock. I started to say something smart but you took my chin and said, “put it in your mouth and shut the fuck up.” I pretend pouted and leaned in to kiss you hard on the mouth. We had been fucking for about a month, I’d spent almost every night with you since we met. The sex had been phenomenal! You are my pussy like a fiend and lived to make me cum using your mouth and fingers. I returned the favor by introducing you to some new experiences too. Just last week while I was sucking on your nurs and stroking your cock, I let my tongue wander down to your hairy sweaty asscrack. You weren’t too sure about it at first but I reminded you how much I loved having your tongue in my ass and you relented. Now it’s something you enjoy. Not every night, but it’s part of our regular sex rotation.

Just then your cellphone dinged and you reached for it on the nightstand. You laughed and said it was Dan, your roommate asking if we could hear him and Kendra his girlfriend fucking. You snapped a quick picture of me sucking your cock and sent it to Dan with a note saying, “no worries, got my own fucktoy tonight.” You placed the phone back on your nightstand and closed your eyes letting me slow suck your cock. We had some lesbian porn on the tv and you watched the two girls on the screen as they 69’d and licked each other’s pussy. Your phone dinged again and you reached for it. You read the screen and sat up. I took my mouth off your cock and looked up at you.

You smirked at me and said, “Dan and Kendra just asked if we want to join them.” I looked at you trying to determine if you were being serious or not. It was obvious you were. We kind of looked at each other a bit and agreed that it was a sexy idea. You responded to Dan with a thumbs up emoji and you stood up. I admired your naked body. Your cock was thick and hung half hard and impressive. I started to put on my t-shirt and you took it out of my hand and tossed it on the floor. You took me by the hand and led me out of your bedroom.

Dan’s door was half open across the hall and there was flickering light and music coming out of the bedroom. We entered cautiously and found Kendra alone laying naked on the bed. She was laying on her tummy holding the remote in her hand. Trump was on the tv speaking at an NRA convention and Kendra looked up and smiled at us as she muted the tv. She stood up and looked at your cock as she approached me and took my hand and pulled me away from you. You watched as she looked right at you and took my güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri face in her hands and kissed me on the lips. Your cock throbbed as you looked at us.

My body was curvier than Jensra’s and my tits were bigger, but Kendra has gorgeous eyes and beautiful pussy with just a little fuzz covering it. I knew this because she took my hand and put it between her legs letting me know what she wanted as she started grinding on my hand. Just then Dan came into the room with some bottles of beer and whistled when he saw us. He handed you a bottle and then passed the rest out. I took a swig and felt the ice cold liquid float down my throats. Kendra did the same and Dan walked up behind her and pressed himself against her ass.

“Don’t stop for us,” Dan said pushing her towards me. You took your cue and got behind me pushing me towards Kendra. Our breasts pressed against each other as our lips reunited. Dan nuzzled Kendra’s neck and asked her in a loud whisper, “what do you want, babe? You want this fat bitch to lick your pussy?” The three of you laughed and I felt your hands grip my arms tightly. Dan continued talking to Kendra as he licked her neck. “Remember how Ryan said this piggy dyke is down for anything?” I was turning red with embarrassment but my cunt was dripping as he kept talking. “Remember last week after she went home, Ryan told us she couldn’t wait to put her tongue up his ass? I think she should lick your ass too.” Kendra giggled and got on all four on the bed.

You took me by the arms and turned me towards Kendra and gave a gentle push. I looked at you and Dan and I approached the bed and got on all fours behind Kendra. Dan told you to let Kendra give you one of her famous blowjobs. You didn’t have to be asked twice. You climbed onto the bed and positioned yourself so Kendra could take your hard cock in her mouth. You groaned as she sucked you long and slow, playing with your balls as she did it. Meanwhile I was taking long deliberate licks of Kendra’s tight asshole. It stunk a little, probably from the sweat and sex she had been having with Dan all night. Your eyes were closed as you enjoyed the feel of Kendra’s mouth making love to your cock.

After a minute you opened your eyes and watched as Dan tipped the last of his beer into his mouth and then held up his beer bottle and pointed towards my cunt. You smiled and nodded. I felt Dan’s hand on my ass and was looking forward to feeling his cock in my pussy, when I felt something cold and hard rubbing against my wet lips. Because of how wet I was, the neck tipobet giriş of the bottle slid in easily and Dan laughed as I arched my back and winced. You laughed as you saw me raise my head and you said, “fuck yea! Fuck that piggy cunt with that bottle!” Kendra didn’t want to miss this show so she removed your cock from her mouth and climbed into your cock in a reverse cowgirl. I watched as she guided your cock bareback into her slick tight pussy and sink down on your shaft until she met your balls.

Dan continued to work the bottle into my pussy now pushing the thicker part of the bottle past the walls of my cunt. I started to protest and I felt a hard slap across my face and then a painful pressure I hadn’t felt before. It took me a moment to realize what happened. Kendra had smacked me clear across the face and at that moment the bottle had been pushed deeper into my cunt so now it obscenely hung out of my cunt. The three of you laughed and you told Dan to snap some pictures of my “new dildo.” Dan picked up his cellphone and he also put his finger to his lips and pointed to the shelf next to his bed where there was a camera set up partially covered by a pair of boxers. You smiled as Kendra raised and lowered herself on your cock.

“Feel free to fuck that dirty cunt,” you said to Dan. Putting down his cellphone, Dan stood behind me and considered his options. I felt the bottle wiggling as it hung out of my pussy. “Nah, this hairy dyke shit ain’t for me. Besides she looks loose.” I felt a tear in my eye as I knelt there on all fours, embarrassed and yet more turned on than I ever felt in my life. You asked Dan if he wanted you to stop fucking Kendra? Dan said “no way, you gotta cum in her cunt, she gets tighter when she orgasms.” Kendra moaned in agreement and said she was close. Dan said he was going to get another beer and he sauntered out. I relaxed and felt the bottle slide slowly out of my cunt and land on the bed.

“You close?” Kendra asked as she ground her pelvis on you. Your hands were firmly on her hips guiding her pussy. “Fuck yes!” You shouted as you felt your balls tighten and your cock erupted inside her. You groaned and grunted as you felt her after her of cum shoot into her cunt. Part of you thought for a minute about whether or not Kendra was on birth control, and you started to think about what if she got pregnant. But then you thought, “fuck it, this feels too good to worry!” I laid on the bed next to you two as you both caught your breath and moaned. Kendra’s breasts were smaller than mine but they were still sexy. You tipobet güvenilir mi sat up and cupped her breasts in your hands as you kissed her back and neck.

Kendra was still rocking back and forth on your cock when Dan returned with theee beers and handed one to you and one to Kendra. I looked up at him and he said, you can suck on that bottle that was in your dirty cunt. I looked at you and you took a long swig of your beer and handed it to me. “I have a great idea,” you said. “Jenny, lay on your back so Kendra can feed you my cum.” I finished my beer and laid down, Kendra slid off your cock and squatted over my face. I expected her to slowly lower herself on my mouth, but instead she came down quickly, splashing her cum covered cunt on my face. Dan got up on the bed and fed Kendra his cock.

Meanwhile you started licking my pussy and I started to relax. As your expert mouth lapped at my cunt. You inserted two fingers easily into me and I got a little nervous. You started finger fucking me and then I felt a third finger inside me. I started to sweat and wiggle a little trying to let you know I wasn’t sure I could do this. Instead Kendra rubbed her leaking pussy and stinky ass on my face. When you had four fingers and your thumb pushing itself into my stretched out cunt I started to whimper and Kendra pushed her cunt over my mouth to shut me up.

“This fat dyke sure does whine a lot!” Kendra said as San removed his cock from her mouth and told her he wanted to fuck her ass. My sloppy cunt was now making gross loud wet noises as you rammed all of your fingers inside me. I started to cry and you asked me, “you want me to stop?” I shook my head no and took a deep breath. You chuckled and said, “good. Cause I wasn’t gonna stop.” I bucked as your balled fist filled my cunt and you moved it around inside my walls. You pulled your hand out and reinserted it a couple of times. Kendra groaned as Dan fucked her tight asshole right near my face.

“Mmmm, your girl licked this ass nice and wet,” Dan said, “maybe she isn’t totally useless.” 19:09
“You should see this gaping cunt!” You told them. You picked up the cunt covered beer bottle off the bed and turned it around inserting the fat end into my gaping pussy, it slid in easily and you laughed at the sight of the skinny neck sticking out. Dan pointed as his cellphone and you lucked it up and snapped a few pics of my cunt, both with the bottle in and the gaping cunt empty. You sighed and stood up, telling Dan and Kendra thanks, you took my hand and I stood up as we walked to the door.

Just as as we were about to walk out, Dan said, “Ryan,” and we turned around. “I liked that other girl you had here last night. The skinny sexy one with the bald pussy.” I turned to look at you totally shocked that you had other girls here. You gave me a goofy smile and shrugged, pulling me out of the room. 19:11

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32