20,000 Feet, 2 Hands

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“Might be my lucky night!” I thought to myself as I leaned my seat back just a little, hoping that the two seats next to mine would stay empty. I was facing a long flight across the country; it was late, I was hoping to get some peaceful sleep. My wife was with the kids a few rows up, I had checked on them a minute earlier, and they were already asleep. The flight’s departure was in 3 minutes, so it was looking like things would work out in my favor.

Then I heard a commotion coming down the aisle. I was in the back of the plane, so it took a minute for the ruckus to make it closer towards me. I could see a very attractive woman hurrying, checking the overhead compartments for any empty space. I took a moment to admire her legs, the thighs of which were exposed by her skirt each time she reached above herself to open a compartment. Damn her skin looked smooth, and her long hair perfectly framed a pretty face, although that face did hold a frown upon seeing all the full luggage bins. Still, the whole package would give me something nice to dream about as soon as I closed my eyes and relaxed.

As she got closer her searching became a little more frantic, and it was then that I noticed her companion, a man lugging several bags. As the well-dressed couple made their way down the aisle, I looked around and saw no empty seats other than those right next to me. Shit! I was really hoping for an opportunity to stretch my legs and lose myself in my dreams. Ah well, maybe someday I’d break down and go first class.

The couple reached my aisle, and looked at their seats; I stood up and opened the luggage compartment for them, quickly reaching to grab their bags from the tired husband. The woman’s frown disappeared, replaced by a beaming smile that lit up her pretty face. She was fairly tall, and the high heels made her calf muscles taut. And her smile, god it was beautiful and genuine, and her green eyes sparkled as she looked at me. Those heels, the flimsy skirt, and that smile all helped her manage to project more than just a fair amount of sexiness, maybe it was the satin camisole underneath her jacket that did the trick.

With their bags finally situated, the couple took their seats; it was no more than a minute or two later when our plane started moving.

As the stewardess gave her safety speech, I was surprised to hear a faint snoring sound near my side. I looked over and saw the man with his head leaning against canlı bahis the window; he was already asleep. The woman smiled at me again, whispering about the very long day that they had endured. Flights canceled, agendas re-arranged, running through the airport; they had been lucky to get this last flight out.

I told her I was in the same situation, I nodded towards my sleeping wife and kids two rows in front of us, and said that I was looking forward to getting a long nap in myself.

She told me not to worry about her or her husband disturbing my rest, she too was ready for some sleep. As we talked, she leaned closer to me, and I couldn’t help but notice her jacket opening up. I noticed also the pleasing way her cami clung to her breasts, breasts that were apparently unencumbered by any bra. I might have been staring too long, but I swore I saw her nipples harden and poke out; when I looked up at her face she just laughed quietly, winked at me, and told me to have pleasant dreams.

I clumsily tried to adjust myself, my rapidly hardening cock was binding up in my pants. Luckily, at just that moment the stewardess was passing out blankets. Thankfully I grabbed one and covered my lap with one, as did the woman next to me.

No sooner than the plane left the ground did I put my seat back and close my eyes; I think I must have dozed off immediately.

I’m not sure how much later it was that I was awakened when our flight hit some turbulence; my eyes popped open, I started to raise up when I realized that there was pressure on my shoulder. I sat still for a minute as my eyes became accustomed to the dark. That pressure on my shoulder was the woman’s head. I was certainly surprised. I didn’t move, not wanting to disturb her. I barely tilted my head towards hear, my nose was just above her hair; I could smell her, the sweet, feminine smell of perfume and shampoo wafting into my senses. I could hear her breathing too, and to my surprise, it wasn’t the steady breathing pattern of someone in a deep sleep. No, it was of a person trying to catch her breath, trying to control her breathing; I realized to that I could feel her heart pounding as she leaned against my body.

My eyes could see more clearly now, and I noticed that the blanket covering her lap had movement underneath. I also noticed one of her hands had reached inside her jacket to allow her fingers to manipulate her nipples, squeezing and tugging the now-hardened bahis siteleri little bullets.

Though trying to be discreet, I couldn’t stop the gasp from my mouth.

Her head popped up off my shoulder, the movements in her lap ceased. She looked at me, red-faced, with just a hint of a smile.

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered, “it’s been such a long night, and I can’t seem to sleep without getting rid of some of this frustration.”

I looked across at her husband, still sound asleep, his snoring a little louder now. I smiled back at her and told her I understand.

I reached my arm around her, and pulled her back against my body. I whispered in her ear “Go ahead and finish what you started, I won’t tell.”

With that she lay her head down again on my shoulder, and leaned the rest of her body against me. I once again noticed movement underneath her blanket as a sigh came from her mouth.

As difficult as it was to tear my eyes from the sight right there next to me, I looked around the plane, taking note of the fact that all the passengers around us seemed to be asleep. It appeared that this was a private show, something for me to enjoy alone, along with the beauty next to me of course.

I noticed too her other hand had made it’s way back inside her open jacket, caressing once again her breast. Feeling daring, I reached with my own hand and covered hers; her breathing stopped for a moment, she took a deep breath, then resumed her caressing movements with my own hand shadowing hers. It wasn’t long before her hand dropped down, leaving mine to caress her, to roll her nipple between my finger and my thumb, with only the thin material of her cami between us.

Each time I pinched and tugged, her breathing became a bit more ragged, and I could hear a low moan sneaking past her lips.

I was fully awake now, and hungry for more. I took my hand and slide it underneath the flimsy cami, relishing fully the warmth of her smooth skin.

“Noooo!” she whispered, but I ignored her plea, and the “no” quickly turned into another moan when I captured that stiff nipple, twisting and turning. Her breasts cupped into the palm of my strong hand, my thumb flicking her nipples; I noticed too that the movements beneath her blanket were become a bit more frantic.

Recognizing a once-in-a-lifetime treat, I decided to investigate for myself just what was under that blanket. She murmured disappointingly bahis şirketleri when I removed my hand from her breast, and once again said “no” when she realized my hand was sneaking down under her blanket.

Imagine my surprise when all I felt under the blanket was bare flesh. She must have snuck her skirt off earlier, her legs were spread wide apart, my hand quickly stroking along her warm thigh. Such smooth skin I’d never felt before, my fingers danced delightfully higher and higher. I could sense the heat before I actually felt it, then I was there, my hand pressed against hers. Her hand was damp, and hot, and my fingers became entwined with hers.

She kept murmuring “no, no, you can’t,” but never pushed me away.

My fingers took over, I finally felt the fiery wetness, so slick to touch, her lips covered in dew. I traced along her crease, pressing inside her, coating my fingers in her juice. Pulling out, I traced again and found her plump clit; she practically jumped as I rubbed little circles around it.

“No, no, no, please no, please don’t…” her voice was quivering, a hesitant whine in her tone.

Her moans grew louder then, as my thumb pressed against her clit, and my ring finger slipped inside her tight wet pussy; I could feel her muscles clenching and unclenching.

I chuckled, whispering in her ear “please don’t what, my lusty little neighbor, what don’t you want me to do?”

“Please don’t stop.” was her reply, in a soft, almost innocent voice that belied the situation we found ourselves in.

“You like this, don’t you, you like my big fingers fondling you while your husband sleeps right next to us.” She could only moan, and moaned again when I continued “such a naughty wife you are, letting a stranger touch you, letting a stranger feel your treasure.”

“Please don’t stop!” she whispered again.

“Oh, I don’t plan on stopping, not until my dirty girl cums all over my hand, not until my sexy little kitten cums again and again.”

My finger pressed in even more deeply, and my thumb continued it’s blitz against her clit. I could feel her mouth pressed against my neck, drool leaking past her lips as she moaned.

Suddenly her body quivered and shook, my hand was flooded in warm liquid as her pussy tightly gripped my finger.

“Oh god!” she cried, and I felt her bite my collarbone as she came again and again.

Suddenly the cabin lights came on, and the captain announced that we need to fasten our seatbelts, that turbulence was once again upon us.

I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, knowing that for once, reality had been much, much better than my dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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