Salam dari Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

Selamat datang bapak-bapak dan ibu-ibu,

On behalf of Dr. Jan Woischnik, Representatif Yayasan Konrad Adenauer di Indonesia dan Timur-Leste, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all of you. We are glad to see so many CEFIL alumni following SATUNAMA’s and our invitation and attending this gathering. At some point over the last 15 years, you have taken part in the trainings and seminars and been equipped with important skills of how to improve various capacities that promote your role as integral part of Indonesia’s civil society. The fact that we see so many familiar faces at this meeting makes us proud as it undoubtedly shows the sustainability and thus success of our programme.

When we started our close cooperation with SATUNAMA in 1998, civil society in Indonesia had just been released from more than 40 years of times in which creativity, activeness and professionalism of civil society organisations could not live up to its very high potential that it was characterized by during all these years. Since then, we were able to contribute to the growing role and capacity-building of civil society organisations in Indonesia. On our way to strengthen the role of civil society and promote civic engagement, we have met so many passionate and ambitious participants whose desire to work for a democratic, pluralistic and positive future of the country was very impressive to us. It was this decisiveness and enthusiasm that lead us to keep on working on this project that we consider a small but nonetheless eminent part towards Indonesia’s democratic development.

This alumni gathering is a great opportunity to share your various experiences about the role and impact of civil society all over Indonesia with fellow participants. We are pretty sure there are many interesting stories and lessons learned to be told on as we gather alumni of 15 years of very different age that have all taken part in one of our civic education programmes. Moreover, it provides a brilliant chance to engage with each other, possibly find new partner organisations and expand your very own network within this large country. We do like to wish all of you a pleasant stay at the alumni gathering. Shall you have fruitful discussions, meet old friends as well as make new ones and gain inspiring ideas for your very own projects.

Please do not stop staying in contact with SATUNAMA and us so we together can carry on our valuable work towards a further positive development of fascinating Indonesia.


Selamat mengikuti jalannya workshop ini!

Jakarta, 27 September 2012


Philipp Müller

(Assisten Representatif Yayasan Konrad Adenauer di Indonesia dan Timur-Leste.


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