1968: A Present Before Hanukkah

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***Author’s Note***

This story is a companion piece to my earlier story “1969: Ghost Before the Dawn” and a companion piece to any stories in the “1969” series, and related series.

You don’t have to read those to understand this story. They are all meant to make sense individually, as well as together.


It was a morning in early December of 1968 as a couple walked with a few dogs through a rather festive Manhattan. The city was swarmed in Christmas decorations. Store windows showed proud displays of Christmas trees, Christmas lights, wreaths, plastic reindeer, stockings, elves, or the more religious navities and sayings about Jesus.

Even the streets had people dressed as Santa here and there–sometimes for charities, and at least occasionally just creeps who put a holiday spin on exposing themselves to unsuspecting strangers.

The overwhelming holly-jolly throughout the city each year really emphasized to Dorothy the reasons a once mostly-minor Hanukkah became bigger and more present-filled. Of course Jewish children would want to get toys and candies like their Gentile friends and neighbors did. Dorothy certainly did when she was a kid.

Now twenty-two-year-old Dorothy’s peach skin was a bit paler and strawberry’d by the icy air, contrasting even more than usual with her bun of tight and fluffy ink curls. She was bundled in layers of black, including a long coat and thick, winter boots, and held onto the leash of a puppy with one of her gloved hands.

It was a welcome distraction from her parents being so-very-subtle about how her ex-boyfriend was still single and being such a handsome, kind careerman, he wouldn’t be for long. Oh, he’ll make his future in-laws proud… and the unsaid implication that her current boyfriend didn’t have those qualities.

Her boyfriend Hiram’s own honey skin was a hint lighter too, though still complementing his own black curls and well-trimmed winter beard. He too, was layered and gloved–perhaps ağrı escort a bit uncomfortably, as he really should’ve taken his rings off first like Dorothy suggested, but he’d declined as usual and didn’t have a great way of turning back with a dog leash in each hand for the other two canines–and strolled alongside her.

They were almost back to his apartment, and a good thing too, because fun though it had been, they were ready to get out of the cold.

Besides, they had plans.


The dogs had been given lots of water and the puppy was put comfortably in his playpen, where he fell asleep almost immediately.

The couple washed up a bit, and Dorothy opted to take down, then readjust her bun and its myriad of pins. A few unruly spirals were allowed to frame her face, now that icy winds wouldn’t be using them to destroy her eyes.

She made her way to Hiram’s room before he did, removing all her clothes and flopping onto the bed. Dorothy’s small breasts were pressed against the deep bronze, elephant-patterned rayon, her shapely ass on display.

Hiram had already done a great deal of preparation, so it didn’t take long for him to arrive.

He greeted her with a spank on both cheeks simultaneously, and she chuckled. Dorothy got up to move the rayon, and place a thick, black fabric to comfortably deal with a massive amount of lube.

Hiram was only just finished straightening a corner when Dorothy grabbed his collar and yanked him toward her. She pressed her lips to his, then against his neck as she grasped his black curls with one hand, the other trailing down the fabric of his shirt.

The two worked to undress him, and with a few kisses, they plopped back onto the bed. He rested on his abdomen and she got to work.

Dorothy kissed down his back and over his toned ass, biting a little here and there. Hiram gave a soft sigh as she gently parted the cheeks, sliding her tongue between them to the base of his anus.

He ağrı escort bayan tensed just a moment before again relaxing.

Her tongue was soft and slow as it glided over his tight hole. He twitched against her mouth and gave the slightest sigh.

She went a little faster, allowing her spit to pool down to those big, swollen balls.

Hiram took a shaky breath.

She drummed the cheeks before getting the strap-on from the nightstand, and a whole lot of lube. She poured it on thick.

Dorothy lubed the strap-on further, running her grip over it repeatedly. She gave a puff of air through her nose at how it seemed like a gentle jerk-off of her own, solid glass cock. It’d been a while since they’d done this.

She poured out more lube onto Hiram’s ass, massaging it over him and gliding over his anus in slick circles. Slowly, she slipped a finger inside.

Hiram seemed to laugh into the pillow. Dorothy smiled.

The twenty-two-year-old crawled into place. She leaned against him, her face resting on his back for a moment. With a kiss just beneath the shoulder, Dorothy pressed her strap-on to his body.

Relaxed and steady, she entered him.

He twitched ever so slightly, breathing heavier into the pillow.

Then she slid almost all the way out of him, resting the very tip of her glass cock inside.

She pressed further into him. His muffled moans grew just a hint rougher. She slid deeper.

Deeper. Deeper still.

Deeper until the very moment his body swallowed the strap-on, her hips directly upon him.

The woman stayed for just a moment, taking in the powerful sensation for herself, then pulled back, Hiram’s tight hole slowly stretching on her glass cock.

He’d turned his face to the side. His eyes were closed and he gave soft breaths through the nose, the slightest smile on an otherwise relaxed face.

She entered again. Pulled back, then again. Again. Again.

It was almost methodical. His moans, twitches and escort ağrı slight tensing beckoned her to continue.

Her pace increased. She kept careful, fluid movements. Her arms surrounded him and she held herself up, sweet kisses at his back. Even with her cock a mere object, Dorothy recognized Hiram’s ache for her.

She kissed his face, the best she could, though she couldn’t reach well from her position and the two giggled about it.

Dorothy sighed and went just a little faster.

He gave a rough groan.

She pulled out and shifted him to face her.

Dorothy kissed his face again and onto his mouth, the soft beard brushing gently against her.

The woman guided the strap-on back in. Slowly. Delicately.

He held tight to her big ass and pulled her deeper.

Their kisses became ravenous. She gripped a fistful of his hair and dragged his head to her breasts. He took them in his hands and mouth instantly, wetting her nipples as she thrusted harder inside.

His breathing grew heavier, hot against her form. His moans harsh through gritted teeth.

She wet his throbbing cock with her spit and jerked it fast.

Hiram’s lips pressed tightly together. Even through his nose, his breathing was rough and chaotic.

The two locked eyes. Dorothy’s were entirely wild. She smacked his face and glided her fingers across the skin. He kissed and sucked the tips as his body devoured her cock, and she rubbed his.

Their lips met again. Groans and moans punching at the air.

Hiram gripped her ass and buried his face in her breasts, muffled sounds against her as he unleashed his load, his cum coating her abdomen and the top of her intimate curls.

His ass repeatedly clenched and unclenched the strap-on, which soon slid out with ease.

Dorothy removed it from herself and tossed it aside.

He panted and she gave a soft chuckle before kissing his nose and mouth. She held him.

“I fucking…” Hiram whispered, “I fucking love you, Dor.”

“I love you too.”

The two kissed and cuddled for a short while.

Dorothy got cleaned up and went to check on the dogs, who were still resting after their long morning out, and was eventually joined by Hiram once more.

He proposed that very Hanukkah.

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